Tour de France KAL: La Lecon Finale
Welcome Back, Potter!!!

I'm Gonna Wash Those Dogs Right Outta My Hair....

The Labradors, according to my mother, have 'Dog Germs' and ergo my entire house is infected with squirmy evil dog bacteria. Consequently when my mum and aunt come to visit, as they have this week, they don't stay with me but in a dog germ free environment. My mother did deign to pat them, but Mr Monk-like, she whipped out her Wet Ones and wiped those devilish germs right off!! We rode in her new car, played Scrabble (I won!!) ate out a lot and generally did unexciting and quite mundane things, but my mum is happy to see me and I her!!! I sewed her Five Furry cushions. They were originally going to be two small and one large cushion stuffed with filling. They transformed into five cushions, with 5_furry_cushions_piped piping, a zip in the back and all made from fake fur. (I should not complain, as they are green, but the tiny fibres get up my nose literally, and the carpet is covered in a bazillion green furry bits) They 'wended' their weary way to the other end of the island this afternoon. We are all recovering. I am off to bed very soon!!!

I have thus ended my rest days from the Tour de France and I am about to hop on the bicycle again, avoiding all Labradors, and I aim to complete the three pairs of socks languishing still:

  1. Greenery Snicket - the upside down Baudelaires,
  2. The Turing socks which only need a Toe and
  3. The Sinatra socks which need about 20 more rows and a toe.

First_xmas_sighting_of_2007 So from tomorrow, I'm back in the race!!!!

I have spotted the First Sign of Christmas for 2007: material at The Black Spot of Doomlight (TM) Can you believe it??? Only 5 months till Christmas.

I bought a dress. It has a dark blue background and then dark green leaveGiant_winter_ices. It was $9-95 instead of $60. I wore it for an hour last night a la Trinny, with my jeans still on!!!

The weather has been very cold, -2*C overnight and the puddles on our walk were well and truly frozen. The puddle in the picture is about a metre across and the ice is quite thick. The Labradors love to run on the icy grass. They love the feel Ice_ice_peri_and_harki_baby of the blades crunching under their paddypaws and the also love the chilling cold water of the creek.

MrsDrWho, Wee Jock's mum and I have been along to see Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix. It was fantastic. We judge films by how often we feel the need to look at our watches or wonder when the film will be over: no looking or wondering!! It is not a film for children and it is dark and angsty but that's not to say it isn't funny or clever. It is!! At over 2 hours that's a wondrous feat!!! The last Harry Potter book is out tomorrow. I reckon Harry goes to the Hallows,they are deadly and he dies!!!! (Not really!!)

That's it, apart from the 497 Bloglines posts I have to read. Honestly, I don't turn on my computer, more or less, for 3 days and look what happens. Actually I have no idea what happens, so please be patient with me!! Everyone has been extraspecially kind with their compliments about Haute Tricot and I thank you very much!! I will ask MrsDrWho to take a picture this weekend.

Next time I hope to have some socks completed and maybe some sewing too!!!! I expect there will be a recipe for something French as well.....



Glad you had a nice time with your Mum.
Cute cushions!
Some people are just not dog people no matter how hard they try (me included). When I visited Dear Son I tried to make friends with his dog under his supervision and he couldn't believe how much that dog hated me. It never snaps at anyone and would gladly have taken my hand off at the wrist. Luckily Dear Son was holding him. Dogs know when we are pretending to be brave or pretending to like them, so I have given up.


Sue we had a dog (Bruce) when I was little and we all loved her, my mum included, but that was 25 years ago and my mum likes The Labradors, but not their dog hair and wet noses. I think dogs, and cats, definitely know if you are frightened or a bit wavery : they have animal sixth sense!!! It has tajen me this long to be a 'cat' person, knowing Cleo!!!

metal and knit

Well lucky your mum didnt visit me Boss runs the place.

Christmas alright the Warehouse near me has all christmas stuff like decorations ect for Christmas in July. CRazy.

