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Sixteen Vestal Burgeons

Vest_side_story_2 The BareNakedLady has been burgeoning. I decided she needed to reflect my curvaceousness, and so she does now!! She in 'enhanced' with fibre filling. She is modelling the completed Vest Side Story. I think I am going for the whole "Connor from Primeval look" without really trying: vest, untConnor_from_primevalucked shirt, badges etc. I am very pleased with my new Vest. It was inspired by Jo Sharp's ZigZag Vest, but I just did the maths and made the pattern up as I went along. It has part of the Jaywalker for the band of ribbing. I am not quite happy with the ribbing around the left armhole, I erred on the side of looseness. I may unravel it and just cast off again. I see now that The BareNakedLady is on a bit of a lean. I am too lazy to take another photo, she will just look forever a tad inebriated in this photo. See my Doctor Who badges?: K9, The TARDIS and a Cyberman. The kind newsagent found an extra set so MrsDrWho and I could have one each. There is a photo further on down.......

Vest Side Story. Pattern: My own. Knitted using Rare Essentials Cocoon Jade (Alpaca, Silk, Mohair, Merino) Peris_autumnal_dip_in_the_creekthat I bought from Donni ages ago, on 4mm needles. Very warm and cosy it is too. Oh see Anne's vest too. Snap, we both finished at the same time. We were having an semi casual KAL!!!Harki_has_a_dip_in_the_creek

Everyone has been so kind with their good wishes. Having 'Internet friends' today is like having good neighbours in the olden days. There have been very frequent applications of Tea and Labradors, as well as long, long naps in the afternoon. I feel half way human today, which for me is very good!! I still have a cough which is worse at night. I am making yoghurt to eat, though truly, with all the drugs and treatments pumped through me it's a wonder I manage to function at all sometimes!!!

The Labradors are so happy to have the car back and we have been for 4 walks to the Whos_that_down_theredam, albeit for only 15 minutes. There have been wild rainy storms all over the state and the creek has water in it at long last. Being Labradors, there have been chilly dips in the water and then mad running about. Afterwards there is a nap for Harki, but Peri likes to keep an eye on what's happening on the street!!!

I have been tagged by LarjMarj and Suzi to write Seven Random Things About Me (sic). If you would like to be tagged, please consider yourself "IT" So here goes:

  1. If I am home I listen to Radio National on Saturday afternoon. I listened to the same programmes, more or less, on 7ZR when I was a teenager at home: The Goon Show, The Science Show, The Showman with John West, My Word/My Music and John Cargher with Singers of Renown. There was always a serial too, at 3pm. I loved The Lord of The Rings, with Ian Holm as Frodo. It was 26 weeks of bliss!!!
  2. I am, by nature, a girly swot. I loved school. loved to study, enjoyed assignments. I could have been a student all my days.
  3. I was born too late. I am a baby boomer. Just. But really I should have been born in the Forties. I like Frank, Nat, Bing and Tony, Doris and Rosemary. I like the old Musicals, the fashions and I love all the books about boarding schools and being a student nurse!!!
  4. When I had Vundy the German Shepherd, I always referred to the dogs as 'The Girls' . Now I only have Labradors they are: The Labradors. I can never have another German Shepherd as it would be wrong for such a noble beast to be bottom of the pack!!
  5. I don't have any human children mainly because after so many years of teaching I ran out of names to choose from. I am thinking now that one day there will be a new puppy and I am testing out names. All the dogs' names end in an 'EEEE' sound for ease of calling out loud. I have made it a tradition.
  6. My dad was put in the brig in the navy for mutiny. How cool is that????? He wasn't, mutinous, of course. He just was unable to obey a direct order from a superior officer on account of the Admiral's brandy. It's a long story.
  7. I was in the choir at school. We made a record. I was in the Sisters' Choir, even though my sister was not. I had special dispensation to be an 'only' in the small group. I like to sing a lot. I do try and learn all the words in case I am arrested and put into solitary confinement and I have to sing songs, recite poetry and remember books to keep myself sane. I plan for that which may not happen.
  8. Seven things was not enough. I also am a tiny bit anti-establishment. As you can see. I like to add my own boxes and categories on official forms. I always sign my name in green, despite what the ATO and many other Government and Legal departments say. Can you read most doctors' signatures?? Mine is very legible. It is just green.

