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Sgt. Pepper's Bonely Hearts Club Band

It's the 40th Anniversary of the UK release of this album. I remember the olden days of records, in factShe_loves_you_yeah_yeah_yeah_2, I still say record, and I also 'tape' with my hard drive on the DVD recorder!!! I am out of the Ark!!! I had just started Prep at school, it was the year of the big bushfires, and we didn't have this record at home. My mum did like The Beatles and I am on tape somewhere, reel to reel, singing 'She loves you, Yeah Yeah Yeah' in my very, very early years!!! It was the start of my love of The Beatles. I'm not a 'fan' in the true fanatical sense, and as referenced in my last post, I was born too late: in my teens, everyone at school Foothold_situation liked, well, whomever it was who was popular, but I liked The Beatles and Paul McCartney and Wings and so on. I was a musical outcast!!!

Bonely speaking, I had a very nice meeting with the people from Melbourne who flew over for a Clinic this week. I will be taking The Cyclosporin again,and we all wait with huge anticipation to see what will happen. The_knitting_coven

There has been little knitting. I have been a little tired recovering from my boogelly cold, but I am on the home stretch of the Professor Plum socks: only about 20 rows to go, and then the toe!! AmandaJ and I are still having a Baudelaire-along so I will start Greenery Snicket #2 next. I have some secret sewing to do, and I also have some secret crocheting as well!! No pictures of that. Everyone is always waxing lyrical about the quick delivery of their Bendigo wool, but I ordered on their website on Tuesday night and alas, no wool has appeared thus far. It seems it will take a whole week. There is little or no chance I can knit MrsDrWho (Currently on a personal guided tour of China with her mum. They are at The Wall now) a cardigan before the 20th of June. Or is there??? Oh, and for AmandaJ again, photographic proof that The Coven exists!! Here we all are. Can you see my spot, with the lovely bag Donna made me and the teapot???

I havEeny_meeny_mineymoe 2 new patterns. I'm not sure which one to make first. I have ventured into the big bad world of Widgets and added a poll to my right side bar. I value your opinion, well, until the 6th of June anyway: my D-Day!! Should I make a stretchy T-shirt type top in some nice lime boucle: there's a wrap around version and a knotted front type? Or, should I make a woven fabric tunic top, with gathering at the bust: there can be full sleeves or sleeves with a frill at the bottom?  It would be green too, of course. I am in a quandary.

Harki has been to The Vet for her annual Vaccination and check up. As her hips are boogelly now, she Harkis_feeling_fine_now should lose 5kg, so both of The Labradors are on a diet. She has some ointment for FlippyFloppy Ear as well. Harki had taken to having a little plaintive cry every now and again in the evening, whereupon I pat her and give her a cuddle. Dr Tim thinks she is crying Wolf, and just wants a pat and is not in pain or unhappy. This seems to be the case. I have been ignoring her and in only 2 days she has stopped. Peri and Harki are very excited because there is a lot of water in the creek, a lot of chilly water surrounded by mud. This means that even this morning when the temperature was 3*C (37*F) they both No_wonder_peris_all_wet jumped in with no hesitation. I would prefer they got wet at the start of the walk and then dried off a bit, they would prefer to cool off at the end and put water everywhere in the back of the car.

There is water everywhere at the dam, for the first time since The Twelfth Of Never, and that's a long long time, the dam is overflowing. At last, the drought might be thinking of being over.Damn_that_water

Everyone was so kind and complimentary about my new vest!! Thank you!! I've added an 'About" page with a contact if anyone want to use it!! I don't know how to configure The Typepad so I can email people who comment, so I've done the next best thing: you can email me!!

Back next time with 2 new recipes: Easy Caramel slice with no cooking!! And Fruit Salad Muffins: officially declared Yummy by Cleo's Lovely House Sitter!!!



I once told Emily that she sounded like a broken record, and she asked me "What's a record?"

amanda j

Hey, it's ok! I still tape things too! So do my kids. I also still shop at Fitzgeralds.

I have voted, although I found it difficult! I like them all. The water is a very, very good thing isn't it? But gee willickers it's cold today!


I have voted! It's so difficult to make decisions - I am still thinking of which lace shawl to knit???


i still say 'tape' too. :-( I had never thought of it being something that would date me!

