Just a Friend-ful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down!!!
We're So Socky, Uncle Albert, We're So Socky If We Caused You Any Pain, Oh Yeah.

And up through the ground came a bubblin' rude: health that is!!

Harkis_on_a_road_to_nowhere I'm not exactly in rude health, lets call it slightly off-colour, innuendo laden, impolite health!!! I am back to being half way human, and life is bearable again!! I have had so many lovely comments and emails and some lovely gifts that have made me feel humble and chuffed at the same time. The pen is indeed mightier than the sword and words of comfort and cheer really work: Thanks!!!   LarjMarj very sensibly asked what was wrong with me: I have a Mystery Illness!! It's not on any list, Rich or not. My bone marrow is in permanent conniption, it doesn't work properly and I don't make anywhere near enough red blood cells and there are myriad other bits'n'bobs, but basically that's it inEgyptian_lounging_pants_2 a nutshell. I have adapted to be able to cope, but suddenly I had a little crisis and there had to be decisions made. It doesn't sound much, but because 'we' don't know what's actually wrong with me, 'we' can't fix it. So I get to try a lucky dip of treatments, not hoping for a cure, but just for some quality of life. My lower drug dose has made a happy difference and though I am sluggish and slightly boogelly, I am able to cope again. There, unless I pop my clogs and am pushing up the daisies, we shall speak of this no more for now. We will live in the happy Land of Pretend!!!!

There has been a Gallifreyan celebration and I have made some things:  Tissue_covers_bless_you

  • Egyptian Lounging pants from material bought and gifted last year, and found languishing in the fabric stash: inspired by Clickertyclick
  • Tissue holders compliments of Tutti Fruiti's tutorial
  • and a Chip packet pencil case!!!! Corn_chip_pencil_case

I have also started a little knitting project, not so much Fetching, as Carrying: with a holey pattern in a K2P2 rib background every 10 rows and I lengthened them too. I'm Carrying_on almost finished and I expect I will at the Knitting Coven tomorrow.

Peri has been her usual exuberant self, racing through the below zero frosty mornings, but she is a sooky lala too. Harki bravely (or not so bravely, she really didn't want to stay, but Peri and I gritted our teeth and left) donated blood to a sick dog at the Hospital who was waiting for an operation. Peri stuck to me like glue and followed me around the house for 90 minutes like a bad smell. She was ever so happLeapy_leapy_norah_periy when we went back to pick up Harki. The nurse said she was very well behaved, but Dr Tim said she was a bit of a wriggler!! She also refused to eat the breakfast they gave her, or special treats!!  But when we came home she gobbled down her food with Peri!!!  Added a bit later on: Dogs do have different blood groups, but for their very first transfusion they can accept any blood type. After that they have to be cross matched like humans are!!!

Typepad has a new feature where you can add a page, so I am going to have a go tomorrow at adding a recipe page for Lemon Meringue Pie. Here's what was left after tea last night at tea last night at Lemon_meringue_pieMrsDrWho's. She's ba-ack and she bought me some presents, as did her dad, the Timelord!! But more of that later.........



So pleased to see you up and about again, and of course you are as busy as usual!

Laughed so much at the last comment you left on my blog ... you must go back and re-read it, it will make your day.


Glad to hear that the dose reduction has had positive results for you. You have also been busy. Sounds like Peri is a little like my son-'"It't not cold, Mum!"


Oh, I had LMP for the first time the other week - yum!
I'm glad you're back to the "lalalala, nothing's wrong" stage again. It's good, isn't it?


Oh, I dont think you are living in the Land of Pretend at all. When you have an ongoing illness, all you can do is all you can do. You pick up and move forward (even if it is slowly) because back isnt an option. I'm glad you are feeling a bit more yourself. Take care.


Glad you are feeling somewhat better. Harki is my hero for donating blood -- I can't do it, but I think she's awesome for helping another being like that!! I have to ask: do dogs have the same sort of blood types as humans do? Can dogs and cats share or are donations kept separate?


Glad you're feeling a little better than before and that the dogs are also well. Like your "carryings" very much.


It's good to hear you are feeling a little better. You have a good outlook on life! Harki is a good and brave pup. I like the landscape pics with the dogs. It's so different looking than what I'm used to. That frost looks refreshing after my day spent in the heat and humidity!


Hasn't it been cold??? Glad to you see you're feeling well enough to brandish some useful knits in the face of the freeze!


hi Cindy, glad you're back and that you're feeling better. you always seem to have such a positive attitude!! really admire you for that!! hugz!!!


That's it - be positive & when the mind is well,all tend to be well too! It's great to have those fingerless mittens, I have been wearing Fetching when I read in bed at night - it kept my fingers warm!


Love what you've made :-)
...and a pencil case from a chip packet!...I am so gonna try that!!


So glad to hear that you're feeling less boogelly. Hopefully "we" can figure out what the problem is!

I'm going to make me on of those chip packet pencil cases. What a shame I'll have to eat the chips first!


I'm glad you're feeling a bit better, and three cheers for Harki! I'm giving blood for the first time on Friday :)


I'm glad you're back in the pink (or should I say green?) again.

And I'll answer the questions an earlier commenter had about pet blood types. Dogs do not have the same blood types as humans, they have two major types, with the positive one being more common and the negative one being more rare. Cats and dogs cannot share blood products. Their blood can be separated into its components, just like human blood, for specific types of treatments.


I didn't dare ask what's troubling you, now I know (or don't as you do). I like your stile you write, even though you make so many references I don't get, but that doesn't matter. All the best to you!


Glad to hear you're feeling better, you've been in my thoughts these last few weeks, I'm sorry I haven't been more of a 'presence'.

I didn't know about dog blood types either.


I'm so glad you are feeling better and I love your carryings too.

How many packets of chips did you have to eat before you got one that had opened nicely and was usable?


i'm glad to hear that you're well again. Do the doctors not have a name for this mystery illness?

i recently came across these pictures and hope they bring a smile to your face! Louie is not mine but i certainly wish he is!



Glad you're feeling more normal-ish. My daughter has a mystery illness of sorts, an unusual type of arthritis, and honestly the number of doctors we've been to, and drugs she's tried, and the ongoing hassles, not to mention modified schoolwork...! You can relate, I'm sure.

I LOVE the chip packet pencil cases, they are seriously cool. And I was very interested to hear about your dog donating blood ... something I'd never really thought about before!


It's great to read you are up and about a bit Cindy. I love what you have been making lately. The chip pencil case is awesome!! love it


Geez....anyone would think you were sick!!!!!!( No dont track me down and mark me for assassination...I am KIDDING!!!

The pecil case is FANTASTIC and the lounging pants are exceedingly lounge worthy. Cleopatra approves of them...naturrally...they must have given her genetic/heritage flash backs !!!!


Oh, I love the lounge pants. I made some too - and they're almost as wild as yours!


I couldn't help but to ask...yes, I am nosey but I guess that given my occupation, personal questions are, well....not very personal anymore. Very odd with the bone marrow. I hope there is more of a concrete answer for you soon. I was lucky that my own mystery ailment took only about a year to diagnose. It was a matter of finding the right doctor/hospital. Hope you're feeling better. Love the bit about being "followed around like a bad smell" LOL! Boy do I know that feeling! LOVE the Egyptian lounging pants....here in the big "D"...we would say they are "ghetto fabulous". ;-)


omg I love lemon meringue pie more than anything! we had a massive lemon tree growing up and my little sis and I used to make it so often.....it takes me back and I want a piece NOW!!!!!!

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