Donor Forsake Me Oh My Darlin'
Sugar, Oh Bunny, Bunny. You are my Candy Girl, and I Can't Stop Lovin' You.....

I,I,I,I,I,I Like You Peri Much!!

Peri_hits_the_bottle_again Clingy. Peri is clingy because yesterday Harki went off bravely to the Hospital and donated a bag of blood. She stayed for 2 hours and they shaved off some of her hair, but it is of little consequence compared to the good she was able to do. Peri sat next to me, touching me for the whole 2 hours Harki was away, apart from the times she went off to look for Harki. She even took to the bottle!!!Despite Harkis_scars_of_bravery_2all my reassurance, in the end I took her with me in the car to fetch Harki and she even went into the Hospital just to check she hadn't missed out on something good!! Harki was ever so well behaved and she is such a good girl!!! Can you tell I am besotted with The Labradors??? Again. Constantly.....

Easter Easter_madness_continuesMadness, as instigated by AmyP , has been progressing, if slowly. I have completed a few little madnesses and bought some supplies for further madness. They are not in particularly Easter colours, nor bunny colours really, but there will be children and playing involved so I wanted them to be a bit more user friendly than white and pink felt would be. I also succumbed to the BSODL's $2 a More_2_material_2metre fabric sale and picked up some striped patterned material for a skirt and some poplin/lycra print to make a top. It cost $9 in all so I was very pleased.

Today was Crazy Day. Why did MrsDrWho and I meet for brunch on Crazy Day? I don't know. Perhaps we are crazy. But I did find a bargain, a Labrador calendar, at the bookshop I frA_calendar_of_lurve_2equent (for frequent, read almost live at!!) It was reduced in price and I decided to buy it but when I went to pay, the owner quietly said that I should just pop it in my bag as a gift. How lovely is that? It made me quite teary. 

The Big Bad Baby Blanket is nearing completion. I have 4 more rows and then the moss stitch border. I am very happy!! The weather has been all 'climate changy' again, it was 31*C at the other end of the island yesterday, and 26*C here. Mind you, we are expecting some snow in the highlands and it was -2*C at Liawenee. Liawenee is notoriously cold, it rates a mention on the radio from the Bureau of Meteorology almost every day. It is an institution!! At least we had some rain last night, I hope we have more. As a consequence of the warm weather the 4B is all I have been knitting. I should mention that I am also up to episode 19 of The West Wing Season 1, as if that would have anything to do with it. Amanda asked if I had been alonging with my Upside down Baudelaire: No. And No. We are indeed the worst alongers around. Once the 4B is finished I must along a lot!!!



Well, you've done it now. Carmen Miranda will now be in my head ALL DAY! I may just have to fashion a fruit-related head dress now. Oh, nice fabric too. :)


Yay, Harki! Thanks for helping other dogs!


Crazy weather huh? I could barely sleep for the heat Friday night then had to get up and put the heater on Saturday morning.

Way to go Harki, what a big, brave, benevolent girl!

She Who Smells Yarn

Good on Harki for being a brave and helpful girl!

I am hoping after all the rain that that the weather starts acting like Autumn like its meant to!!!



I think the weather has gone haywire! Yesterday morning was 13 deg. & we had to hunt for cardigans from the space bags & in the afternoon, it was 30 deg. I don't know what to wear!


Such good pups, adding to their doggie karma. My dal is always a Velcro dog, glued to my side or always within sight of me. Peri looks so cute with that bottle.


I can't think of a better thing to be besotted with!

amanda j

I know, we must get along! I have done many socks in the interim!!

The weather is crazy, and you are crazy for being in town. I avoided all contact with humans like the plague this weekend just gone. Not in the mood at all!

It is so nice when people are kind - you should let me know what the bookshop is and I will frequent it more than others too!


the gremlins ate my comment! something about - your dogs are great, the weather is silly, knit on girlfriend!??
anyway, dressing-gowns at dawn (especially with the time change producing wakeful children at 6am), socks on floorboards, hmm - what vesty, cardy things could I do quick?
Hope you are enjoying the sunny afternoons and snuggly evenings


That's wonderful that Harki is able to help other dogs. The vets are able to do such great things these days!

I'm sorry it's still so hot there. I'd be more than happy to trade weather with you!! I hope you finish your blanket soon. The last rows always take the longest, don't they?


Congratulations Harki! And Peri for valiently keeping you calm while Harki was away!

What soup did you make? I have since unearthed another recipe last night for a vegetable soup! It's from the Womans Day Gardening page, June 27, 1994.
Now I'm really delving into the ark! I also discovered a recipe for gingerbread pikelets??? They sound rather interesting.

Suzi and the DWC.


how does dog blood donors work? i just can't imagine a doggy staying still and hooked up to the blood bag for 2 hours...

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