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Tour de France KAL - Lecon 4: Un Accident d'automobile

Tour de France KAL - Lecon 3: Le Gouter

Lesson 3: Afternoon Tea

And what could be nicer than that?? A lovely cup of tea, an orange and fruit bread with jam is de rigueur according to Jack Ravel's wife, and their two children Nicole and Robert. They are slightly ungrateful brats, turning their noses up at a cup of tea because: 'Je suis Francaise, moi!!'  Well, right back at you, Ravel children: 'Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries', I much prefer a cup of tea as I can't have coffee. This is a tea-ist text indeed!!!

The only saving grace is that Robert 'espere devenir un jour un bon cycliste, va fair une promenade a bicyclette dans un grand parc', so off he goes, hoping to be a good cyclist one day, for a ride in the park. Perhaps he is doing laps and wearing a Green Jersey?? You think??

Sleeveless_in_seattle Yesterday we had a rest day and knitted not one stitch. We cooked ( pasties and golden syrup dumplings for MrsDrWho) and slept. Today The Labradors and I went for an icy walk, they had an icy dip and then I knitted. The body of Haute Tricot is complete. All done. Done and dusted. A fait accompli so to speak!! I have started The Left Sleeve and I am just about up to the ribbing. I had to do maths calculations to make sure that I knitted the stocking stitch to the correct length as I knit too many rows to 10cm (23 instead of 20). I have knitted 84g of wool, so I have another 16g to knit tonight to make 1/2 a ball. I think I might manage that and more, n'est ce pas?????



Yay! First!!
I'm with you on tea - coffee disagrees with me, and there must be some form of caffeine, n'est-ce pas?
Golden syrup dumplings sound lovely, especially in this snuggle-up weather :)

amanda j

Oui will need to get used to these more regular posts! Your top looks fabulique.


I love the top! I can't wait to see how it turns out. I wish that I could drink regular tea, but although I can drink coffee by the gallons, I can't drink regular tea. Go figure.


Look at this progress! Your sweater is lovely.


Hurrah for rest days! Have you been following Le Tour for real? A Brit or two was doing quite well. Including one from the Isle of Man (being an island person yourself, I thought you might appreciate this!).


The top is looking fabulous! I adore that colour.


Such a prolific knitter! Seems like you just started on this project.
I'm a tea drinker also.
Loose tea in my "Brown Betty" tea pot every AM.


I like coffee and tea although I've been on a coffee binge for awhile now ;-) I'm enjoying the adventures of Ravel and family! I'm really hoping to knit a version of the top for myself, it looks wonderful!


Great progress! Go 2paw!!!

I'm a tea only girl too :)

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