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Won't You Be My TeddyBunny Bear!!!

Teddybunny_easter_fun There was an Easter sale and so The Labradors were the happy recipients of new Easter TeddyBunnies. They were huge and only $5 each. Harki was so happy she immediately pulled off the head, but the body remains intact!!She likes to play Tug of War and Chasings with her toy. Peri was beside herself. SPeri_and_harki_go_quantity_surveyinhe was not sure whether she should take care of the TeddyBunny, after all it was big enough to be alive, or she should dismember it. She spent a lot of time carrying it about in her mouth wagging her tail. We had a very late walk around the block today, so late it was the afternoon, but yesterday we went to the bush. Everything is so dry and yellow, there is barely any green apart from the gum trees. You can see Harki gathering Hmm_something_smells_rightherself to jump over the old tree: there is a lot of leaping and running. There is also a lot of sniffing. The wallabies are quite used to people and dogs and will often sit as still as a statue and we only see them when they eventually hop away. Everything is very Autumnal and the streets are lined with yellow, orange and red trees, and the footpath and gutters are filled with crunchy leaves.

I sewed a skirt for Mrs House of Elliott. The pattern actually had another gathered strip at the bottom that was nearly 5m long. I decided that was far too ruffly so I added the layer depth evenly to the other layers. It was much better. I had to make minor adjustments to the waistband to get a perfect fit and I found a nice Hoe_skirtbutton with carved runes to finish it off nicely.

I have been knitting a new pair of socks from the Plum variegated Adore for MrsDrWho. These will be birthday socks and may even be completed before her birthday. This is how we decided on the pattern: Me: What pattern would you like? MrDrWho: I don't know. Me: How about rib? MrsDrWho: OK!!  The wool itself is not terrible soft and is a smidgen thin, infinitely so, every now and then. It does define the rib verCluedo_socks_ribbing_awayy well and the colours are beautiful. I have named them The Cluedo Socks- Prof. Plum don't you know!! I knitted a Mason-Dixon Ballband dishcloth for Milly's mother for her birthday. I made it with some beautiful Sugar'n'Cream cotton that knits up like butter. I have a dishcloth that I use as a face flannel and it is the nicest thing!!! You can also whip one up in a night!!!Md_ballband_dishcloth 

The West Wing is over. It is an ex show, it has ceased to be. I cried a bucket of happy, poignant tears on Sunday when I watched it (MrsDrWho had visitors so I went on over so we could watch it together and share our misery/joy!!) Now I just have to watch all the seasons again, on rotation. What a fantastic show it was, perfect in every way and a better ending I could not have imagined!!! I really enjoy Robin Hood, it is more Robin Hood Lite but very amusing, and I have seen Life on Mars advertised on the ABC. Be still my beating heart!!!

Thanks for all the very nice comments about the BOC socks pattern!! I just hope it works!!  I also must take a photo of the special 'rocks' that Katt gave me. They are green and have positive influences for health and well being, and did I mention they are green????  I am making Katt a Zipped Bag and I will post some pictures next time!!!

Block Of Chocolate Socks

I have written down the pattern I devised for my Block of Chocolate Socks. I always use 2.25mm needles and 72 stitches, but I have ‘reinterpreted’ the pattern for 2.75mm needles and 64 stitches if you prefer. I am thinking that excellent sock instructions abound, thus this pattern is the bare bones, so to speak!! Please leave a comment if the pattern is awry.

1 set of  2.75mm dpn for 64 stitches  (1 set 2.25mm dpn for 72 stitches)Block_of_chocolate_socks

4 ply sock wool, 100g or meterage required

Block of Chocolate Pattern

       Row 1: Purl

       Row 2: Purl

Rows 3-11: P2, K6

Heel Pattern

Row 1: (S1 K1) to end of row

Row 2: S1 purl-wise, Purl to end of row


Using 2.75mm/2.25mm needles, cast on 64 (72) stitches in K1,P1 rib using cable cast on and divide stitches evenly on the needles:  16/24/24 or 24/24/24.  Join and work 12 rounds in rib.


