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Won't You Be My TeddyBunny Bear!!!

Teddybunny_easter_fun There was an Easter sale and so The Labradors were the happy recipients of new Easter TeddyBunnies. They were huge and only $5 each. Harki was so happy she immediately pulled off the head, but the body remains intact!!She likes to play Tug of War and Chasings with her toy. Peri was beside herself. SPeri_and_harki_go_quantity_surveyinhe was not sure whether she should take care of the TeddyBunny, after all it was big enough to be alive, or she should dismember it. She spent a lot of time carrying it about in her mouth wagging her tail. We had a very late walk around the block today, so late it was the afternoon, but yesterday we went to the bush. Everything is so dry and yellow, there is barely any green apart from the gum trees. You can see Harki gathering Hmm_something_smells_rightherself to jump over the old tree: there is a lot of leaping and running. There is also a lot of sniffing. The wallabies are quite used to people and dogs and will often sit as still as a statue and we only see them when they eventually hop away. Everything is very Autumnal and the streets are lined with yellow, orange and red trees, and the footpath and gutters are filled with crunchy leaves.

I sewed a skirt for Mrs House of Elliott. The pattern actually had another gathered strip at the bottom that was nearly 5m long. I decided that was far too ruffly so I added the layer depth evenly to the other layers. It was much better. I had to make minor adjustments to the waistband to get a perfect fit and I found a nice Hoe_skirtbutton with carved runes to finish it off nicely.

I have been knitting a new pair of socks from the Plum variegated Adore for MrsDrWho. These will be birthday socks and may even be completed before her birthday. This is how we decided on the pattern: Me: What pattern would you like? MrDrWho: I don't know. Me: How about rib? MrsDrWho: OK!!  The wool itself is not terrible soft and is a smidgen thin, infinitely so, every now and then. It does define the rib verCluedo_socks_ribbing_awayy well and the colours are beautiful. I have named them The Cluedo Socks- Prof. Plum don't you know!! I knitted a Mason-Dixon Ballband dishcloth for Milly's mother for her birthday. I made it with some beautiful Sugar'n'Cream cotton that knits up like butter. I have a dishcloth that I use as a face flannel and it is the nicest thing!!! You can also whip one up in a night!!!Md_ballband_dishcloth 

The West Wing is over. It is an ex show, it has ceased to be. I cried a bucket of happy, poignant tears on Sunday when I watched it (MrsDrWho had visitors so I went on over so we could watch it together and share our misery/joy!!) Now I just have to watch all the seasons again, on rotation. What a fantastic show it was, perfect in every way and a better ending I could not have imagined!!! I really enjoy Robin Hood, it is more Robin Hood Lite but very amusing, and I have seen Life on Mars advertised on the ABC. Be still my beating heart!!!

Thanks for all the very nice comments about the BOC socks pattern!! I just hope it works!!  I also must take a photo of the special 'rocks' that Katt gave me. They are green and have positive influences for health and well being, and did I mention they are green????  I am making Katt a Zipped Bag and I will post some pictures next time!!!



I'm pleased to see the Labradors are enjoying Easter - still!

The skirt is absolutly fab! I like the design of it a lot.

That is very decisive sock pattern choosing. If I wasn't so annoyed with them, I might try it.

I have so much of West Wing ot catch up on, I haven't seen the earlier seasons at all really.

I have a Green Aventurine! Which is surprisingly green! And full of health benifits I need a new necklace for it as the leather it came on is about to fray altogether. Bah! But apart from that it's good, maybe amythest would be even better?? You can channel all the vibes in to it, I think I might try some.
Superstition as Miss Stash would say!

I had a funeral to go to today, and I had to dig the Lord's Prayer from out the recesses of my brain, unfortunatly I don't think it was ever really all there so proved a mystery! Curses foiled again!

amanda j

I feel left out. I have never seen even one episode of the West Wing. I must rectify immediately - or at least when I have some time.

