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Take Me Out to the Bowl Game

Naughty_harkiparkiparkerposey_1Here are two faces: faces that not only a mother could love. Innocent, cute, gorgeously happy Labrador faces...And while I was out, something bad happened. No, I'm not indulging in some experimental art, or sculpture. I'm not branching out and making stained glass windows or any such thing. Again, no, this is not the beginning of an outdoor water feature.This was my favourite Pyrex mixing bowl. It went into the microwave to make fudge and caramel, it was fantastic for making Naughty_peri_naughtycakes and muffins. You could reheat things in it: in fact it was perfect. It WAS perfect. Now it is an ex-bowl. It has ceased to be, pushing up the daisies etc.  I left the bowl on the table when I went out. I know I should have put it away, but I'm hot. It's hot. It's STILL hot.  Someone or other, somehow, someway, somewhere, took the bowl off the dining room table and disassembled it into myriad sharp and dangerous pieces. Who could it be now??? The table is high, how did they get o'er??? How was no-one cut to smithereens???

Well children, which of the Labradors broke the bowl, who do you think it was: Broken_heart_of_glass_1 Harki or Peri? Let's listen to the song and then find out...(Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men song follows)

Was it Harki or Peri Pup
Took the bowl and smashed it up?
Which of those two Labradors there,
Was it Hark or was it Per???

Who do you think broke the bowl??  Ahh, another unsolved mystery.

Thank you for the very kind wishes for my health, or lack of it!!! No-one can really 'do' anything for me, despite such kind offers. I can only encourage people to maybe donate blood if they feel so inclined. Just saying.... So now I'm pretty much in the pink. I had a good night's sleep despite the heat, and without the incessant thudding in my ears that always accompanies unwellness. I walked up the stairs this morning without stopping on every one for a few restorative breaths!!!! Wouldn't you know it, at the mere hint of Samuel_clemens_almost_1some actual medical intervention, my numbers went up all by themselves?? From 65 to 69. I laugh in the face of my old numbers now, I am surely way into the 90s!!!

I did get a whole lot of Samuel Clemens #1* knitted up. Truly, this is more of a sleeve than a sock. How endlessly long can a sock be?? I am racing the wool to the end of the ball. I have 2 or 3 more centimetres to go until I start the toe and the foot has to be 28cm long. I expect I will use just a smidgen of the new ball. The K2 P2 rib is quite soothing and looks very nice indeed. Everyone thought I was ever so clever to be making the stripy pattern, They weren't even sad when I told them I wasn't. They were amazed at my sock knitting ability and surprised when I said socks were becoming a popular item to knit.  * Mr Madcage is Mark and so I immediately thought "Mark Twain' and then, again, Samuel Clemens. I couldn't help myself.Yumgry_yumgry_hippos_1

Have you had a Happy Hippo lately?? These are a new confectionery treat for the chocolately challenged: ie Me!! They are a crispy wafery concoction with meringue and a plain white filling, Yummy_yummy_yummy_love_in_my_tummy rather in the Raffaello style. I bit the head right off mine!!

MrsDrWho has been outdoing herself in the culinary stakes. She cooked me tea the other night: a delicious salmony treat that necessitated a Harry-Met-Sally moan of delight after every single mouthful. I hope I might get to see Nigella soon,MrsDrWho is stealing all my cooking thunder!!!

The new MagKnits is here, though there is still no sign of any Vernal Knitty. MagKnits has some socks that are quite nice.  I have spied some possibly new Opal sock wool too, here!! These are Donna's ZigZag socks, but I was momentarily dazzled by the green wool!!! See how I am saying 'NO!' to this sock wool, though if you fancy some lovely hand dyed wool at the moment I can recommend some Australians:

Katt's Wool, The Knittery, Live2Knit, and Yarnivorous Yarn.

Now I'm planning to have a little nap, and then while away the evening with icy coolness, Dalziel & Pascoe and the West Wing!!!


She Who Smells Yarn

I will say Harki did it..In hopes to get Peri in trouble!! lol

Your poor pyrex bowl...

