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Tour de France KAL: La Lecon Finale

The Final Lesson: In which Haute Tricot is complete!!

Haute_tricot_fin Haute Tricot: from Fitted Knits. Knitted on 5.5 and 4.5mm needles, top down raglan jumper using 4 200g balls of Bendigo Rustic in Green Tweed. Started Sunday, 8th of July and completed Monday 16th of July.

This was my first top down raglan and I would happily knit one again. I love the colour and it is very warm. I modified the neckline to make it deeper and did fewer rows for the neckband than the pattern suggested. I am jolly glad I have finished this jumper as now I have to make 5 cushions with  zippered openings and piping by Thursday morning!! I shall have to get the pedal powered sewing machine out!!!!

I expect there might be a better photo of me actually wearing Haute Tricot, but after the 27 terrible pictures I took using the Self Timer on my camera, I bow down to MrsDrWho's expertise and hope she might take another portrait of me soon!!!

So it is with heavy heart I say a fond farewell to Jack Ravel, his woollen scarf and his wife with no name,to their anti-tea, coffee addicted children Robert and Nicole, and to Robert's ambitions of being a great cyclist one day himself. 

Au Revoir mes amis et bonne chance!!!



It is absolutely gorgeous! Well done!


Love it! It looks so snuggly warm. Rustic is fast becoming my favourite yarn!

amanda j

Oh, I am jealous again. I SO want to knit a top down raglan. SERIOUSLY.


Congratulations. I love the color!


Tres bien, ma cherie! C'est belle pull de vert!
And I'm out of usable French!
Unless I can order a coffee from you?


Bravo! Well done! You really cruised right along through there and earned that green jersey. And I am looking forward to seeing a modeled shot taken by MrsDrWho.


Wow, you certainly knit Haute Tricot up fast! I love the shape and the colour. You must post a modeled shot!


Mais qu'est-ce que c'est??? C'est fini????
I leave you alone for two days, and look what happens!! Poor Jean-Pierre is still awaiting end-weaving and ribbing bits, and there is Haute Tricot, sprinting to the finish line!!! Bravo!


Very nice. I really like both the color and the style.


Wow - well done - look forward to the portrait -9 days - I am imppressed!


Wow! you just can't beat top down knitting for speed and fit...I love it :-)
Looking forward to seeing the modeled shot


Great job - the jumper looks great! This is the type of knitting that I love - fast & no seaming.


Ahh oui, c'est tres bonne! Gorgeous! And what do you think of the yarn? It looks lovely - might have to indulge a little for a future project at some point perhaps.. =D Ride on!!


that is soooo impressive Cindy!!! you are a legend!!!! that was so quick! :O


Lovely to see you with yummy cake additive on Thursday. Honey well, lovely weekend with her.

Rose Red

Wow - that is one quick knit! Looks great and love the colour.


Oh, it's looking good! Looking forward to see you in it! ;o)


Can't wait to see you modeling! Looks lovely and you finished so quickly!


Wow, speed knitting winner I would say. It looks so warm and snuggly.


GO Champ! Beautiful...and knitted in one of my favorite colours!
hope we get to see you in it.


Wow, so amazingly fast! Top down raglan is SO nice - I've done a cardigan that way... Looking forward to pics of your jumper being worn!


Hurrah! It looks fantastique. The rustic is a fabulous yarn - loving the green.


I do take a mean-ique photo...I am a regular Lord Litchfield ( not Lord Lucan as previously discussed) It is soooooooo important to get the right Lord dont you think?
Ferme La bush? Le chat? ma tant? petite chien? le reynard?
tres exhaustive


Oh this looks just fabulous. You are so far ahead of me with this book... I've not knitted one item...yet!

I'm already thinking "spring knits" and not as yet completed Revere Jacket for poor husband.

I'm stuck on sleeve island ... send help!

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