Change to the Block of Chocolate pattern and knit till required length is reached, ending with the 11th row if possible.


I like my socks to be symmetrical, so before I start the heel I like to rearrange the stitches. You may, or may not, be so obsessed!!

64 stitches: Slip 3 Knit stitches from the end of the last round onto the new needle and then continue knitting thusly:  P2, K6, P2, K6, P2, K6, P2, K3. You should now have 32 stitches on your heel needle.

K3, P2, K6, P2, K6, P2, K6, P2, K3

72 stitches: Slip 5  Knit stitches from the end of the last round onto the new needle and then continue knitting thusly:  P2, K6, P2, K6, P2, K6, P2, K5. You should now have 36 stitches on your heel needle.

K5,P2, K6, P2, K6, P2, K6, P2, K5

Leave the remaining stitches unworked on their needles and continue with heel pattern Row 2 and then work 35 more rows back and forth, or until the desired length is reached.

Turn Heel

  1. S1, K 16/20, K2 tog tbl,  K1, turn
  2. S1, P 3/7, P2tog, p1, turn.
  3. S1, K 4/8 , K2tog tbl,  K1, turn

Continue this shaping as set until you have 18/22 stitches, ending with a purl row.


Knit across heel stitches, then pick up and knit 16/20 stitches along the side of the heel flap (Needle 1),  work Row 1 of the BOC pattern  (Purl) across the next 32/36 stitches (Needle 2) , then pick up another 16/20 stitches across the other side of the heel flap (Needle 3).  Rearrange the stitches so that you have half the heel stitches on needles 1 and 3. This is what you should have now:

64/72   Needle 1: 25/31

            Needle 2: 32/36

            Needle 3: 25/31

Needle 2 will continue with the BOC pattern as set. Your stitches should look like this if you have previously symmetricised them!!!

64 stitches: K3, P2, K6, P2, K6, P2, K6, P2, K3

72 stitches: P3, K6, P2, K6, P2, K6, P2, K6, P3

Commencing now with Row 2 of the BOC pattern start the gusset decreases as follows:

Row 1      Needle 1: Knit  22/28 K2tog, K1

                Needle 2: BOC pattern

                Needle 3: K1, K2tog tbl,  Knit 22/28  (SSK if you like)

Row 2     Needle 1: Knit

               Needle 2 : BOC pattern

               Needle 3: Knit

Continue decreasing as set until you have 64/72 stitches again:

16/32/16 or 18/36/18


Place a marker on this row and then continue with pattern as set,Knit on Needles 1&3 and BOC pattern on Needle 2, no decreases or increases, until the total foot length is 5 cm less than desired. (I do 34-6 rows)


The BOC pattern stops now and the toe is all plain knitting.

Row 1      Needle 1: Knit  13/15 K2tog, K1

                Needle 2: Knit 1 K2tog tbl, Knit  26 /30, K2tog, K1

                Needle 3: K1, K2tog tbl,  Knit 13/15

Row 2     All: Knit

Continue as set until you have 24/32 stitches , and then work  decreasing Row 1 twice:  16/24 stitches. Arrange the stitches so you have  8/12 on each of 2 needles and then graft the stitches together, sew in the ends and you have finished one sock. Now make another and you have a pair!!!

My Friend the Chocolate Factory

I like to think of my blog titles before I post which means I pretty much have decided aChoc_full_of_fun_2lready what  I will be writing about!! There was no chocolate for me over the Easter but there was chocolate cooking, so I'll put a recipe at the end!!! MrsDrWho bought me a Chocolate Factory so I melted, dipped and drizzled to my little heart's content!!!

