I,I,I,I,I,I Like You Peri Much!!
Bunnies Make The World Go Round, The World Go Round, The World Go Round!!

Sugar, Oh Bunny, Bunny. You are my Candy Girl, and I Can't Stop Lovin' You.....

5b_big_bad_baby_blanket_blocking It's the 5B now: The Big Bad Baby Blanket Blocking!! I had been putting off sewing in the ends, and then today I remembered that there were only 3 ends. So I sewed them in, washed the 4B and now it is 5B. I am pretty much hoping it will be dry over the next few days and then I can parcel it up and post it away. I am, despite the excellent blanket, glad to be finished and too many more rows with a 5mm needle would have worn out the blanket's welcome. You can see the recipient of the 5B here, whereupon MrsDrWho is an Uncle!!!!Hopping_into_bunny_craft

Sitting atop The 5B areEaster presents for some children. I was inspired by The Bunny Toss, so I went ahead and drew a circle and sketched some ears (there are two kinds of ears: long and then, and shorter and fatter!!!) and I was away. I thought pink and white were not child appropriate colours and so I've gone for colours that might stand up to a bit of dirt. They may need a wash or a sponge every now and then so I'm filling them with plastic pellets and not rice!! I have 4 more colours to finish to the Ear Stage and then it's just a circumferential whip around the edge with the Mason_dixon_eco_friendly_dishcloth sewing machine, a bit of filling and a puffy white pompom tail and they're away!!! I do have to buy a plastic bucket as well, so they can have a place wheretofore in the Bunnies can be tossed!!!

Last Sunday was Neighbours Day, not the show ( all sing along with Barry CrockerA_very_happy_harki_2 now), but your next door neighbours. I knitted a Mason-Dixon Ballband Call-It-What-You-Will dishcloth, though I use my dishcloths for face flannels, for The Nice Lady Next Door: she who cut down the rampant blackberries!!! I used the lovely Eco Cotton in Natural and Pale  Green, using 4mm needles.

Harki went to The Vet for her last arthritis injection and she was a bit shaky and nervous, but I think she thought I might be leaving her to donate blood again. A needle and a dog treat from Dr Tim later she was all smiles and happy again!! Not Peri_just_walkin_in_the_rain_2 to be outdone, Peri has a raised kind of lumpy thing under her eye, in her fur. I prodded and poked it a bit and if it doesn't disappear soon, or it changes, she will have her turn to go to The Vet!!! The weather has turned Autumnal and it has been cooler at night and we have had some rain. It rained today when we went for our walk and The Labradors were very happy to run in the slight dampness!!!

I have finished Season 1 of The West Wing and now require the other 6 seasons, stat.!!! There was a cliffhanger ending, and obviously I know the outcome as I have seen other seasons, but I am still anxious!!! I whipped up some scones for MrsDrWho from my new book, bought to cheer me up. They are very nice, I hear. I forgot to take a picture.....any chance of one MrsDrWho??? Yes, there is, she sent me a photo so I have posted it below!! Thanks!!!I didn't buy a pair of mallard coloured boots yesterday. They were a soft teal green and of a medium length. I am now whittling away my indicator goal!!! In my special world I am allowed to buy books, but not wool or unnecessary clothes. Books are never, and could never, be unnecessary!!! I found 4 Tamora Pierce books I had forgotten, still in their nicely wrapped parcel, from the bookshop. I am devouring them: 2 down, 2 to go. Scone recipe for devouring follows.....

Strawberry Snails, more or less, from Mix and Bake    

  • 300g self raising flour
  • 80g butter, cubed
  • 1 tbspn sugarStrawberry_snails
  • pinch of salt if you like
  • 3/4 to 1 1/2 cups milk
  • 50g butter extra
  • 80g strawberry jam

