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"Peep" Throat

  1. Tug_of_love_2  Tricky Dicky has not been here 'plugging leaks', and I'm no William Mark Felt, Sr, it's just that a peep is about all the noise I can make at the moment. I have a boogelly throat, 2 lots of giant sized antibiotics and some lovely anti-nausea tablets too. There has been much sleeping and many showers, which always make me feel better. The Labradors have been taking good care of me.

I have finished my vest and other bits'n'bobs, but I don't have the inclination for a full blown post. I can just manage a Labrador picture of course. More when I am feeling better....so I'm not lying dead being half eaten by AlsatiansLabradors (Not that Vundy the German Shepherd would ever have eaten me: she was far too finicky!!!) Oh, I know I'm not well, do you notice the almost complete lack of exclamation marks?



Oh no, you poor knitterly thing.

Do hope you are back up on top of things soon. Seems we all have this bug .. and the darn thing seems to hang around for ages.

Glad to hear the paws are lookings after you ... and this is all happening while MrsDrWho is away!


Glad the labs are pulling their weight. Hope you're feeling a heck of a lot better soon.


Snuggle up warm with tea and some good books - we can wait till you're better for your pics!


Feel better soon!


Poor you.
Get better before I get back because I don't want your 'orrible germs!!!
If you smeared yourself with pate Vundy would have considered it...that would have confused CSI too.


You poor wee thing. Good knitting vibes are being sent your way.


Snuggle up with some yarn and a cup of tea. Get better soon.


Get well soon, sweetheart. You're in good hands (the labs).

PS: Have the puppies decided to kill their toy?

PPS: I hope your post header doesn't bring on a new 'breed' of reader :)


Dearest Cindy, hope you'll get well soon!!! Lots of hugs!!!

The doggies are so cute playing tug of war :)

amanda j

Poor Cindy! I thought you had been a bit quiet.

Hope you feel better very soon. Take care.

She Who Smells Yarn

Hope you are feeling better soon hun! my throat is a bit weird too. Might have to see a Dr about it.

Take care of yourself..sleep lots...do whatever is needed to get better.



I am sorry you are not well, but with frequent applications of tea and Labrador, I know you will be well soon!

Your new green yarn is gorgeous!!


I hope you feel better soon! Glad to hear H&P are taking care of you. Love that pic! Looks like you'll have to find some new soft toys soon! Do they growl and grunt at each other when they play tug-o-war? S&S make so many strange sounds as they tug.


So sorry you're not well :-(
Sure you'll be feeling better soon - my get well theory is always to sleep heaps!


I hope you are on the mend soon Cindy you poor thing you have had a rough trot, glad the girls are looking after you though Ruby sends her love too!!!!She has 3 new beautiful woollen blankets from the op shop and she is like a pig in mud - can't get her up

metal and knit

Boss tells the Girls to be good and look after you and not to be naughty. hope lots of lemon tea will help your booglley throat. Just watch the Good Dr and youll soon feel un booglley


Hope you are feeling better soon. Lurgies are no fun at all.

Ann Lim

Do take care & get well soon. I have also finished my vest & just have to sew in all the ends (when I have the mood).


Hope you are feeling much, much better soon xx

lynne s of Oz

Sounds like you are looking after yourself! Hope you are chatting not peeping soon 8-)


Their is something vile going about, I had to have a day off work, I wish I had taken two, but my doctor cheerfully informed there was nothing to be done except wait it out!
Like Pink, I'm Not Dead Yet!

Stopped by to tag you when you feel better perhaps tomorrow? Or the day after that, like in certain parts of Europe and the Middle East, why rush????

If only the labradoers could type, but then again maybe it's better they don't who knows what they would say.


I do hope you are feeling better soon.


That is by far the cutest pic of the labs yet!!
Sore throat? Gargle with salt water a few times a day.
If you are going to be taking anti-biotics use also probiotics (from the health food store or eat LOTs of yogurt.
Hope you get better soon!!

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