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"Peep" Throat

Eye'm Walkin' on Sunshine, Oooh, Oooh!!

Actually, the Sun has only managed to shine for about two hours today, the rest of the time there has been mizzle, interspersed with real rain. Yesterday at the Knitting Coven we were a mishmash of clothes, catering for every season, from a t-shirt and skirt(me!!) to a thick beautifully cabled handknitted jumper (Sharon!!) So, for AmandaJ who wondered if we all really did meet for lunch and knitting, in table order from the door we were :

  • Katara who was crocheting and had gone from zero to 100 in a few weeks,
  • Sharon who was knitting socks but was extremely enthused by Katt's hand-dyed 12ply made especially for her,
  • Sandra who was making a beanie,
  • Caroline who had invented something and was very excited,
  • Cathy who had finished gloves, socks, you name it really!!,
  • Toni who was where I couldn't see exactly what she was knitting,
  • Katt who had made a beautiful green jumper but was basking in her dyeing glory,
  • Margaret who almost made a tea cosy,
  • Suzi who was starting the second of things!!!
  • and then a visitor, Rosemary.

Et voila, c'est tous le nous!!!Who_woke_me_up_and_why_am_i_outside

Today I had my eyes tested. My word the Eye Doctor is well paid!! A technician numbed my eyes and then poked my retina to check pressure, in what those in eye doctoring like to call a 'Feel' test, and asked me to read the Eye Chart. Then the Eye Doctor proper asked me to explain why I was there - 4 minutes, and in the remaining minute asked me to read the Eye Chart again, this time with my glasses on, and then looked in each eye with a bright light. $120 for 5 minutes!!! He was a little taken aback by the first Eye Chart results and perhaps he thought I was already suffering from drug side effects!!! With my glasses on I can read the very smallest line of text.

My car isRip_bunny_teddybunny still being fixed. I am driving MrsDrWho's car and I have used all the gadgets: the windscreen wipers, the lights, the A/C both hot and cold, the special pressy button that magically locks and unlocks the car, and the boot!!! I have reverse parked and done u-eys. (Not sure how to spell that??)

While I was out Peri was not sleeping, she was removing the bedclothes from the bed and making some sort of alien insect nest. She was cross to be woken up and slightly confused. I appear to arrive home unannounced, as if by teleport or rings. Peri does not recognise the borrowed car's sound, so I am magic!! Harki has finally wrought havoc upon the Easter TeddyBunny. He has ceased to be as an entity and now is just the minus of his parts.Almost_to_the_neck_of_vss_2

The front of the Vest Side Story, in fact looks just like the photo two posts ago. I am mere rows away from the neck, which I am starting at the armhole decreases,then it's just a quick sprint to the shoulder line and some ribbing and it's done!! I am soldiering on with the Professor Plum socks and did a few rows with numb eyes today. In the most exciting news, Katt made a special one off hand-dyed skein of sock wool for me as a thank you for something I made for her. Run_forest_run_from_katts_wool It is called Run, Forest, Run. I believe it is Forest of the Gump persuasion, but I can only hum the Dad's Army song!!! Thank you so much Katt, I love its verdant greeniness!!!

Next I will be indulging in some sewing with these nice materials. None are for me, hence the un-green-ness. The tea is for me, I am drinking more herbal teas and infusions than black tea lately: tea to make me feel relaxed and sleepy, tea to make me feel less woozy in the stomach department, tea that has a zing!!! I am also indulging in lots of reading, it is just the right weather to whileSew_im_sewing_some_things away the afternoon reading.

The Managing Director of H*rris Sc*rfe has written to me, albeit with bad grace,  and he will arrange for me to obtain a mix master!! Power to the people: that's me and all my mix master supporters - Thank you!!!!!

Finally, The Weakest Link: Doctor Who Edition.

Camomile_and_spearmint_tea Lemon_and_ginger_tea Moroccan_mint_tea_2Peppermint_tea




Wouldn't that be "Run rabbit, run rabbit, run run runnnn"?

I too can flash my age-ism.


Garth was Wayne's friend in Wayne's World, and of course oner of the highlights of their life was meeting Alice Cooper!!!!
How appropate title was it???

The daft white cat likes nests, he tends to make one out of my bedclothes quite frequently, usually when I am actually in the bed and sudden't all the covers are gone!

The Vest looks good! I can't wait to see it finished.

I saw the tele movie of Dr Who none of it was familiar, Miss Stash says she remembers bits of it. I think Americans made it, or it was made with an America audience in mind...


I love the lemon and ginger tea, although it doesn't go so well with chocolate.

Very sneaky to pull blankets off the bed. The furballs here just curl up on the bed instead....... too lazy to do any rearranging.

Ann Lim

It's always nice to sit & knit & chat with fellow knitters - I always enjoy going to the groups. You are going very fast with your vest & I have to catch up! Love the gorgeous green yarn.


that sock wool is gorgeous!! i always look forward to meeting fellow knitters. seems like you all had a great time!! we're having our perth city nits this sat!! i'm so excited but i realy got nothing to show and tell. only two wips at the moment and they're both growing very slowly.

amanda j

Thank you for allowing me to attend virtually Cindy! You all sound busy and knitty.

You won't want to give Mrs DrWho's car back when she returns!


Have you been doing blockies and donuts and hand break burn outs????
Do you actaully know how to do any of those things???


Hmm ... 3 of your posts have just popped up in GoogleReader (you are not the only one). Anyway, to summerize - nice knitting, sorry about the car/eyes/anything else I missed. Hurrah about the new drug/official letter/good eyesight.
I think that covers it!

lynne s of Oz

Hooray for standing up for yourself re the mix master! The eye doctor didn't bulk bill? Numb eyes? They put yellow gunk in mine to test for glaucoma once in a while.
The vest is looking good!


Peri looks so seepy seepy, like "oh mom I was having such a good dread". Love the GREEN yarn! What a nice prezzie.
I hate the Glaucoma test where they puff the air on to your eye. Just creeps me out.
I'm due for an exam. Bifocals suck!
They haven't been right since I've had them.


ooops, "dream" not "dread"


Ugh, the Glaucoma test! The eye doctor before last used w-a-y to much drops, gave me those funky sunglasses and sent me home in the late afternoon sun. It was torture keeping my eyes open! How fun to be able to sneak in on Peri and Harki! Take care, Tori


Wow, you've got it easy ... my eye exams are twice a year with about as much care as yours and cost around $300 ... its expensive to be blind, hehe


Those puppy photos are SO adorable!! I can't photograph Sheeba - she must think the camera is food and jumps up to grab it!

Mr BDK took a photo of her this weekend - but she has a fly on her head! He didn't think to shoo it away! MEN!!


At the coven I was stitching up(the think I hate most) and weaving in ends of my green shrug and 2 scarves.


I am still chortling over the witty "the minus of his parts" :>
I do now have some reading glasses, but only need them when there is too much small-print-in-the-dark; I can't cross my eyes enough, apparently!
You are making me rethink my vestlessness with your charming concoction!


Hello 2Paw, hope you are keeping well.
I've found the most amazing shawl, knitted in green of couse and thought you'd like to see it.

She Who Smells Yarn

you forgot to add yourself to the list of coven members and their knitting.

The vest is looking great.

And your furbabies are adoreable as always!!



Verdant green indeed! That's stunning!

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