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Ground (Remote) Control to Major Tom

Royal (Pain in the Neck) Telephone

Telstr*: the monopoly we all know, and show great disinterest in, until they start calling. And calling. And calling. Once I was a Telstr* customer, but that was many years ago. Despite this they keep calling: their dealers, their sales people..giving out my silent number willy-nilly. T*m Ry*n rang me, off his own bat, and promised it wouldn't happen any more. But three times since then I have been called. The direct number he gave me doesn't answer, and he also chooses not to answer my emails. No-one wants to listen, no-one wants to help, no-one cares at all.  It is Telstr*'s responsibilty. I promised him I would blog about the terrible service and violation of my privacy. And so I am. I am making Telstr* my pet project. And The ABC until they tell me when Doctor Who will be screened. (Apparently, according to Anna ABC, they only plan 2 or 3 weeks in advance. If you can believe that. And I don't.)

Harki_loves_a_morning_walk_2 Deep breath, and now to happier things!!!

The Labradors: guaranteed to make me feel happy, calm and loved!! Harki has the photogenic gene, if there is such a thing. She always looks fantastic in the pictures I take, and none of the talent is mine!! ShPeri_runs_so_faste is always smiling and happy and graciously at ease. Peri missed out on the photographic gene. I have to delete so many pictures: poor Peri, with my terrible shooting style and here nippy moves we are doomed to get far fewer flattering photos. Peri is always looking around to see where Harki is and what she is doing, and she's afraid she will miss out on something. Hence the not-looking-at-the-camera poses!!! She does have an innate energy and enthOne_professor_plum_sockusiasm and she does everything at the speed of light and at 100% power!!!

I have finished one Professor Plum sock, and I didn't have a Cluedo how it would work out. Pretty much OK. The wool is very fine, the socks are 'wafer thin'  but strong. As an antidote to the incredibly tiny knitting I started a garment: Vest Side Story. I started the Zigzag Vest from Jo Sharp's Knit 3, but I couldn't bear the cabling of one stitch 20 times across every right side row. I even mastered cabling without a needle, but it just wasn't working, and despite checking my tension, it was far too bigVested_interests. Then I had a brainwave and started again with a new pattern interspersed with rib. Do you recognise it??? I have powered ahead since this picture and I am shaping the waist now. I am using some delicious Rare Essentials Cocoon Jade alpaca/silk/mohair/merino. It is soft and light and warm and a beautiful colour. I had forgotten how quickly 8ply on 4mm knits up!!!

Pirate_zipped_bag Here is Katt's Pirate Zipped Bag. I made it to match her big knitting bag. It is lined with the same skull and crossbones material I sewed onto the front. I cobbled together the pattern as I like a flat base and a zippy top. I remembered the specially empowered minerals Katt gave me too!!!Mineral_good_wishes Even the little pouch is green.

Bendigo Woollen Mills finally have their website up and running. The Knitting Coven was all a-buzz with excitement at the news today!!!We can all stop holding our collective breaths and shop away online. On the holding-your-breath-front, Peri's TeddyBunny finally lost his head today. it was all very Rudyard Kipling. Cleopatra has posted her Bill of Rights. I daren't let The Labradors read it......... I was specially invited to an 'Opening' today, so some pictures soon. And a recipe I think. Something sweet???



I get sooo many weird pics of S&S. Sometimes I get a whole bunch where they look like they are about to sneeze! In general, Saffy is much better about smiling and posing. I certainly know about dogs moving at the speed of light! They can get from their beds to the door before I finish the "Do you" part of "Do you want to go out?"! H&P look adorable!


I love the second dog photo, where you can see Harki catching up in the background!!


Heheh, at least you can take their photos, Ms Mackie is so in love with the 'light' on the camera she's impossible to photograph as she is always looking for the reflection rather than at the camera...grr ;-)


Cindy, write to the Telecommunications Ombudsman. Over here, they've started to come around in person!!

I also read somewhere that if you're rude to the callers they put you on what's known as the "call relentlessly" list - could be an urban myth but I'm not game enough to try.


PS: When it comes to photos, Sheeba just won't stay still.


Trying to photograph Chief is like trying to hit a moving target. He hears the camera start to click and he's on the move.
Love the purple sock!


Grrrrrrrr at phone people....... try asking them to hold..... put the phone down and do the dishes or whatever.:P

I always love your pic of H trying to get a decent pic of Kit is almost impossible, she usually looks like a black blob.
Lucy on the other hand always looks good in pictures.


Dear Nora, I am scrupulously polite to the callers, more polite than they are. Politeness is an excellent tool, I find!!! Mightier than the sword, though they may be spitting on my phone line when I'm not looking!!!

Ann Lim

Looks like we are having another private Vest Side Story KAL - I am also knitting the Zig Zag vest & as usual knitted in the round. Love your Prof Plum socks - such gorgeous colors.

She Who Smells Yarn

I must post my special pressies from you!!!

I am so glad you love your littls stonies...

All your knitting is looking fantastic..of course it is (it always does)...I love the socks! I gotta get some of that purple..

I wuf your poochies!! I want a poochie..i mist having a poochie in my life!



Yes...the biggest threat you can make....you are making them your hobby. They can't win. They don't know what they have started.
Walk softly, carry a big green stick and collect names, numbers and email addresses...the war has begun!!!!!

amanda j

You need caller ID Ms Cindy! That will allow you to pick and choose who you answer to.

I was wondering whether you were at the opening.


Nice variation on the vest. Unfortunately for us in Blighty, Doctor Who has been postponed for Eurovision. Please don't tell me you've ever heard of it. I hope for your sake you haven't!


I'm usually a lurker but have just found this which may (eventually) help you. https://www.donotcall.gov.au/index.cfm
It's brand new and going a bit slow as it's very busy (not surprisingly). Oh, and I enjoy your blog very much ;)


We were discussing just this problem at work today! I was told about "donotcall" too. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Your knitting is lovely.

Knitterly Notions

I put myself on the do not call list about a year ago - it was not widely known about then, though it was only a voluntary compliance by those who had any ethics (do any of these companies possess any?). Amazingly, the phone calls - which had reached an average of 5 each day - fizzled out completely after a couple of months.
BUT, now I'm being plagued with FAXED junk mail, and I'm not sure that this is going to be so easy to stop!


I love the arn you are sing for the vest!
I don't get many "junk" calls, but enough to find them annoying. They always tend to come in when I am in the middle of something or another.


Love Professor Plum! and I don't know what you're using on that VSS, but is coming out lovely :)
Our number is still new(ish), so not too many calls other than Tell-me-about-it and Which-Financial-Institution, but I do have sympathy for your plight. If only you had a fax number that you could auto-send 500 faxes to - but then, that would be bad manners, so maybe not. I'd talk to the ombudsman's office - the do have some clout.
Scruffs to the dogs!

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