Scarf I am knitting a lacy, as yet unnamed, scarf with some beautiful 'Spring'Sock_knitting_totes  2ply Merino/Silk I bought from Katie. I am doing a lot of K 7 togethers.  I have also sewed some new Knitting Totes. One is Royal Stuff and the other is Buried Treasure.

This week, on Thursday night, it was Cracker Night. Fireworks are mostly banned, but somehow a shop has found a loophole and they sell them without a permit. Cracker Night was always on the 24th of May. It used to be Empire and then Commonwealth Day. I like the go ahead attitude of this shop: not only selling dangerous crackers, but blithely moving the day and date of Cracker Night too. We used to have community bonfires, and there still are some. Luckily The Labradors aren't spooked by the noise and general Badges furore, but we are bracing ourselves for a noisy night.

MrsDrWho can have crackers whenever she likes in Macau. It is a free for all I think, though her latest adventures may give one pause. Read about it: if you dare!!!

Winter is almost here: the nights are drawing in. It is my favourite time of the year. It is a time for warm drinks, comfort food, reading on the couch with a blanket and walking in the rain!!



I love the colour green you have done your vest, very nice. I am an end of baby boomer too, I am not sure when it actually ended, I think 1960????. I am a 1959 model. You are so lucky to have your two girls!, I am so lucky to have my one girl - Ruby, well my son's really, but they all live with us and soon to be 6 adults and Ruby instead of 4 adults and Ruby, yep #1 son and girlfriend coming home in 4 weeks. Stress levels will be high, but when it all settles I am really looking forward to it. Family should be like the old days and close and supportive.

amanda j

I think most of us are usually only about half human! Your 7 Random things were very interesting. Names are a problem, aren't they. Even with friends' children. My friend is pregnant and I have been very busy nixing all sorts of names.

Cindy, your vest is GORGEOUS!!! Are you liking Primeval? I am watching it with the number one son, who loves dinosaurs and sci fi. He is his father's son.


Do the nights use watercolour pencil , crayon or gel pens?


dear mum of 2 labs,

i'm glad you're feeling better :)



I have no human children either. When I had my girls they all had very old fashioned girl names, Gertrude, Eliza and Clara. My boy dals came with their names, I often regret not changing Chief's name. It just doesn't really suit him. (He's a wimp). The vest is loverly, but it makes me feel "deflated" somehow. :-)


Good to hear you're on the mend!
The vest looks great, I've been planning to make one for ages but haven't got around to it yet, maybe this year :o)
I'm totally with you on #5, there should be a rule that all names must end in an eee sound.
The scarf is looking great too, can't wait to see more of it.


Love the vest - and The BNL looks a little more lady-like now!
Cracker Day sounds a little like our Bonfire Night. Minus the burning of Catholics, obviously. Effigies, there of. Not actually Catholics. That's saved for Catholic Burning Day.


Yummmmmmmm - that vest looks so lovely and warm. I want one too.

Hope you are feeling a little bit better today.


Isn't that strange..this morning I was reading a knitting mag and I thought "I must ask Cindy how the BNL is going".

My question answered!


One of sixteen vestal virgins who were leaving for the coast and although my eyes were open they might just as well been closed. If we get locked up in semi-solitary we can recite songs and poems to each other. I tend to remember the words to every song I've every heard, it's the most useless of gifts.
Your seven things are the best ones I've read so far. you're a wonderful nut.


Love the vest! Must get on with things so I can try my hand at one too...
My first two human children, and my two dogs, have 'eee' ending names, but we decided to go with something different for the last one, so that calling the all the children did not sound quite so much like calling all the pets ;>
Glad to hear you're feeling better!


Glad you are feeling a bit better.