I know I want some of that green Camo sock wool too!! I bet it doesnt make it to Aussie though! :-(

Thanks for the wool plug :-D

Scary we thought so alike and posted about Knitty and MagKnits..

I picked up some of that Patonyle sock wool for my mother the other day.


amanda j

I am happy you are feeling better! Thanks for the heads up to the MagKnits.

I like those zig zag socks, and your socks too!


So sorry to read you have been ill and sending you get well wishes that you feel better real soon. Do hope the weather cools for you too. It's been hot for too long now.

It's time for you to be seen in your knitted greens, as I'm sure that will make you feel a little brighter too.

Ah, Peri and Harki - naughty, naughty boys. The temptation was just too much, that dish left on the table. What a great disappointment it must have been to the pair - it was empty!!! Therein lies the problem. I'm sure they would have been oh so very careful if there had been something tasty to loving lick and share.


Naughty dogs. I've seen those hippos advertised on TV - they're marketed at children. I think they are wasted on children.


Well, I'm glad that it wasn't obvious which dog broke the bowl, as that would seem to require one of them to be injured. I love my Pyrex, too, as it does go anywhere, unlike other things which aren't safe for one place or the other in the kitchen.


I bet it was neither of them as such, it was their big waggy tails that did it. They always look so happy, girls they can't help but wag about.


It was Peri. Harki is toooooooo good to do such a thing....what luck there weren't any wounds....would that have been ironic? ( yes...horrible but go with me here) you off at hospital getting filled up and .......!
You are never seeing Nigella I have decided...I am taking over your role as queen of cooking....after you make custard and golden syrup pudding for the Grumpy Old Men dinner guests!!!!

rosie-maree dean

I'm glad that you are feeling much better. It is fortunate that the girls weren't hurt or suffered an injury with the broken bowl .... but I'm sure it was Mr Nobody. Remember that poem of many many years ago, when you were little? It was definitely Mr Nobody!


Those puppies did NOT break that bowl - they are just too, too cute! The bowl merely slipped off the table... happens all the tome...



metal and knit

It was an accident like the arildite add for the new singles. 2 noses tried to play and well lick the bowl and well it had a bad accident.


I am SO glad you are feeling better.
Maybe it was "little weed" who broke the bowl?


It's a pity about the Pyrex bowl but you can get another. Glad to hear that you are feeling better as I do enjoy reading your blog. That's a big S Clemens sock but I am sure it's quite relaxing knitting it (round & round). Take care.


I'm sorry to hear you've been ill, and I'm sure the heat hasn't helped!

Sorry to hear about the demise of your Pyrex bowl. I'm sure Harki and Peri aren't telling. My boys tend to cover for each other too! No one flicks a whisker when the questions start coming. :)


Hey 2paw! Good to see you are feeling better. Gotta love this change in the weather - get those handknit socks on your feet, I believe it is 9*C up your way this morning!
(And the urge to grab needles strikes mid-breakky-blogging)
*Sending* you virtual chicken soup (my kitchen smells nice) ;P


sorry to read you hadn't been well Cindy! I have been really out of touch and not catching up on blogs much (I hope to rectify that) Hope you are back on track now. The bag and purse you made for the swap are soooo gorgeous! just beautiful. The orange fabric is amazing and the felted purse is so cute...well done you!!! :o


sorry to read you hadn't been well Cindy! I have been really out of touch and not catching up on blogs much (I hope to rectify that) Hope you are back on track now. The bag and purse you made for the swap are soooo gorgeous! just beautiful. The orange fabric is amazing and the felted purse is so cute...well done you!!! :o


I have no idea why my comment printed twice!!!! just so you knew I was thinking of you I suppose!!!!!!!!


I think Peri looks a little more worried/guilty in the above pics! But, my guess is that they were BOTH involved in the bowl incident. When there's trouble in this house there are always TWO dogs in the middle of it!


hi Cindy!! so glad you're feeling better!! huggies!!

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