It's Hip to be Arthritic!!!
Beware the Eye-des of March.....

Our Home is Skirt by Sea!!

Sparkly_green_skirtWhile I am feeling well I am having a little craft frenzy!! TodNew_patterns_i_couldnt_resist_1ay at The BSODM (tm) Burda patterns were on extreme special and I bought 5. I then came home and made not one, but two skirts this afternoon. Of course, I wildly overestimated my size again and the first skirt is not one, but two sizes too big. I think it will just have to be a 'hipster' skirt!!! Nonetheless I am very pleased. I have been wearing them, hence the tomato stain on the front of the Sparkly Olive skirt!!! The BareNakedLady is modelling for your viewing pleasure. Aqua_and_lime_skirt_1

I also bought some supplies for The March Madness organised by AmyP. I decided that My Special Madness would be Easter. My first task was to find the magazine I needed. I looked for 2 days on and off: through all the many and varied craft magazines, through the 17 bookcases, high and low until I remembered. I made a fatal mistake: last year I put the magazine somewhere safe, somewhere I would remember, yes, that's right, I put it in with the Christmas Craft. I have no idea why I did that, but there it was. So I March_madness_beginsa_bit_latebought some new felt and embroidery cotton to make some calico Easter eggs. I think I will start tomorrow: Pure madness.

Harki and Peri have to spend half their walk on the lead now, so tI_thought_i_heard_a_kangaroocathat Harki doesn't run too far and too fast with her jip hips, so when they go through the gate to the buHarki_at_the_top_of_the_hillsh they are extra, extra happy. On the way up to the top of the hill two wallabies hopped right through the bush at the side of the track. The Labradors hear instantly, at the first hopping sound, but they never race off and give chase, instead they look very, very alert and twist their heads about in a quizzical fashion. When they get to the top I have a little rest while they survey their domain. Harki is feeling very well. We have been on a walk, of sorts, every day now. She has her next appointment with Dr Tim on Wednesday. She is feeling so well, that she 'helped' me with my sewing. I had ironed three lots of material, but decided that was a little too ambitious. Harki and Peri both stayed in the dining room when I was cutting out on the lounge room floor, but when I said it was OK to move, Harki was straight in and onto the extra material!!! Peri has been busy outside Harki_cant_resist_helping_me_sewtoday. She keeps getting very hot, and then has to come inside for a dribbly drink and a cuddle.

I am still plodding along on the second Samuel Clemens sock and I have some other embroidery to finish as well. Tomorrow is The Eight Hour Day holiday, or Labour Day. I expect, unless there is some change soon, this holiday could disappear as the idea of eight hours each of Work, Leisure and Sleep is now being forgotten. I'm planning to watch Miss Marple tonight. Geraldine McEwan is no Joan Hickson, but I think any Miss Marple is better than none at all.



The skirts look great. I especially like the fabric on the olive floral.


Ha! I can't believe she's sitting right ON the fabric!

'Hipster' skirts are very comfortable - and hip! You're soooo with it Ms C.


Great haul of sewing patterns - and what a fantastic start in getting through them! I agree with you on the Miss Marple issue, and I was very disappointed with the way they modernised some of the stories and even gave her a Tommy and Tuppance one! The Horror! :)


I'm so glad you are feeling better.

I love the skirts.

I'm giggling at Harki rushing over to sit on the extra fabric. At least she waited for you to cut it first.


nice skirts!!! haha...have u ever had troubles taking photos of projects that you'd put on the floor and then having the dogs walk all over them while you're trying to take a decent pic? i get that all the time!!!

amanda j

Well done! We may have crossed paths but did not. I too was at the BSODM (tm) yesterday, but I was on a yarn frenzy. I could almost sink a battleship! Your olive skirt is beautiful - clever girl!


Such nice skirts & all done within a day - I always have a hard time buying skirts that fit as I am too small for a Size 8 & only children size 14 fits but can you imagine me wearing a skirt designed for kids!


Oooh!! Love those skirts! Such funky fabrics you've done them in! I really must set up the sewing machine.. you're quite the inspiration Cindy!! =D

Glad you're on the up and up! Helped on by your two fuzzy nurse-canines! Made me grin to hear that the doggers stand listening and looking when they hear hops! My dogg-a-log would be off like a shot through the scrub!!

lynne s of Oz

Gosh, you must be feeling good for the nonce! Great skirts :-)
I wish I'd get the sewinfg bug.
Hope Harki's hips hold up - it's good that she is not fat :-)


Those skirts are lovely, and I particularly like the print on the first one. It's very retro and modern at the same time.

Until I read the text, I thought that Harki was sitting on some very green grass outside!


Your skirts have come out looking lovely.

I think the main thing is that Harki and Peri are going for a walk as they enjoy it so much.

There wasn't too much of a crowd when I was at BSODL today and I got served quite promptly as well.

Wonders will never cease to amaze me.



In my next life I will learn to sew! The skirts look great! Glad to hear that Harki is feeling better.


i hope darling harki gets better soon.


great skirts! you may have convinced my to try my second skirt ever :)


Your skirts are beautiful!

Yes, I guess it really is time to start thinking of Easter. It will soon be here.


Every time I see pictures of Harki and Peri, I have to snuggle my chocolate lab extra hard. Gosh, I love labs so much! They're the perfect type of dog.

She Who Smells Yarn

I like those skirts!!

I do like some of the fabric BSODL has at the moment..And I am so glad we found Canvas today!!

Might have to brave my sewing machine one day and try making something

oooh an idea..IF there is enough left over..could you make me a little zipper bag to match? ONLY if there is enough left over..and I will give you the money to cover the extra zipper of course! Let me know



You have the girls so well trained, last time I was cutting fabric Penny curled up & tried to go to sleep on the extra that was draped across the floor, lucky she had clean paws!
Glad to hear you're feeling better & Harki's jip is't causing too much trouble.


Your skirts are lovely! Looking forward to seeing your calico egg. You are so very talented.


The skirts look great! Of course I'm pining for that olive fabric, hehe.


The skirts both look really nice! :-)

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