The ABC helCundalls_caked an 80th birthday party for Peter Cundall and I went along, deciding I would pop along if there was a parking place nearby. Karmic parking places guide my life: no parking place-no go!! Peter was on the radio live, wearing his pyjamas under his clothes, and there were cups of tea and we sang Happy Birthday and ate cake. I must confess, the cakes were beautifully decorated but the taste?? Hmm, not so good. I did score a free ABC carry bag so it Big_bad_baby_blanketwas worth it. Let me be clear: I can't garden, I have no green fingers, things I plant die. All. The. Time.

The 4B was completed a while ago. As the weather cooled, I knitted and then blocked and then finished.  The Big Bad Baby Blanket from the S'n'B book. I used a 5mm circular needle and knitted with 2 strands of Bendigo Woollen Mills ClassicI_do_knit_green_socks_see_2 8 ply in Celery. I used 4 200g balls.

I DO knit green socks, though to look at my knitting lately, you wouldn't think so!! Here is one completed Upside Down Baudelaire:  aka Greenery Snicket. I love the pattern, which I did just turn upside down, and I love the way it looks undersea-y and Knit_picks_kneedles_2especially the tiny cables down the foot and the toe, where the pattern flares out. I have started the second Greenery Snicket too. The knitting has been made so much easier because of the wondrous Knit Picks needles that Donni gifted to me. I was intending to buy them, but she sent me some as a present.  They needles are so beautiful to knit with, having long graduated points that don't make holes in my index finger and they are soft to use, not hard. I also love that they are only 15cm long, just the right length for sock knittinThanks_c_and_kg. If you are interested you can buy them HERE!!! Thanking you kindly Donni!! I would send Labrador licks but I like you too much for that!!

I met MrsDrWho at the Black Spot of Doomlight as she needed mathematical help in buying some backing for her blanket and I needed some piping for my mum's cushions- of course they had none. At the Knitting Coven this week I was so happy to see everyone and Katt and Caroline gave me presents: a Vanilla Bunny and green bag respectively. Thank you!!

Harki and Peri are well and happy, though Harki is a bit hoppy after she has been lying or sitting for a Sunny_days_sweepin_the_clouds_away while. They have had some very nice walks, even in a lightning and thunder storm yesterday, and they have been entered into the Library Photo competition about 10 times!!

Coconut Cherry Easter Eggs

  • 4 cups desiccated coconut
  • 200-300g glace cherries, chopped
  • 395g tin of condensed milk
  • 400g white chocolateEaster_cooking
  • 40g copha
  • red/pink food colouring, optional
  • cherry brandy or some other alcohol, optional

Soak the chopped cherries in the brandy if desired. The, mix the cherries, coconut and condensed milk together thoroughly, and add a little food colouring if you so desire. Place into a lined square or rectangular container lined with cling wrap and refrigerate until easy to handle. Then roll into egg shapes and refrigerate again for at least an hour, longer is better.

Melt the chocolate and copha gently over a double boiler or use your Chocolate Factory!!! Pour off a little to colour pink for drizzling and then dip the eggs into the white chocolate and place on baking paper to set. Drizzle with pink chocolate, and refrigerate. I usually put the piping chocolate in a ziplock bag and just snip the corner!! Makes: a lot, up to 40 depending on size. You can use any chocolate you like:white, milk, dark and the drizzling can vary too. These are very yummy!!

Shack-a Khan

Slighty_wonky_car_reflecty_hq_pictu I think I Khan just do a mini-post to enable MrsDrWho's post about our 'Didn't we have a loverly time...' trip!! to link to a photo. Read about our trip, do.......

There was a shacSecret_hq_no_longer_a_secretk at a beach. There was a BBQ. There was egg rolling and there was an Easter Egg Hunt. But before all that....There was ChickenFeed!! Yes, we chanced upon the ChickenFeed HQ !!! How excited were we?? Unbelievably excited.

I won the Egg Rolling competition. I didn't cook or dye or decorate the egg (Thank you MrsDrWho), and I had a DeMy_green_egg_accidentally_winningvil-may-care attitude to my rolling, yet I won!!! My egg is, of course, the green one.  I also managed to catch the aforementioned MrsDrWho in full egg rolling flight!!