I must get 2 pairs of socks partnered when my orders settle down a but more.


can't wait to see what your kitchen is going to whip up! the comment about your mom and the dog germs cracks me up! personally, the more doggie germs aound me the better!


My two dogs definitely sense when someone is not into them and try all the harder to get close to lean on them and sneeze a lot ;-) That's a neat picture of your frosty world. I'd love to walk into that picture for a few minutes to escape the humidity/heat we are having here!


Very snazzy cushions, even if they did get up your nose!
I have to wait until the library get the new HP book in before I discover just how deathly the hallows are!
And shush about the C-word, please. I have my dad's cable jacket to do for then. Eeep!


Cannot understand the whole issue of dogs and germs, but a friend of mine has it as well. She cringes when I cuddle the dogs and can barely let her boys touch them.

Five furry cushions sounds like a Sesame Street lyric, like "ten tiny kittens on the telephone, talking with the grocery men" - the pop culture that is in my head and yet I can't remember my phone number!

But green is good.

Vive la tour socks.:)


I'm glad you had a great time with your Mum. I'm looking forward to seeing some finished socks:)

amanda j

I used to tell my mum I would fill the house with cats so she wouldn't visit. What a horrid child I was!

Good luck with the socks!


Mums will always be Mums - when mine vists, she is constantly sweeping up leaves in my backyard & patio - drives me crazy!


I'm sure my mum feels the same way when we comes to my house, she doesn't believe in inside dogs!
I think you earned both the green & yellow jerseys with your great jumper.


And there I was wondering the oter day, because Michael's (craft store) was decorated with Fall stuff already. But Christmas? Please don't remind me! ;o)


The sweater looks great! I'm glad the errant stitch didn't you give much trouble.

If your house is filled with dog germs, I can't imagine how many cat germs are covering the surfaces of my home. :)


You ve had a lovely weekend! Your Mum wouldnt want to come here,I spend time chasing our Bunny with a dust pan even though hes litter tray trained he still manages to leave a trail behind him!
What cold weather you re having! We have hardly used any wood this winter! just as well as wood is getting hard to find,good wood that is!


It looks cold there!
As for dogs being germy....phoooooey!! I work in a hospital so I can verify that people are FAR germier than dogs and the germs are quite deadly at times.
LOVE the cushions....very psychedelic.


While I discourage tongues on faces, what could be more snuggly than a cuddle with your favourite furry friend??
And I hope that we will see a modelled shot of Haut Tricot at the finish line!


Thanks for your good wishes.

Boogelly is a very good word for my week. My mum thinks the same about my animals too, as long we are happy that's what counts.


HI I really thought that the beaudalaire socks would be very long in pattern repeats but They are very simple! Ive used the heel pattern to make other toe sock with a heel flap though! Ive started another pattern last night with some rather heavy handspun to make these slippers that have real wool skin for the soles,they are a little small for what I had in mind but Ive worked out to make them a wee bit bigger so stay tuned for photos! PS I bought a lambs skin off ebay that was a 2nds skin sold as adoggy bed and its so soft but I have to shear it a bit to get these soles,LOL My Tilly would love to claim it so Im going to buy another for her for Xmas!


my parents complains abt the dog germs too as they dont live with indoor doggies :)

anyway, i didnt realise that where you live is so cold!!!!!!


Good luck surviving all those evil doggy germs, LOL! I'm scared about the Christmas fabric - noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

I'm catching up on Blogs too - way behind with everyone, but let's face it, it's supposed to be fun and not a chore :)


"dog germs"...*rolls eyes* I guess i love dogs and cats and i just don't understand why everybody else doesn't also love them.

I have not seen the new Harry Potter movie. I saw the first three movies. And right now i'm reading the 4th book in the series and then i'll watch the 4th movie. I want to read the book before watching the movie, so i'll probably catch the new movie when it comes out on dvd.

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