I have a lot of records. I remember them fondly, even if I never play them. Hello 80s! I think I would cringe if I played them now.

rosie-maree dean

Ooooh I had a vote, and isn't that poll thingy clever?
John Dever is still my favourite singer, (everyone thinks I'm a dag); yes I like The Beatles too - I was 8 years old when they came out to Oz.
Another 5kg to lose? Surely the girls may fade away to a shadow! Glad to hear that you are feeling much better. Cheers for now.


Bendigo yarn seems to take it's time getting to me too. I still love it when it does decide to arrive.


All this new fanglesd stuff be blowed - I still actually tape from TV. I'm sure the VCR will die soon and 21st Century technology will need to be faced, though.

I voted.


I voted for the tunic top!


I wonder if Bendigo are being inundated with orders via their web site, and falling a little behind?

My 18-year-old son has recently started buying records (bands like Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age). We have no record player. LOL!

My puppy has sore knees and hips too, hard when there's no much you can do :/

And I love both your patterns - all the tops look good to me (but I have voted ;)


I still love Beatles music.

(I was around in the days of McKinlays and Cox Brothers)

I voted too. That is a great idea!

P.s. I absolutely love your green vest.

metal and knit

oohh Beatles they were the beginings of all. I even still use my old 33's and 45's cant replace that sound they have though.I even tape onto cd so I say and use a video player or go to the video store.


I voted for the "Green Tunic Top" to help you in your dilemma. I thought that going into winter, you'd need something with a little coverage.
I've got the pattern set on the left. I've cut out the pattern pieces, but not go around to doing the actual sewing!


Chief is due for his yearly check up too. Putting a new battery in my car and having to take a class for work put the kibosh on taking him as of this week. I remember playing the Beatles singles on our 45 record player. Yeesh I'm old!


ooh...all the busy hands knitting at the coven!! how fun!! i missed our CityNits yesterday :( hopefully i can make it to the next one.

as for the tops, i love the woven fabric tunic top!!! it's so pretty with the bell sleeves!! ^_^


I had to smile - I was reading "Possum in the House" to my kids yesterday, and Miss 4 asked what the picture of the record album was before we even got to the word :>
The rain has been so welcome! I left washing on the line for two days in the hopes of conning it into continuing - if only I had some pot-plants to bring inside too!
As for which shirt, I'd say which one will be the nicest with your current fave jumpers/vest??
Happy making!!


!!! The comment verification code just then was 2damp2 !! Very apt!

Shazmina Bendi

I was obsessed with the Beatles (musically) in year 12, but it was 20 years too late (and also 20 years ago this year, eeekkk!!). And I totally see the attraction with the 40's, I love the 40's & 50's, the music the clothes and the shoes!!
ps I vote for 4022 C!! :)


I, too, am a Beatles fan, thanks to my parents record/tape collection when I was young. I also have a background of country music(!) thanks to them.... My kids have a record player we picked up at a garage sale-it's a novelty for them. I am impressed with your poll-I have voted for you. It is very squooshy underfoot here from all the rain. Did you hear that Torchwood is coming to Channel 10? I haven't heard what it is like, but might have to try it out whilst waiting for the return of Dr Who.

She Who Smells Yarn

Have been..have voted...

Still say taping too!...

Rain is gooooooooood.....m'kay...

Admit it..the knitting coven is imaginary..and those hands are a bunch of strangers you held hostage just to get the piccie! We do not exist!! Like Amanda doesnt! lol



We're seargeant peppers lonely heartclub band aaaaaaaaah The Beatles. I am a huge fan even though I would have been about 8 months old when this record was released! My mum was a big Beatles fan and taught me well ;)

Oooh my hands look feminine like in that pic which is very unusual!


4 degrees is very chilly, dogs never seem to mind the temperature much though, they'd swim if there were icebergs I'm sure!

Rebecca Sacco

I am really enjoying your blog and am keen to try the "Block of Chocolate" socks soon. Thanks for popping by mine so I could find you!


oooh Caramel slice! I'm looking forward t it! Cuddle to the doggers, lovely to see all that water abounding! =)


I will do a vote in a minute for your top. I am VERY impressed with your ability to Widget!!!! Your comment on "The Alcove of Craft" cracked me up, you always manage to make me laugh!! Caramel slice sounds like it's to die for?? Fruit Salad Muffins - are they a tad tooooo healthy????


i voted for the second one, lovely pattern.

please do keep me in the loop over ur health ;)

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