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Tour de France KAL: La Lecon Finale

Tour de France KAL - Lecon 4: Un Accident d'automobile

Lesson 4: A Car Accident

Home_straight_damn_straight In the illustration for this chapter there is a motorbike and a policeman: things you see quite often in the Tour de France. The Haute Tricot jumper has had 'un accident' itself. Just as I had finished all the knitting, I saw an errant purl stitch: sirens sounded, triple '0's were rung, mad excursions on motor bikes were thought about, and arms waved wildly about as if an officer of the law was directing ill-placed stitches. I marked the stitch, which is of course right in the front, with some 'Ming' coloured wool. I am going to unRavel the cast off, drop the stitch down, change the Purl to a Knit and then pick the stitch up again and cast off once more. Then, just the sleeves to be sewn up and the neckband to knit and the Jumper: She is finished!!! Lundi is the day then!!!



Hey Cindy,

Need some advice...I've been contacted by a shop in Launceston called Homebody about stocking my cushions. Any chance you know of the shop. I would love to hear what you think of it. Can you see my cushions there??


rosie-maree dean

click clack click clack (not Cleckheton) ..... you're so clever Cin!


Man you are a speedy knitter - I am not worthy.

At this stage a successful finish for me is NOT guaranteed....only a 1/4 of the way through...with the big mountains ahead...


Are your needles hot from all that speed-knitting? Good catch on the errant stitch, too. That would have really bugged me if I'd found it two months down the line!


*faint* you're super duper fast. you knit as fast as the speed of light!!! you're my idol now!!! ^_^


I knew you will finish the race & ahead of time - the jumper looks great!


oooohhhhhh it's lovely! Hope the emergency surgery to repair the broekn rib went well!

Have just noticed I'm not on your 'Apples of mt Isle' list - sob sob

amanda j

Oh Cindy, you should embrace the Japanese notion of wabi sabi whereby they DELIBERATELY make a mistake, because nothing should be perfect.


I'm catching up on my bloglines and I am in suspense of the mistakenly purled knit stitch. Does it all work out? I'll keep reading to find out. ;)

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