I love the vest.

Of course you have green cleckeaton country silk. Why would you have any other colour?:P
The thing is, what are you going to make out of it???


Your vest looks great & I like the v-neck. Well, we do have some things in common as I am a baby boomer too, I love being a student & I love winter. Glad that you are feeling better!


I loved reading this post Cindy. Your vest is gorgeous, and your last paragraph.... the description of winter almost here...I love that, that is so me. Glad to hear you are feeling somewhat better. I started a chemo therapy drug last week so I am trying to cope with that,it's actually not too bad, hopefully lots of crafting soon

She Who Smells Yarn

muaahaahaa..LOVE the bust Acurate BNL!!!

Oooh sock totes..got plans for those? Etsy perhaps!?!?!?

I know I cant wait for winter..Nothing better then sitting inside near the heater knitting away while it pours down outside (and kids are in bed..and there is something great to watch with Adam).


Knitterly Notions

I never had human children, always Beagle children - four to date - and all but the first I have rescued, so they've come with names already in place. Interestingly, the only one that wasn't an 'eeee' was the one I named (Caper), though I recall reading at the time that it was traditional to use a name with two syllables to make it easier to call them when out in the fields on a hunt:-)

Love the green vest! I'm doing a vest at present in 4ply JitterBug, in a luscious Velvet Bilberry colour.


hmm...no human children at the moment. i'm not married yet. but i do have two lovely and gorgeous furry babies. just like you :)

love your green vest!! gosh!! you all are really fast knitters!! i'm still plodding on my leo sweater


As if I didn't have enough blogs to read already, now I've bookmarked yours too! I ablsolutely adore your sock zipper bags! They make me want to have one, but no time for sewing right now. Sigh. From what I've seen and read so far, your Labs are adorable too! ;o)


Love your green vest, especially the Jaywalker ribbing at the hem. Also love your anatomically correct mannequin! I'd need to pad mine out too (if I had one) ;) The lace scarf looks very promising, too!

We're big Goon Show fans in our house - so our teenagers have been well educate in the ways of Neddie and niddle noddle noo, and none of their friends know what they're talking about, LOL! ;)


I hope you feel better soon! I love your green vest!

Your list was fun reading. I like that you sign your name in green. I am also with you on #2. :)


We had 6 splats of rain two days ago and we are still enjoying fabulous blue sky warm days. I love your green vest, I have knitted the back with the cabled rib but haven't as yet started on the front, yours has motivated me to get it out. The recipe is a lot like a carrot cake also. I can't eat it as I have a problem with wheat but I like to have nice things for the family to pop in their lunch boxes. I have been meaning to tell you I love your block of chocolate socks, I think I need a pair of those.


Hm, it's me again. Couldn't find an e-mail address to respond. Thanks for your encouraging words. I was freeked out because of the loose stitche sat first, but now it's gotten quite easy, really! I LOVE the yarn and the way it drapes, because the cable give it some weight. I think I'm going to enjoy this cardigan, but we'll see once I get to the arm shaping etc.
I like to look at my new yarn. Tonight I'll give it another try. Spinning with the whell goes so fast. I'm finishing off the spindle spinning and hope to maybe ply it tonight as well. Thanks for visiting! ;o)

lynne s of Oz

Great vest. I just wish my boobs were still that high. LOL
Hope you are doing better now and things are good in Tassie! We finally had a lovely day without any rain here, so we've been doing garden stuff and getting plants ready to plant in our working bee tomorrow.


Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog...yes, I'm so lucky to have met such a talented gal in Belinda. And your blog is lovely, too. I'm saving it in my bloglines now :-)


Thanks for all your comments Cindy. I wish I could reply to you each time...damn blogger. We came up with the lucky dip, since there are only a few of us...so far. It means we don't have to check who is coming etc. No matter who is there everyone gets something. It is meant to be either some supplies from the stash or a little something that you have handmade. But you know how it is...everyone always goes overboard.

Thanks again for visiting my blog and leaving comments. I really do appreciate it.

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