Gorgeous skirt! It reminds me of those I wore as a youngster. I would trip over the hem and break something I think.

Those poor teddybunnies. I dare not show my children your pictures. They should come with a warning! Plushy carnage!!


Love that skirt - but where will she wear it? Still, it's gorgeous.

The puppies are hilarious! Sheeba would do exactly as Harki did. So funny.


I love that Harki immediately ripped off the head. It has me giggling and thinking of the natural confectionary comercial where the little girl bites off the head. Perhaps I should share my packet of snakes with Harki :)


Love your pretty green skirt, and the clever name of your plum socks!

I'm going to turn my head away from the first photos. Much too violent. :)


Fab skirt - very summery (a tad unfortunate since your going into winter, but that's the way my mind works!). And before you ask, yes it's late here and yes I may be a little bit tired. Never mind!
The Mrs' socks look great. Never played Cluedo. I'd probably be really good or really bad at it.
Did I mention it was really late here? Yes. Good.


And of course I meant "you're" not your. Grammar is the first thing to go after midnight, apparently!


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. It's finished. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Didn't they all look so sad during the leo episode? And wasn't Jimmy Smits THE biz? And didn't they all look sad as it all finished? Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


my doggies love soft toys too but it's been ages since i bought it for them as i know they'll destroy it within minutes!!!

that skirt looks really pretty :D


What a lovely skirt! Very clever.
Hope the magic green stones do their work for you.

I have started your sock pattern. I will let you know how I go. Thanks again for posting it. :-)


Cute picture of your dogs playing with their new teddybunnies. And i love the skirt!

She Who Smells Yarn

That skirt is GORGEOUS!!! I love it.

Oooh I do like those plum socks! I was just thinking an hour ago about casting on something for me in the green I have of that wool. Thin you say? Couldnt imagine doing it in the 4.5mm like they suggested then!

Dishcloth is lovely. I do love sugar and cream, I so wish somewhere would get it here (at a good price).

I cant wait to see my zippy bag..must take piccies of other thing and post it on blog...

I am so glad you love your stones...and I do hope they work..even if its only a litle


Ann Lim

Lucky Harki & Peri! They sure look like they are enjoying their new toys. Love the colors of your Cluedo socks - you are so good in giving names to your projects!


What lucky doggies! S&S would be very jealous if they could see those big toys. Right now, they just have tattered scraps of old toys and one squeaky stuffed duck that is quite crusty with slobber! Your walks sound lovely and it's always so interesting to hear about the wildlife you see there. The skirt is gorgeous! I love the mix of fabrics.


the skirt is beautiful Cindy! I too am very upset West Wing has finished boo hoo and yes Robin Hood is great sometimes I think it has a touch of Monty Python in it!!


Woo, you've certainly been busy!! Love that skirt - gorgeous gorgeous! And what lucky doggers to get such a lovely big fluffy rippable new teddybunny each!! :)


Happy, happy dogs - a joy to see.

Know how you feel about the West Wing - I am bereft!


Is that a Bare Naked Lady doing the skirt modelling?


Harki and Peri are so cute with their teddy bunnies. Chief usually goes for the eyes.
The skirt is really super cute!


Cute skirt!

I have to admit that I've been tempted by that Adore yarn, and I'm no sock knitter! I'd be interested to hear how it knits up.

Isn't Sugar and Cream the best to knit with? 4 weeks from now I'll be hitting a Walmart and stocking up to my heart's content. Ok maybe a little longer than 4 weeks... I should probably spend a little time with the in-laws first, no matter how hard it'll be!

Mmmmm egg sandwiches!


Lovely skirt! I like those kinds of skirts - no matter which way you plonk yourself down, they ripple down around you in the most flattering and comfortable way!
The park in Launceston was beautiful on the weekend, but what a contrast to the surrounding countryside! Hope you got some of the rain we had since then.
Commiserations on the end of the West Wing - and when will we get the next season of Dr Who???

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