It was a loverly day, but today I am absolutely eggshausted!! I am napping asMrsdrwho_mid_egg_rolling_action much as a Labrador!!! Harki and Peri has a whip around the block walk, well not too whippy, and now I am embroidering more calico eggs. I still have people to see this week in an Easterly fashion!!

Bunnies Make The World Go Round, The World Go Round, The World Go Round!!

Scene: In Harris Scarfe: The Mall, yesterday afternoon........

MrsDrWho and I (exclaiming): Oh look, a Sunbeam Mixmaster on sale for $229-95 instead of $399!! What a bargain.

Me: Do you think they would let me put it on the lay-by???

MrsDrWho: Of course.

At the Lay-by counter 2 minutes later, after MrsDrWho has carried said Mixmaster 50 metres for me…..


Me: I would like to lay-by this please.

Surly Serving Woman, scanning: $299

MrsDrWho and I chorus: No, it is on sale for $229-95!!!

Surly Serving Woman: NO it scans as this. I will ring the manager and ask.

Meanwhile I traipsed back to the shelves and brought the price display. We are correct. She is not. Despite this…

Surly Serving Woman: No, it is $299 and we would offer you 10% off.

Me, assertively: If it is advertised at this price, it should be sold at this price.

No joy. However I have confiscated half of the for sale sign and taken a photograph aPeris_lumpy_bumpy_thingynd I will be writing a letter to Consumer Affairs to complain.  Exit stage right…

Welcome to the House of Unfun: Yes, we have all been poorly. Peri has had a Lumpy Bumpy Thing under her eye. I put Brown Liquid Ointment on it and it has cleared up nicely now. Harki had a leg conniption and I took her to the Hostipal as I was worried she had hurt her cruchet ligament. All was well. It seems that she felt well and her extra post-Arthritis injections running about and all the Vetty manipulations of her hips had made them a bit sensitive. A bad knock or a sideswipe from Peri could make her hoppy now. The Doctor gave me some tablets in case she was in pain, but she is now just Hop-a-long Harki_lying_down_on_the_play_2Harki  who plays with her ball in a new and interesting way for a bit. I am poorly too, the Clinic squeezed me in for some transfusions over two days before the holidays started. I will be an Unreliable Blogger, I expect, for the next 6 months or so. I anticipate having to take some boogelly but helpful drugs soon, where upon I will have side effects!!! I have had lovely emails and comments concerned about my wellbeing: Thank you!!

Whilst ensconced in a mostly seated position over the last week or so I have completed some craft.


The Samuel Clemens Socks are complete. Finally. At last. Thank heavens. I had barely 2 metres of  wool left over. These were endlessly long and boring and take note, Mr Madcage, these are the only socks I am ever knitting you!!!

Samuel Clemens Socks, using Patonyle and 2.25mm needles. My usual 72 stitch Calico_easter_eggs_2 pattern, with a 2x2 rib over the leg and instep.

I have made some different Calico Easter Eggs. This year it is a Bunny jumping over a green Moon. I do not know why the Bunny is jumping over the Moon, or what the Moon is green........


Next I obsessively made Bunny Toss Bunnies and now I don't give a toss anymore, but I'm sure they're up for it!!!

And finally I have made a bunny wallhanging. Just because. I had some buttons and felt and bunny material, I saw the picture and it just happened.

Belinda_bunny_wallhanging_avec_tail I have been doing some Easter cooking and I have been sewing and the Big Bad Baby Blanket is so finished I am wondering why I haven't taken a photo of it to post today!! So the next post will be the cooking, the sewing and the 4B as well as photos from Peter Cundall's Surprise 80th Birthday party in City Park!!  And there will be Labrador pictures as well!!!! (Of course)

Oh I have a new book, fittingly: Chocolate from Donna Hay. And, best of all, it wasn't $25, but $16-95 and I used my Christmas gift card so it was free!!!!Chocochoc