Unhealthy, Unweathly and Wise???
And up through the ground came a bubblin' rude: health that is!!

Just a Friend-ful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down!!!

Couch_mates Actually it doesn't really, but all the lovely comments and emails certainly gladden my heart and make me smile!! MrsDrWho poohpoohs my internet friends, in a Black Adder sort of way you understand.... she's home from Macau tomorrow just in time for Doctor Who!!! I must rally momentarily for that, and let's face it, she'll fed me!!! The drugs are boogelly and so I have, Florence Nightingale-like, taken to my bed. It is possible to sleep for 20 out of 24 hours!! My bestest friend is my new non-leaky hotwater bottle: green and cuddly warm inside it's green knitted cover. The Labradors are able to sleep faster than a speeding bulletRowdy_action_shot, snore more powerfully than a locomotive and leap tall beds in a single bound: SuperLabs!!! I hadn't 'quite' remembered how horrid it was, but maybe I will assimilate the side effects and feel OK soon. I hope so!! But better sick than dead I always say.

Oh Specialist telephone update just now: my levels are waaay too high so I get to take less drugs!!

So Apron swap?? Yep, I'm in one and it's not going very well, as you might guess. I have bou60_skeins_22_zips_countless_cotton_ght, washed  and readied materials but there has been no sewing. I have emailed and asked for an extension!!

Bloggers have been tidying their craft spaces: Autumn cleaning here. I did know who they were but not anymore. I tidied out my bits'n'bobs tub. Yes, well 22 zips, over 60 skeins of embroidery thread still in the little paper holdery things, and more reelsHarki_loves_the_bushwalking of cotton later than you can poke a stick at... I am the Ziplock Bag Queen now and I can actually find one of my 15 tape measures!!!

I didn't join in the WWKIP Day, I did pop into the Knitting Coven for 45 minutes or so (I was the 1/2 a small bowl of chips Toni) but I have revelled in Ravelry. I must have signed up quite early on. I have uploaded somPeri_loves_the_bushrollinge socks but the pictures are all big. I can't smaller them at all, even though I did manage to upload them to flickr and then transfer them across: a Herculean feat in itself. And if you are 'In' be my friend. I'm 2paw: Ravelry Me!!!

Harki and Peri are keeping me happy with their lovely faces and waggy tails...now, if I could just teach them to make a cup of tea.....

Oh PS, I have over 100 Blogline post thingies to read, some people I 'know' Internetally are up to 4 or 5 posts waiting to be read. Believe me, I'm commenting on the 'inside'!!!


Knitterly Notions

So sorry that you're feeling so awfully unwell - perhaps the reduced dosage might help a bit ? Tell those labs to keep their tails wagging and their faces smiling; I know that waggy tales works wonders in this house too(but 'B4' has problems with the smiles; his jowls are so long that he has trouble turning up the corners of his mouth!)

amanda j

More hugs coming your way! Take care!

I am eagerly awaiting my Ravelry. I guess I would be about number two hundred kabillion.


I'll be your Ravelry friend! I just have to work out how to add you. Leave it with me...

PS: It's a Greek lower case m and you're right, it does mean mg.


he he. Commenting on the inside. Love it. I do that too sometimes, when I'm pressed for time.

Yay for Dr Who!!!! Woo hoo! Although I'm not sure about Catherine Tate yet....will wait and see.


Hope the reduced dosage helps some. If only the labs could make tea..... We are waiting for Dr Who here too-just saw that it will be on Thursday nights-I will have to tape (well record) it as I'm not home. Here's to feeling better.


I hope you feel better soon on the reduced dosage! Glad the labs are helping. Cute 'rowdy action shot' pic!


Pah, doctors, what do they know?!
Although 20 hours in bed sounds sooooo nice right now.
And LOL at the internal commenting!


still waiting for my turn to join the ravellry fun. I think you are so lucky to have joined the list early. I'm glad that you can take less meds! I hope that means less side effects as well.


I am so pleased that our little comments are making you feel a little better! "Commenting on the inside"- lol!


hi cindy...does taking less drugs means you're getting better?? anyway, lots of wet nose and kisses from my doggies to you ^_^


She Who Smells Yarn

Big huggies to you hun. I hope you and the drugs start playing nice soon.

I best sign up to the ravellery thing if I want to get in! lol



Very glad you can drop your med levels and get the right balance - it's a bugger when they muck you around so much. I was on a med (for fibromyalgia) last year whose *side effect* was suicidal depression... took me ages to figure it out... was scary.

I'm highly impressed by your sewing box organisation!

I'm behind with Blog posts too - don't stress about it - it's not supposed to be hard work :)


20 hours of sleep - that's what I need! With 2 kids & all the activities, I am happy with 7 hours everyday. Anyway, hope you are resting well & back to normal soon. Take care.


Hope the less drugs do more good ASAP!
Doesn't Ravelry look interesting? I was trying to explain it to my Mum, without much success - looking forward to finding your notebook there!
I'm sure a good dose of Dr Who will help - till then, there's Torchwood!


I do hope you are feeling heaps better real soon, I was glad to read that your dose has been reduced. It is so good that you have your Peri & Harki to take good care of you, they must be such a help to make you feel better even if they can't make you a nice cup of tea.


Sorry to hear you're feeling so poorly. Hope the new dosage of meds helps you feel better. In the meantime enjoy the sleep, it's too cold to get out of bed anyway!


Hope you feel better and stronger soon. Also hope the lower dose is more kind to you.
Well done for organising your bits.
Had a little peak at Ravalry - looks like fun :-)

lynne s of Oz

Hope you feel better on the lower dose! Apparently it is used to treat certain conditions in dogs - odd, eh?
I wish I could come down and help out some.


I'm sorry you are not feeling well. I'm glad you can take to your bed and get some rest. I'm sure Harki and Peri are nursing you right back to health!

Take it easy and only do what you feel like. We will be here when you can "visit" again. ")


sending you love and get well hugs Cindy....can you feel the luuuurrrvvveeeeeee?????????????hope so, you MUST get onto to teaching the labs to make tea..it is imperative!!!!hope you are up soon :-)

rosie-maree dean

I hope you are feeling so much better now. Toby sends his tail wags also.


Do our furry friends ever fail to make us feel better? Love those lab faces.
May I inquire as to what ails you?
I hope you're on the upswing soon.
I heart the Black Adder. I mean really, isn't Rowan Atkinson sexy?


I am commenter #23, now what does that tell you cindy2paw!! You are one very special lady whom we all love, my thoughts are with you, Harki and Peri and I do hope to see you on Tuesday.

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