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Just a Friend-ful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down!!!

Unhealthy, Unweathly and Wise???

I was sitting this morning looking at the two grey coloured gelatinous capsules in my hand, knowing I The_last_meal had to take them, and not wanting to. There is something about deliberately taking a medication that you know will make you feel boogelly that feels so weird. Anyhow, the condemned woman ate a 'hearty meal' the night before. I can't always tolerate food so well on thAndthe_winner_ise boogelly drug, so I treated myself to a little feast of food that is not my normal fare: frozen meal lasagne, as I was too tired to cook or even defrost, sour bears, cheese snacks and raspberry icecream!!! From now on it's all about the good food, best nutrition and no grapefruit or sunlight.

OMGCB I want to say 'The Bloggers have Voted' or 'You are the weakest PThe_tribe_has_spokenattern. Goodbye!!" The green tunic top won by a mile, so to speak. It gained almost 50% of the vote, so Green Tunic Top View C it is. I think it will have the little ties from View B as I need to define my shape, rather than have a too wafty top whereupon I appear to be an amorphous lump!! I loved having a poll. How exciting was that?  Just goes to show how sad my life is!! Thank you for your votes, your thoughtful comments and your kindness in taking the decision out of my hands!!! I shall make a toile and then I might whip up another if the fit is right. I plan to use the material draped fetchingly around The BareNakedLady(Enhanced Version 2.0). It has a little bit of stretch, I think it is a stretch poplin, so that Lets_call_this_sock_britney should be somewhat forgiving!!!

I have knitted a sock I hate. I have named the sock Britney as it has obviously had some kind of breakdown. It needs to be put away where no-one can see it. It Secret_crochet_businesswill never grace a foot. It will never be a present. I think it can be a Labrador toy. The crocheting has been going well. As it is a secret, this is all I can show you!! The Professor Plum socks are complete, but I think it's only fair MrsDrWho gets to see them first, so I am UpsideDoPeek_a_cool_peri_2wn Baudelaire-ing along past the gusset on the second sock with just 36 rows and the toe to go!!!

Today The Labradors had a special treat: a walk with Wee Jock, his mum and Auntie StarskyandHutch!! How happy they were, although it has been icy and frosty in the morning,: Peekaboo Peri!! The days are crisp and sunnyGuess_where_theyve_been. Of course The Labradors found the only puddles around the whole reserve and got suitable muddy!!! We all tramped through the bush for about 30 minutes and then there was lunch at Auntie WeeJock's house, but the grubby Labradors had to be dropped off at home.

Five years ago, almost to the day, I was taking the same boogelly drugs and they made my fingers swell and so I took off my ring and put it away. Would you believe that a few weeks ago I tipped out a bowl of jewellery bits and bobs and there was the ring?? I put it straight back on, not knowing that I would probably be taking it off again soon!! It is my maternal grandmother's engagement ring and fits my right ring finger perfectly!! She was called Tiger Nan as she and Pop had 2 black Labradors called Tiger and Tara. I think they also had a few other dogs Bells_on_their_toeswith names that would be considered inappropriate now, but were commonplace then. Labradors run in my family!!!

Oh look, no clicky links in this post...very strange. Back next time with my UpsideDown Baudelaires: Greenery Snicket, the apron swap, and my attempt at sorting out some of my craft resources after being inspired by a few organised bloggers......Oh and it's Knit In Public Day on Saturday: May the Knitting Force Be With You!!

And now for the recipes. The first is my own version of caramel slice, except you don't need to bake it. I don't have a picture as everyone eats it before I have remembered. The second recipe is  Fruit Salad Muffins and it is as easy as pie to make.

No Bake Chocolate Caramel Slice

  • 200g pulverised sweet biscuits: I like oaty biscuits or gingernuts. Choose your favourite.
  • 100g melted butter
  • 1 395g tin of condensed milk
  • 40g butter
  • 40ml of golden syrup
  • 150g chocolate, melted

You will need a large glass microwave-safe bowl and a smallish square or rectangular cake tin. I used a 15 cm square tin lined with baking paper: this means a high caramel to base ratio!! Mix the melted butter and biscuits and press into the tin, especially the corners, even out smoothly and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

To make the caramel, place the condensed milk, butter and golden syrup in the bowl and microwave in 1 minute bursts, stirring well each time. WARNING: This will be very hot so please be careful. It takes between 6 and 10 minutes until the caramel is, well, a caramel colour, and then give it a really good stir so it all comes together. Pour over the base and refrigerate till set. Then smooth over the chocolate topping and keep in the refrigerator. Cut with a long sharp knife dipped in hot water. You really only do need a small piece as it is very rich!!

Fruit Salad Muffins (Makes 12-18)

  • 150g butter
  • 150g caster or raw sugar
  • 125ml liquid: half juice and half milk Fruit_salad_muffins
  • 2 eggs
  • 300g self raising flour
  • 1 400g tin fruit salad in natural juice

Drain the tin of fruit and see if you can catch 60ml of juice. Add enough milk to make the total up to 125ml. Preheat the oven to 200*C and line a 12 hole muffin tin with muffin papers.

