Sunny and Chair: I Got You Babe!!
Tour de France KAL - Lecon 2: Dans L'autobus

Tour de France KAL - Lecon 1: Un Metier Interessant

Lesson 1: An interesting job.

There are 20 Lessons in my C class French book, so here's hoping we don't need them all!!! This chapter is all about Jack Ravel and his career as a journalist: 'Ravel', geddit?? Who knew there were knitting clues in my French text??

OK, Gardez les yeux: (mouse over the picture for a warning!!!)


That's me, wearing as much of Haute Tricot as I have knitted, about 1 1/2 of the 200g balls. I was very worried it wouldn't fit, but it does!! MrsDrWho kindly took a photo for me. It is the Cozy V-neck Sweater from Fitted Knits.

Another Tour de France Update as soon as there is some updatedness happening!!!



It looks like a perfect fit! Great Job! Thanks for listing the pattern source :-)


You have a body?! I was beginning to wonder if you had some sort of arrangement with the Bare Naked Lady where you just swapped heads a la Return to Oz.


What gorgeous pressies you got from MrsDrWho lucky you!! I am loving your v-neck so far - and the Tour too it is always a big thing in our house as hubby used to race and the new Dr Who - well what can I say we are loving it more than ever it is fantastic!!!!David Tennant is pretty yummy too!!


Congrats! The sweater looks beautiful so far!


I always panic right until I have sewn it up and tried it on, but yours looks like it will be a perfect fit. You have been busy!
I am afraid my five years of French have long escaped my mind :-)


Crikey, you've set a cracking pace. Go 2paw!


grand aller d'ooooh là. Regarde comme si ce pourrait être une finition de photo ! hee hee


Cool sweater, I like the color. I haven't knit a sweater starting at the top and working down before. I heard something about not having as many seems by making the sweater that way. Good luck on the french. A few years ago my roommate was taking french and she didn't like it..something about how they don't pronounce half of the letters or something like that.

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