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A Jack of all Trades: (Mix) Master of None

To my surprise, I received a letter from The Department of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading about First_fog_of_autumn my complaint. Although H*rris Sc*rfe said it was  "..a ticketing error..unfortunately not picked up at the time of (my) visit to the store.."  Um, wasn't I pointing out their error at the time?? Didn't they say there was an error yet refuse to abide by accepted pricing policies??? Anyhow, after the intervention of the Department of Justice (how cool is that name!!) they will be contacting me to offer said kitchen appliance at the ticketed price. Of course now, after I have been proved right on principle, I am loath to buy it from them after their intransigence and duplicity. MrsDrWhBack_of_vest_side_story_2o has reminded me not to cut off my nose despite my face. I wonder if the mixmasters are green???

I seem to have come through the valley of side effects relatively unscathed. Hurray!! It must be all the good wishes and positive thoughts from everyone: Don't stop.....  I was being transfused on Wednesday, which enabled a heap of knitting over the 8 hours, and I had a message on my phone from MrsDrWho, traveller extraordinaire, who had flown off the night before bound for foreign climes. She had indeed reached the foreign climes, but was languishing at the Ferry Terminal in Macau. SheProf_plum_sock_2_progresses couldn't contact her sister. So, in a major technological break through on our part, she messaged me her sister's phone number in Macau, I sat in the Clinic and rang on my mobile phone and spoke to them , and then they went to the ferry terminal and picked her up!! How amazingly amazing is that? I am more than slightly gobsmacOh_what_can_it_beked at being able to do it.

I have finished the back of the Vest Side Story, and very nice it is too. I always knit the back first because I find it much easier to work out the neck shaping if I already know how many rows I will be knitting. I have also knitted about half the leg of the second Professor Plum sock. I'm hoping to finish my vest this week, the weather is just right for vest wearingFoggy_morning_high_2. We had our first fog this morning, and a pea souper it was too. When I was driving to the dam, visibility was quite poor. It didn't worry Harki or Peri. They ran through the bush getting wet and smelling all the smells and listening to all the sounds. Back at home, Harki was even wetter. She opened the shower screen with her nose and insisted on having hot water sprinkled on her head. Peri is slightly bemused by this. She doesn't like the bathroom all that much as the hair dryer lives there!!!

I bought some sock wool from the excellent Yarnivorous: Shoals (of green) and Yarnivorouss_wool_for_me she sent me an extra bonus surprise of some handspun hand-dyed wool. The wool is so soft and I'm thinking of making Monkey socks, Sea Monkey socks that would be!!!

On the good news front. the remote control arrived in 4 working days!! What excellent service from the Local Shop and it is living in a ziplock bag. On the not so good news front my car had a head gasket problem : at least I think that's what it is. It is being fixed this Monday and Tuesday. I am driving MrsDrWho's car. I am very nervous. I won't be driving very far!! It is ever so kind of her to trust me with her car, mind you, she has trusted me with the Kitten, so....

It is Mothers' Day tomorrow. My sister and I gave my mother a 'hair' experience, with cutting and colouring and setting and whatever else might go on in the salon. I hope she likes it. With my mum, you never know!!! I'm off to lunch with The MadCages now, and The Labradors are asleep in bed. I bet they haven't bought me anything for Mothers' Day. I'll settle for their love!!!



The vest is looking lovely and I am so glad that you are getting your mixmaster at the ticketed price. Why couldn't they have honoured it in the first place!

Sea monkey socks, how cool would they be.


So happy to hear you're side-effect free! YAY!

I knit the back first too - that way, if there's any errors, they'll be hidden from my direct vision.

And MrsDrWho is right - don't cut off your nose - take the mixmaster and request a GREEN one!

amanda j

Oh, you will love the Monkey pattern and that yarn is absolutely gorgeous which will make it even better. Where did you get your vest pattern? I seem to be on an eternal search for a vest pattern. What a good idea to make the back first!!


