Tour de France KAL - Lecon 1: Un Metier Interessant
Tour de France KAL - Lecon 3: Le Gouter

Tour de France KAL - Lecon 2: Dans L'autobus

Lesson 2: On the Bus.

Well, could there be a chapter more redolent with knitting themes?? People are on the bus, where knitters knit all the time. They are wearing 'des vetements chaud' - cold weather clothes which would of course be knitted!!! And to top it all off, Jack Ravel, the well known knitting aficionado of my French text, is wearing a woollen scarf: 'une escharpe de laine'!!! Quelle coincidencique!!!! There I have also accidentally shown you my patented way of making any Australian words French: add 'ique' to the end. 'Fantastique!!!' 'Terrifique!!"" See how it works very well!! I am still amazed that there are knitting clues in my French book: cryptique, non???

I should also admit that I am participating in the TdF KAL: drug assisted!! Yes, I am taking 2 kinds of drugs, so I am not sure if I shall be disqualified or not. I will be having a blood test in 2 1/2 weeks, I have the form already and my Doctor knows, so I think I'm covered!!

PS The French Lesson also mentions the word 'meme' quite a lot, 5 times on one page. Surely the publisher had a glimpse of the future where memes, blogging and knitting would meet up and coalesce!!!

The_barenakedlady_gets_her_own_back In today's update, The BareNakedLady is modelling Haute Tricot. As you can see, I have finished the second of the 200g balls of Bendigo Rustic, Green Tweed. I am keeping to my schedule of a ball knitted up every 2 days. I think I am obsessed. I sit and knit and urge myself to 'knit faster' as if there will be an apocalyptique catastrophique if I don't!!!!! Must. Knit. Must. Knit.



what?? 2 days to finish a 200g ball?? oh boy!! you must be a knitting machine!!!!!


*chants in time with you*


Go babeeeeee, go!

Romelda mckee

so funny! years ag an aunt went to Cuba with her spouse who was attached to the embassy (when we had one) She did not speak spanish so she said she just added an -o or an -a to everything and never had a problem. I have had a good laugh today remembering, thanks!

amanda j

Magnifique! Fantastique! Lovely lovely knitting. Your fingers must be flying.


Wow, now that's high speed knitting! And amanda j, you beat me to the ique's!!


Wow you knit fast. I am feeling very very lazy over here.


oh my goodness, you'd better slow down or you'll have nothing left to knit!


You are knitting fast & I am sure that at the rate you are going, you will win the race! Hooray!




Tu est une Tricoteuse Merveilleuse!!

I am very very envious (ie quite jade-green) of your lovely lovely cozy v-neck - I am waiting for a solution to my button issues before I can finish my cardi....


that tweed is fantastique!!!

200g in two days? You're amazing!!!


You must.
You must.
You must increase your knit!


Way to go! Once again, I'm in awe of how fast you knit! That is a fabulous looking top!


My goodness, Woman! You have so much knitting projects done in such a short amount of time. I'm starting to wonder if you ever sleep!


WOW Cindy that amount of knitting is sooo impressive!!! I sure do hope you pass the drug testing!!!! :) that novelty yarn I am using is Moda Vera 'Chelsea'!I didn't see it in green though but there wasn't much there - maybe it does!


I can see it!! Sorry I haven't replied to your email - my brother is in hospital. :(

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