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Slighty_wonky_car_reflecty_hq_pictu I think I Khan just do a mini-post to enable MrsDrWho's post about our 'Didn't we have a loverly time...' trip!! to link to a photo. Read about our trip, do.......

There was a shacSecret_hq_no_longer_a_secretk at a beach. There was a BBQ. There was egg rolling and there was an Easter Egg Hunt. But before all that....There was ChickenFeed!! Yes, we chanced upon the ChickenFeed HQ !!! How excited were we?? Unbelievably excited.

I won the Egg Rolling competition. I didn't cook or dye or decorate the egg (Thank you MrsDrWho), and I had a DeMy_green_egg_accidentally_winningvil-may-care attitude to my rolling, yet I won!!! My egg is, of course, the green one.  I also managed to catch the aforementioned MrsDrWho in full egg rolling flight!!

It was a loverly day, but today I am absolutely eggshausted!! I am napping asMrsdrwho_mid_egg_rolling_action much as a Labrador!!! Harki and Peri has a whip around the block walk, well not too whippy, and now I am embroidering more calico eggs. I still have people to see this week in an Easterly fashion!!


Shazmina Bendi

love, love LOVE the calico eggs. They are awesome! Incredibly jealous that you have completed the Big Bad Baby blanket. It is on my list of things to do which grows ever longer.....oh the torment!!! :)

rosie-maree dean

I'm sure it was because you're egg was coloured green, that you won the egg rolling contest. :) Congratulations!


Your claim to fame winning the egg rolling contest he he!

amanda j

Glad you had an eggsellent Easter. I have never rolled an egg in my life, and have no idea what this is!

Great pics of Chickenfeed Central. Where would we be without them?


Green eggs always win! Have you seen all the lovely green yarn over at Flickr (Project Spectrum)?


seems like you had a fantastic easter break!!! you wouldnt have to tell us that your egg is green. we would have known!! ^_^


Wow, you must have passed within spitting distance of my house. I wish I'd known, I would have loved to meet up with you. Glad you had a lovely trip to our end of the island.

PS I've actually been inside Chickenfeed HQ. Jealous?


Looks like you had a great Easter weekend. Belated Easter wishes!


Glad you had a nice time at the beach. You even made the egg rolling game sound like fun and I don't like games!


Sounds like tiring fun. Don't let the labs near any easter eggs, they make for killer dog farts!

lynne s of Oz

You sound like you had a fun Easter!
Hope this new treatmentaroonie doesn't knock you about too much, but does help get you better!


hi Cindy just wanted to say hi and hope you are not too unwell! thinking of you


ahh....egg rolling... sounds like fun :) did you get a satisfactory outcome for that thingy that happened the other day at Harris Scarfe? Good luck there :P

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