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Tour de France KAL - Lecon 1: Un Metier Interessant

Sunny and Chair: I Got You Babe!!

Haute_tricot_and_the_tour_de_fran_2 Yes, it is sunny and I have been sitting in the chair all yesterday and today knitting away at my Tour de France project: Haute Tricot!! I have just about knitted a 200g ball, so at this rate I could finish in 8 days!! (NB I am living in a little dream world) I have ventured into the world of Top Downedness and I am going reasonably well I think. I am using stitch markers and I have managed not to make them knitted in embellishments!!! I even did a tension square, where upon I had far too many stitches and rows, but I was not deterred, I washed and dried it and then I only had 1 extra stitch but still 3 extra rows, so I used the needles recommended (5.5mm, so big...) and I did maths to convert my row gauge to fit the pattern. Such mathematical fun!!! So, we will see how I go with my Green Jumper, sprinting to the finish line: Sacre Verte!!! I am going to try to post more regularly as I cycle to Victory!!!

I was much comforted by comments that my non-matching Sinatra socks' stripes, from my last post, will be OK. I am reassured but still, I wonder how I will wear them. I practised on Saturday by wearing odd socks!!! OK, my next to last post because I tried to make a 'page' that would just be in the ether somewhere that I could save as a file and then upload to my Eating Typelist, but as you cDown_the_front_socksan see, I failed. I have made a new Typelist on the left hand side that has made me very amused for the last few days : Apples of My Isle!!! Yes, these are Bloggers who live on our very own little island: Hi everyone!!!! If I have missed you, LMK. Back to socks nowCarrying_on. I have made a pair called 'Down the Front'. Did you watch House of Eliott?? One of the clients, whom I imagine as Carole from The Brittas Empire, swept her hand down her magnificent frontage and declared it required some "Buttons, down the front..."

Down The Front: The wool used is Buttons from New Zealand, it has excellent meterage and knits up nicely with a spiral pattern happening. It is 8ply and these fit a size 8 man's foot. The pattern is just a K2 P2 rib and I made one whole sock whilst attached to the drip&pump for hours!! Everyone was amazed that I coul10q_10q_10q_very_much_2d knit a sock in a day. These were for Uncle Dutch's birthday.

Carrying On: my second version of Fetching from Knitty. I lengthened it by 10 rows again and cast on 48 stitches. Every 10 rows I did a K2together, Knit the first stitch again, to make a twist. I used more of the Bendigo 8ply in Ming. These Presents_for_mewere for Mrs GardyGardener.

Thank you for my lovely Get Well soon gifts. Here is a photo so you can drool. I know I have. How lucky I am: 10Q 10Q 10Q!!! Here are some more presents from MrsDrWho upon her return from China: my own Terracotta warrior made from the actual clay they used, a jade pendant, a teeny tiny puppy with a rug and a heater, an embroidered stole, biscuit cutters, 4 kinds of green mascara,  a silk tissue box cover, a bracelet and earrings too. Harkis_on_a_mission_fromI have another pair of earrings too I must remember to photograph. Thank you MrsDrWho, her father The TimeLord and her brother, whom I shall dub Harry Sullivan!!!!

Harki and Peri are both well and have been, respectively, running about a lot  and rolling in the unmentionable again!! The weather has been sunny and crisp and theyPeri_has_fun_fun_fun have been able to dip in the creek every time we go for a walk. They are asleep on the couch at the moment, not snoring yet, but soon I think.

I have made another little bag from a snack packet: The Put a Sparkle in your Day bag. I vaguely remember this was their ad campaign at one stage. I only like Cheese Twisties, so that's what the birthday girl received!!Put_a_sparkle_in_your_day_bag She loved it.

Penultimately: Torchwood?? Loved it. Dark, grown up and gritty. And Welsh. I loved all the sideways references to Doctor Who, and the new characters and premise? Lots of potential. The Shakespeare Code, Doctor Who proper this week, was wonderful!!!

Finally, how happy was I? I sang in my mind:

Zing, zing, zing went my heartstings.Zing_zing_zing_went_my_heartstrings

'Not go round' went the wheel,

Woolworths has all green trolleys

Oh I smiled , Oh how happy I feel!!!!



Wow- you have been busy on the knitting front. Love the start of your top down jumper - is the pattern orginally top-down & from which mag or book is the pattern from - really looks good. The socks & fetchings are nice too - also thinking of knitting my 2nd fetching & may copy your idea of the "twist"! It looks great!


Lovely green jumper - has it a name - and am I showing my ignorance - I haven't met Fetching yet?
Hope to make it to your apples list soon
Get well soon


Your TdF sweater is already looking great! Where is the pattern from? Give H&P some pats from me!


Go Team Vert.

amanda j

You will be so proud of me. I watched the good Doctor last week and really loved it. I have booked a trip to the moon. Saturday's bard ep is ready to go for after dancing tomorrow!



You "sound" perkier, so I'm assuming the big drip is working.
Those socks look very comfortable and I like your version of Fetching (the lazy persons cable is my favourite!)
How much did you love their version of Shakespeare? The actor's from 'round my way and apparently they modelled the character on Robbie Williams!


Ohhh Ahhhh green mascara!
Your fetching is well....quite fetching! I love my half gloves, they are perfect when it's cold but not too cold.
They are playing Dr. Who on the Sci Fi channel over here now, I'll have to check it out and see what the buzz is about.
Hug those smelly labs for me ;-)


I read many of your post but 1st time commenting.
The V neck's looking good and so do all the other items.
I wanna know how come everyone gets so much knitting and blogging done and I don't seem to be able to.
My dog rolls in the unmentionable all the time too!!! Ugh!!!


Hi 2paw!! So many fabbo things in your post and pics today that I keep losing my place and knitting instead of slipping (trying to multitask on TdF knitting and blogging - 50% success rate so far!)
Great to read that you are feeling better, and quite quite jealous of some of your lovely goodies! I taped DrWho (we were out), and Torchwood, so will be watching later this week, knitting frantically all the way!


that's a lovely green jumper. i'm so glad to hear that you're feeling much better now. love your version of fetching too!!! i still havent make one for myself!!


Ahh, the colour of the heart. I too, crave the green!


Love ALL your knitting! And those treats from China are so much fun - no wonder you're feeling a bit better ;)

I'm a House of Eliott fan from way back - although when I borrowed it from the video store recently was shocked at how slow the episodes feel... TV shows are much more 'punchy' nowadays!

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