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I like to think of my blog titles before I post which means I pretty much have decided aChoc_full_of_fun_2lready what  I will be writing about!! There was no chocolate for me over the Easter but there was chocolate cooking, so I'll put a recipe at the end!!! MrsDrWho bought me a Chocolate Factory so I melted, dipped and drizzled to my little heart's content!!!

The ABC helCundalls_caked an 80th birthday party for Peter Cundall and I went along, deciding I would pop along if there was a parking place nearby. Karmic parking places guide my life: no parking place-no go!! Peter was on the radio live, wearing his pyjamas under his clothes, and there were cups of tea and we sang Happy Birthday and ate cake. I must confess, the cakes were beautifully decorated but the taste?? Hmm, not so good. I did score a free ABC carry bag so it Big_bad_baby_blanketwas worth it. Let me be clear: I can't garden, I have no green fingers, things I plant die. All. The. Time.

The 4B was completed a while ago. As the weather cooled, I knitted and then blocked and then finished.  The Big Bad Baby Blanket from the S'n'B book. I used a 5mm circular needle and knitted with 2 strands of Bendigo Woollen Mills ClassicI_do_knit_green_socks_see_2 8 ply in Celery. I used 4 200g balls.

I DO knit green socks, though to look at my knitting lately, you wouldn't think so!! Here is one completed Upside Down Baudelaire:  aka Greenery Snicket. I love the pattern, which I did just turn upside down, and I love the way it looks undersea-y and Knit_picks_kneedles_2especially the tiny cables down the foot and the toe, where the pattern flares out. I have started the second Greenery Snicket too. The knitting has been made so much easier because of the wondrous Knit Picks needles that Donni gifted to me. I was intending to buy them, but she sent me some as a present.  They needles are so beautiful to knit with, having long graduated points that don't make holes in my index finger and they are soft to use, not hard. I also love that they are only 15cm long, just the right length for sock knittinThanks_c_and_kg. If you are interested you can buy them HERE!!! Thanking you kindly Donni!! I would send Labrador licks but I like you too much for that!!

I met MrsDrWho at the Black Spot of Doomlight as she needed mathematical help in buying some backing for her blanket and I needed some piping for my mum's cushions- of course they had none. At the Knitting Coven this week I was so happy to see everyone and Katt and Caroline gave me presents: a Vanilla Bunny and green bag respectively. Thank you!!

Harki and Peri are well and happy, though Harki is a bit hoppy after she has been lying or sitting for a Sunny_days_sweepin_the_clouds_away while. They have had some very nice walks, even in a lightning and thunder storm yesterday, and they have been entered into the Library Photo competition about 10 times!!

Coconut Cherry Easter Eggs

  • 4 cups desiccated coconut
  • 200-300g glace cherries, chopped
  • 395g tin of condensed milk
  • 400g white chocolateEaster_cooking
  • 40g copha
  • red/pink food colouring, optional
  • cherry brandy or some other alcohol, optional

Soak the chopped cherries in the brandy if desired. The, mix the cherries, coconut and condensed milk together thoroughly, and add a little food colouring if you so desire. Place into a lined square or rectangular container lined with cling wrap and refrigerate until easy to handle. Then roll into egg shapes and refrigerate again for at least an hour, longer is better.

Melt the chocolate and copha gently over a double boiler or use your Chocolate Factory!!! Pour off a little to colour pink for drizzling and then dip the eggs into the white chocolate and place on baking paper to set. Drizzle with pink chocolate, and refrigerate. I usually put the piping chocolate in a ziplock bag and just snip the corner!! Makes: a lot, up to 40 depending on size. You can use any chocolate you like:white, milk, dark and the drizzling can vary too. These are very yummy!!



So much pretty green! I love the upside down baudelaires :)

Ann Lim

Nice green socks. I was using the Knit picks dpns to knit some socks but found them to be too hard on the fingers altho' they are smooth & pointy. Maybe I am used to bamboo. The Coconut Cherry Easter eggs sound yummy just like Cherry Ripes, my fav!


mmm, green, i like it. Hey, I have gathered that you are in Tassie and I am in Hobart for the weekend - any good LYS tips?


I love all the green you are knitting. I didn't realize the baby blanket was in the SnB book; that will make a great present if I have to knit for a baby. It looks nice and easy!


Great sock - I think Cookie must be some kind of genius with her super-sock-designing abilities.


2Paw - a girl after your own heart!


I love your baby blanket :-)
...can't believe that Peter Cundall is 80!...I'm not much of a gardener, but his enthusiasm is contagious :-)


Good to see you're back on the green socks again,
Every time I read about the 4B blanket all I can think of is pencils, do they even make 4B pencils, I can't remember?


ooooooooo.... i bought the chocolate factory toooo! i havent opened it yet... :))))


ahhh, so beautiful! i love the green themed post, and thank you for the recipe. if i ever find my kitchen, i shall try it!

amanda j

Lovely socks. I am still going with my purple Baudelaires. They should meet up some time - I love green and purple together!

Mr Cundall's cake looks spectacular! I am an avid watcher but nothing translates to the garden!

How on earth did you do the Baudelarires upside down. Does that mean you made them cuff down?


Your recipe reminds me of the time the Labs ate the copha LOL....
Looks yummy.


I have a chocolate factory! Not that brand, but similar style! It's very exciting!

Margaret thinks they made a season of West Wing with Santos that follows on from the end of the series tonight.

She Who Smells Yarn

blanket looks good..

LOVE the sock too.

I am glad you like your little special stones....I was worried that you would think that sort of thing strange and crazy (even if you dont believe in that sort of things they are gorgeous stones).



Yummo! chocolate! I just watched "Chocolat" again. Great movie. Have you seen it?
I wish I liked gardening just a little bit.Great cake for Peter Cundall. 80! Wow, didn't realise that.
Your knitting is gorgeous! :-)

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