2Paw, so pleased there were no major side effects and too, that you were able to assist MrsDrWho. Good luck with your car. What a pain repairs are when they rear their ugly head.

The vest is looking great. I love the patterned rib band, the colour too of course. I've always liked green, but think I'm liking it even more, perhaps it's your influence or the greens you choose. I'm just about to order an almost green yarn to knit a winter jacket. I'll post it on my blog when I do.

Okay, about those doggies and their contribution to the competition ... what a shame. I should have waited just one more day for you to contact me with their suggestion. I'll keep them and their truly unique idea in mind for next year.

Do enjoy Mother's Day tomorrow, even though it's just another day in the life of a couple of furry people. It's good to know that no matter what, they do still love you lots and lots, every single day. My cat, she loves me too - as long as I do everything she wants.

You know the old saying : dogs have masters, cats have slaves.

Cez't La Vie!


Happy Mother's Day!
I'm sure Harki and Peri would bring you your tea and toast (if you didn't mind them being cold and a little slobbery) because they obviously adore their wonderful mum!


Grab the Mixmaster with both hands! I have Mixmaster envy...

She Who Smells Yarn

Vest looks great and so does the socks!!

Oooh that wool from Lynne is lovely too! I am almost done with the payment yarn for you ;) I have to send you a piccie and see if want it as is or darker..

Happy furbaby mothers day to you too...



So glad to hear that you're relative side effect free.
Vest side story is looking great. I'm knitting the cable vest from the same issue, also in green, but my progress isn't nearly as impressive. I keep getting distracted by other projects.

Happy Mothers' day


The knitting is amazing as usual and also green as usual!

The Daft white Cat is oblivious to Mother's Day, he has been extra naughty these past few days and persisted in harrassing me this morning while I was trying to have a lie in.

I was almost tempted by yarnivourus 80's rock colour way, but it hadd pink! No not for me.


2 thumbs up with the remote in the bag...good choice.
I am totally unconcerned with you driving the is only a car and I dont really like cars very much anyway!!! I am much more concerned about the welfare of the kitten!!!
You need a nose AND a mixmaster!!!!


Neat sock yarn! (Both the pink/purple and the green/blue).


So glad the side effects aren't too bad for you. We will continue to send ++++++'s.
Good on you for following up on the mixmaster issue. I say "go for it"!
Your vest looks lovely.
How amazing that you could help MrsDrWho from afar!

Ann Lim

The back of your vest looks really nice. As I am knitting my vest in the round, I am doing the armhole & neck shaping for the front. It looks like both of us will be wearing a new vest soon. Love the colors of your sock & thank you for your lovely comments of my Hourglass Sweater.


It does look like vest weather down your way, I am looking forward to the cooler months, but not being cold myself, so I will be hooking into the knitting abit more for me and family instead of charity knitting for a while. Take care of yourself. Atleast you can knit while having transfusion.


I love vest weather...just cool enough to require another layer, yet still not needing a coat.

Really glad to hear the side-effects did go elsewhere! Hopeful thoughts will continue :)


Glad to hear that the new medication id going well-definitely sounds like an improvement! The vest looks great-I love to see your knitting. My daughter (& I) love to see your doggies-we are dog people but can't have dogs as our property isn't dog proof and we have cows next door. :(


Chief didn't get me anything either but I did take him over to my mom's house today so she and my dad could get a grandoggie fix. LOVE the green it'll make perfect sea monkey socks. Did you bug your parents to send away for those stupid things? I know I did.


Congrats on the mixmaster Cindy!!! I do hope your new meds are still going well with no side effects, I love the vest too


Glad to hear you pulled through with no major side effects, it sounds like the tablets are a much nicer way to lower your iron.

I've heard so many bad stories about Harris Scarf, if you really want the mix master I would take it & serves them right too!


I'm glad to hear you are feeling well with the new medicine! Glad to hear the new remote arrived -- it's hard to get mad at the cats and dogs when they get so excited they cause accidents. I figure that I break as many things as they do (not much, thankfully) so how could I be mad at them?

Your vest looks great!

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