Preheat the oven to 200*C and line a tray with baking paper. Cream the extra butter and jam together till smooth and combined and set aside. Sift the flour and add the sugar and salt. Rub in the butter with the tips of your fingers until the mixture resembles coarse breadcrumbs. I lift the mixture as I rub it in and let it fall in the hope of extra aeration!! Make a well in the centre and pour in 3/4 cup of milk. Mix with a knife, adding more milk if needed. It should come together and be just a tad sticky. Scatter some flour, and knead 3 or 4 times until smooth. Roll out into a rectangle 30 x 20cm and then spread with the butter and jam mixture. Roll up from the long side and cut into 2 or 3cm pieces. Refrigerate for 30 minutes if you can, glaze with a beaten egg yolk if you like, and then bake for 15-20 minutes. Cool slightly, dust with icing sugar and serve with extra butter, jam and cream. Makes 12-15 snails!!! You can use any jam or sweet filling you like: fresh fruit, tinned or stewed fruit, dried fruit and nuts, as long as it is not too moist.


amanda j

Those bunnies are so cute! They could almost inspire me to sew something . . . almost!

I hope the lumpy eye disappears. And hey, I am A BIT COLD tonight! Hooray, woop woop woopee!


Well done for finishing the baby blanket. I am sure they will love it.
Bunnies are cute! Lovely idea.


Love the colour of that BBBB-B. Glad to hear Harki is better, but now it's poor Peri. Could it be a tooth abscess perhaps? They sometimes show up under the eye.


Pups...it's always something isn't it? Chief has been giving me poopy dog breath lately so it's brushing his teeth nightly from now on! (fun) The recipe sounds yummy, If I come to Taz will you make me some? :-p


I hope Peri's eye lump goes away quickly. Maybe it's just some sort of temporary allergy. Harki is such a good, brave dog to donate blood!


Oh that blanket is just gorgeous!!! I can see why it was probably getting a bit tedious by the end, but it's gorgeous all the same.

And I MUST make one of those ballband dishcloths! I simply must!


Hooray for finishing the blanket - looks great & the dishcloth is a great idea for a neighbor. Thanks for the recipe (will add it to my collection)!


oh...you have that book from jefferys.... i have been eyeing since its on the shelve :P


I saw West Wing Saturday and there will be another tomorrow I am sure, well another two. I thought it odd Miss Stash would be so taken with it, not only was it American but it was American politics! But I now understand why.

Love the 5B, am quite keen to whip one up myself, but in something more suitable for my knitting. I only knit with colours I like! Well I have attempted other colours but they don't go as fast. Still keen to have a bash at Baby's First Tattoo from SNB Nation, how cool would it be?????? Skull and crossbones!!!!


The 5B looks great! Only 3 ends to sew in, sounds wonderful, I am so over ends what with runny babbit and the birthday sweater.
The recipe sounds divine. My Mum has put in an order for that book for Mothers day. I wonder can I justic buying two copies...


Yes there can be a photo...but not of very many of them!!!!!
There could have been pics of Bob The Bunnies too...if I had down loaded them and brought them home. I have all the technology needed to run my own movie studio...but I couldnt bring home one little picture.


Oh, the possibilities of scones - my boy has been having buttermilk scones with butter and apricot jam for recess every day this week. Isn't it great how well they freeze?
Thinking about a BBBB of sorts in Patons Jet - I have quite a lot of it lolling around looking for something to be... snuggly, don't you think?
How are you finding the 2nd circle series? I haven't got my hands on #4 of series 1 yet, though actually going to the library would make it easier! I reread the Protector of the Small series last month - Tamora Pierce is such a refreshing change of pace in the fantasy scene, I keep going back to her stuff over and over!
Do you like Diana Wynne Jones? A Certain Wild Magic, for instance?
Snuggle down in your green woolly things this weekend! And my dogs send sniffs and wuffs to yours :)


The bunnies are gorgeous! Hope Peri's lumpy bumpy bit goes away soon.


ooh...the baby blanket is finish!! i love that colour!!!

and those snails do looks yummy!!!

lynne s of Oz

Harki is brave! Hope Peri's lump is just a zitty thing.
We were away for a week and come back to autumn! It rained! The leaves are turning. All very odd 8-)


baby blanket looks great

bet the bunnies will be loved.

those strawberry snails look divine.



Mmmmm scones, you have just given me a hankering for date scones.
The poor labs are in the wars at the moment, Penny sends licks to make them feel better, and a lick for you too :o)

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