Sugar, Oh Bunny, Bunny. You are my Candy Girl, and I Can't Stop Lovin' You.....
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Bunnies Make The World Go Round, The World Go Round, The World Go Round!!

Scene: In Harris Scarfe: The Mall, yesterday afternoon........

MrsDrWho and I (exclaiming): Oh look, a Sunbeam Mixmaster on sale for $229-95 instead of $399!! What a bargain.

Me: Do you think they would let me put it on the lay-by???

MrsDrWho: Of course.

At the Lay-by counter 2 minutes later, after MrsDrWho has carried said Mixmaster 50 metres for me…..


Me: I would like to lay-by this please.

Surly Serving Woman, scanning: $299

MrsDrWho and I chorus: No, it is on sale for $229-95!!!

Surly Serving Woman: NO it scans as this. I will ring the manager and ask.

Meanwhile I traipsed back to the shelves and brought the price display. We are correct. She is not. Despite this…

Surly Serving Woman: No, it is $299 and we would offer you 10% off.

Me, assertively: If it is advertised at this price, it should be sold at this price.

No joy. However I have confiscated half of the for sale sign and taken a photograph aPeris_lumpy_bumpy_thingynd I will be writing a letter to Consumer Affairs to complain.  Exit stage right…

Welcome to the House of Unfun: Yes, we have all been poorly. Peri has had a Lumpy Bumpy Thing under her eye. I put Brown Liquid Ointment on it and it has cleared up nicely now. Harki had a leg conniption and I took her to the Hostipal as I was worried she had hurt her cruchet ligament. All was well. It seems that she felt well and her extra post-Arthritis injections running about and all the Vetty manipulations of her hips had made them a bit sensitive. A bad knock or a sideswipe from Peri could make her hoppy now. The Doctor gave me some tablets in case she was in pain, but she is now just Hop-a-long Harki_lying_down_on_the_play_2Harki  who plays with her ball in a new and interesting way for a bit. I am poorly too, the Clinic squeezed me in for some transfusions over two days before the holidays started. I will be an Unreliable Blogger, I expect, for the next 6 months or so. I anticipate having to take some boogelly but helpful drugs soon, where upon I will have side effects!!! I have had lovely emails and comments concerned about my wellbeing: Thank you!!

Whilst ensconced in a mostly seated position over the last week or so I have completed some craft.


The Samuel Clemens Socks are complete. Finally. At last. Thank heavens. I had barely 2 metres of  wool left over. These were endlessly long and boring and take note, Mr Madcage, these are the only socks I am ever knitting you!!!

Samuel Clemens Socks, using Patonyle and 2.25mm needles. My usual 72 stitch Calico_easter_eggs_2 pattern, with a 2x2 rib over the leg and instep.

I have made some different Calico Easter Eggs. This year it is a Bunny jumping over a green Moon. I do not know why the Bunny is jumping over the Moon, or what the Moon is green........


Next I obsessively made Bunny Toss Bunnies and now I don't give a toss anymore, but I'm sure they're up for it!!!

And finally I have made a bunny wallhanging. Just because. I had some buttons and felt and bunny material, I saw the picture and it just happened.

Belinda_bunny_wallhanging_avec_tail I have been doing some Easter cooking and I have been sewing and the Big Bad Baby Blanket is so finished I am wondering why I haven't taken a photo of it to post today!! So the next post will be the cooking, the sewing and the 4B as well as photos from Peter Cundall's Surprise 80th Birthday party in City Park!!  And there will be Labrador pictures as well!!!! (Of course)

Oh I have a new book, fittingly: Chocolate from Donna Hay. And, best of all, it wasn't $25, but $16-95 and I used my Christmas gift card so it was free!!!!Chocochoc



Oh, poor sickly dogs...I am missing my two geriatric whippets at the moment as we are on holidays, and they are not doing so great healthwise at the moment either. Lovely crafty happenings though :-) And thanks for your comment on my blog!


I'm sad to hear that everyone has been poorly. Harris Scarfe are rude, dob them in!
And yes, bunnies do indeed make the world go around :)

amanda j

Ooh! How rude! I do not shop there at all if I can help it. Everybody knows they have to give it to you!

Sorry you are not well - good thoughts are heading your way in a constant stream!


Happy Easter! I hope chocolate is an anti-boogelly agent for you. Pats for the dogs - they would have been very interested in the two beautiful old black labs we saw on our walk this morning.
Good for you standing up for yourself - bad karma to HS %-{
Hey if you're looking for amusement, have you seen the Zimmer Twins site on abckids? Make your own animations online - fun!


Cindy, I'm sure you'll feel (slightly) better when you see this:


I was wondering what you'd been up to, but you've had your hands full with all of those medical issues. I hope that you and the girls are all on the mend and in the pink (or should I say green) soon!


Aw - you poor things. Cheer up - it sounds like the Aussie are beating the Poms in cricket again!
Lovely little bunny toes - very cute.
Oh, and I'm back off holiday, by the way! :)


I really despise when a store will not acknowledge their advertised prices. I know that where I live, the state law requires a store to honor all pricing, even if the stockists put the wrong price. Sorry about the puppies, but the bunnies are C-U-T-E. Hope you feel better soon!


Looks like you had a very crafty Easter! Poor pups, give them pets and kisses for me. I just hate it when they are hurting, such a powerless feeling for a dog-mom. I hope you're on the upswing as well.


How bl**dy rude! Good on you for taking it further. HS has been in trouble before for false advertising.

Sorry the puppies have not been well and not good to hear you have been unwell. I was worried that your blog was very quiet. Hope you don't have too many side effects from the drugs and they do help you feel much better :-(

Your Easter crafts are beautiful. :-)


oh you are having a rough time - surly people in shops do not help. The nerve. Make sure you do write that letter.

And those calico eggs are fantabulous. I love them!


Hello there! I am so happy to see you blogging again. Nasty HS they have obviously forgotten the old 'customers always right' motto.

I do hope you and the girls can regain your health and that you will all be fighting fit again :) Once again if you need me, holler out.


I find Harris Scarfe to be both unreliable and have rude staff! One of the reasons I avoid shopping there. Upon being unable to find anything that's actually advertised, and then failing to find staff, stand forlornly at a counter and wait for someone to appear, only to be get a "It hasn't come in." in that your a nuisance why are you bothering me, are you still here????

I'm glad to hear everybody is picking up from the worst of their woes.

Oh, and before I forget, who won the Presidential election????

Suzi and Daft White Cat.

rosie-maree dean

I am saddened to read that the family have been unwell. I have missed your blogging. I do hope that you all are on the improve.
(oh dear, I have my tenses all mixed up).

Lovely, lovely Eastery crafty things!


Hi Cindy, I was wondering where have you been. I hope you'll feel better soon!! Hugs!!!


Harris Scarfe are notorious for that sort of false advertising, they have an ad in the paper nearly every week 'apologising' for their catalogue 'errors'. I say go for it with consumer affairs, you should definately get your mixmaster for the price on the sign. Go girl!

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