Melt the butter, add the sugar, milk/juice and eggs. Stir well and then add the fruit. Finally add the sifted flour and mix sparingly. Muffins should look unfinished and a little rough in the bowl. Spoon into the paper cases and bake for 15-20 minutes. These are un-iced but a little lemon or passionfruit icing would be nice. They freeze well too!!



I'm so hungry now!!! I'll buy the ingredients and try those recipes soon.
I hope the Labradors cuddle with you and make you feel better while the pills are working.
I'm looking forward to seeing the sewing!


So sorry you had to take boogely drugs but raspberry icecream is a nice treat.

You have a Westie in your extended pack! My wee Westies just looked at me strangely when I squealed and tried to show them the picture.


Apron swap???? Is this going to be another dish cloth episode?????
Show the socks...I can see them on your blog and then again in real life...go on.
Dog in car photo is toooooo cute.


I don't think the sock is ugly or anything. Looks like a very comfy warm sock for winter! The fruit salad muffins are a GREAT idea! Will make them soon. Thanks for the recipe. I like your doggie pictures especially since the landscape is so very different. I can believe the dogs must have been caked with this mud! I've got my grandma's engagement ring too, but it's not fancy as yours, it's only silver, but I liked it so much, that I wanted my wedding ring be exactly like it, only in gold. Got my wish! ;o)


Heres hoping the drugs don't make you feel too boogely.

The Britney sock.
It looks all warm and cosy to me so I'm not really sure why you don't like it..... but imagining a bleached blonde,intoxicated sock makes me giggle.


Sorry about the drugs making you worse.
I'm glad you made the right choice with the top!
That sock does look a little hairy - is that part of the problem?
And that picture of Peri - so funny! Is she a stick-the-tongue-out-in-the-fast-lane kinda gal?

amanda j

Gee whiz Cindy, be careful giving the doggies the Britney sock. They might begin to think any sock is fair game and then imagine the tears!

I have my Grandma's engagement ring too!

Hope you don't feel tooo bad.


Hope you're feeling better today. At least you still have a great sense of humour - the Britney sock cracked me up! x


The Britney sock looks alright to me - in fact, I like the color combination. The recipes look yummy. Take care!


I am sorry to hear about the drugs and I do hope they don't affect you as badly this time.

Weis raspberry icecream, delicious!

I am going to make the caramel slice for the tribe as they are eating me out of house and home over the holidays.


I think that sock is rather cute! Hope the drugs start helping you quickly.


LOL! Maybe the Britney sock could be a Christmas stocking for someone if you some Christmassy decorations?

Yucky drugs are the pits, totally know where you're coming from... hope they're helping overall, and the side effects are bearable.

Love the fabric for the green top! Very grooo-vayh (Austin Powers accent).

Wish I could make those recipes, but with a diabetic daughter, I really shouldn't (unless she's away, hmmmmm... plot plot plot....)


Looking forward to seeing the next sewn installment!
How excited are you to see both Dr Who AND Torchwood ads????
I feel a chocky-themed baking episode coming on - we shall munch in parallel with your muffins :)


I hope you're feeling better. Harki and Peri will take good care of you.


Perhaps you could send the Britney sock to rehab?

The fruit salad muffins look like they are simple enough that even I could bake them, and that's reallllllllly simple!

She Who Smells Yarn

I hope the drugs dont make you feel too off hun..

ooooooh those recipes look yum..might have to make them...wonder how well the girls would like the muffins?

cant wait to see the top all sewn up!

Muaahaaahaa..does the Britney sock forget to wear undies while going out to party?



Well of course you don't like the Britney sock... it doesn't look at all green!

I'm sorry you feel yuk with your meds. Just know that your blogging friends are here for you.


Oh I love the Britney sock!! It's a lovely colour and the Caramel Slice is definately going to be made very soon in this house! If I was to try a very first ever pair of socks (maybe even one sock on it's lonesome)what would be a good pattern to try - remembering I have only really made scarves?????? Maybe I could make a scarf and sew it into a tube??? Would that work!!!????? sad I know


ps sorry to hear about feeling yuk on the meds...I really can sympathise with you


Oh that Caramel dish sounds wonderful! I'm going to have give that a try.

I hope that the meds aren't too terrible for you and that Harki and Peri are taking good care of you.


Poor you knowing that you're going to feel awful and having to take the pills anyway. What a bitch. :-(

Britney socks! Incredibly funny. Totally awesome name. What you need to do is cut a gash in it and take a photo of it in the back of a car hehe.

Hope you're not feeling too awful.



Hi Cindy, as always thinking of you and hoping that those grey numbers don't wreak havoc on your system. I've been keeping up with you in bloglines, because these windows where I can actually view your site and comment are few and far between, the blog gods must be happy, because I'm allowed to do both.
I have been looking for the perfect caramel slice for a while now, and this is it, I can feel it!
Looking forward to seeing your sewing, more knitting and more of the four paws!
Take care :)


Wisdom is a wealth of knowledge - so you do have two out of the three and in the immortal words of Meatloaf - "Two out of three ain't bad!" UKTV had had the new Dr Whos all long weekend. I've been watching and thinking of you & your Dr Who ZUC! :-) Shaz

metal and knit

Hope your not feeling too boogily and the girls have been good to you. I wish I was better at sewing but then again taking time away from my orders will be hard.


2Paw ... do hope you are feeling better today.

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