I'm Gonna Wash Those Dogs Right Outta My Hair....
And where are the clowns? Quick send in the Hounds. Don't worry, they're here!!!

Welcome Back, Potter!!!

Nooooooooo!! The computer and Typepad ate my post!! Oh no. I hate that.

It went something like this:

"Your dreams were your ticket out..." I picture Harry as the bright and determined in the face of evil Mr Kotter, Hermione as the reliable and sensible Julie and maybe Ron as Arnold Horshack. Mr Woodman?? You-know-who!! Harry Potter VII is done and dusted, thanks MrsDrWho, and I am very satisfied with the ending and the epilogue, though we have been supposing what may have happened in the intervening years!!

Me_in_haute_tricot_3 Knittingly, my bicycle has hit a Labrador or two and so there are no socks to be seen, and no other knitting either. Here is a picture of me wearing the Haute Tricot, I have tried to dress in a similar way to the model in the pattern book. I think the strange Alien lump in the middle of the rib is the button of my jeans, that, or a very strange and unnatural fat deposit. Because the weather has been unseasonally balmy, 15*C the other day, it has been too warm to properly enjoy the cosy delights of The HT. Here I Cozy_vneck_stylin_2 am wishing for cooler weather!!!

Harki has mild FlippyFloppy Ear and is slightly pink all over. She went to the Hospital and Dr Tim gave her an injection and some ear ointment. Peri stayed at home with a bone and sulked and cried. I have had the Lurgy that has been floating about and so I have spent some time in bed. The Labradors spent about 18 hours straight asleep, looking after me. How very Lassie or Skippy of them!!! They missed their Monday walk, but made up for it today. They ran through all the muddy puddles, leaving footprints that will be discovered millions of years from now as fossils, and of course they jumped in the creek.

MrsDrWho has a near cat-astrophe at her house with Naughty But Clever Cleo. My heart was in my mouth several times, but everything should be apples now!!!

Muddy_puppy_feet_2 I had one of those people-are-really-OK moments on my way to the Hospital with Harki this afternoon. The Fire Engine was rushing up the main road and every single car slowed, pulled over or stopped, even though their light was green, to let the 2 engines speed past. I could tell we were all thinking "That could be my family or friends they're off to rescue" and to a person, with  great community spirit, we all gave way. Aussies are like that: when the chips are down we generally come through.

Unless the AFP are copying from your interview transcript to your charge sheet.....

Oh and there has been a little bit of good news healthwise. My numbers are up a tiny bit all by Harkis_on_a_mission_3 themselves, so we are being quietly and secretly a bit happy!! I am also quite possible participating in a new drug trial and so The Labradors will be having a Girls' Own Enid Blyton Adventure at The Dog Park. Dr Tim and The Madcages have both recommended the same place and Dr Tim's Hospital is the Vet they use so I feel quite happy. I reckon they will be better having a GOA together rather than being at home, and pining. Harki has been known to pine and, shock-horror- not eat!! Peri eyeing off her food will be a guaranteed inducement to eat!! I will have to fly on the aeroplane to the mainland. It will be a big Peri_loves_the_puddles_and_the_smel Adventure for me too!!!

OK, that's the best I can do to remember what I wrote. The original was far more polished, displayed rapier-like wit and could possibly have won the Booker Prize for Blogging, if there was one!!!

I have just remembered the missing part: The Delicious Magazine invited me to renew my subscription early and receive a free cook book. When I rang, they had run out of books and that being the last in a medium line of straws I contacted them to un-renew my subscription. I have to say that they read my email, and acted upon it. They found me a copy of the cook book and declared that 3 bonus months would be added to my subscription. I must compliment them on their quick and very appropriate action: they lured back a loyal and previously happy customer. Thank you Delicious Magazine, the recipes are excellent and now I can say the customer service is too!!!



Hooray for numbers up! I hope Harki's ear is less flippyfloppy tomorrow, and that everyone gets to have a wonderful adventure!!


Good to hear that you are better & the HT looks good on you - what lump?


If there was a Booker prize for blogging, it definitely would be yours Ms C! Good luck with the drug trial. Kisses to FlippyFloppy Harki (and Peri too). x

amanda j

The Labs will have a lovely time at holiday camp. They will understand it is all for a very good cause.
You look great in your jumper!
Glad you kicked the lurgy. Mine just keeps on keeping on.


Reading your post makes me always smile. You are too funny! I would give you the award right away! Wish you luck!


Cindy it is great to hear your numbers are up!! more good news in case you didn't know yet DAVID TENNANT is on Parkinson this week - can't wait yum yum. It has been balmy hasn't it I am not a happy chappy bring back the -3 temps!!!!


Very natty jumper! And score on the magazine subscription! It really does pay to kick up a fuss every now and then.


Whhhooo hooo and yay for the numbers being up....and that tray cheek jumper (what about a head shot heh heh)....and that fact that you are flying up to visit me.

Oh - hang on - guess your mainland trip won't include Wollongong.....heh heh.


Glad your numbers are improving - the med trial sounds interesting, too! Pleased to hear Delicious Mag did the right thing :D


hi Cindy...this is a very cheery post :) i'm glad your numbers are up (although i must say i have no idea what that means but it has to be something good) ^_^


How great that your numbers are better - and what a fab jumper!! Our lab used to love the local RSPCA boarding kennels - it was like going off to camp - he'd bark the whole way there, come home completely hoarse and sleep for 3 days straight because he'd had so much fun!


Lovely news all round! nice modelled shot - looks very snuggly without being bulky!
Keep *up* the good work ;>


I'm amazed that labrador looked so okay after that collision -- I don't think I would have been!


Glad to see your finished project! Ayyy, I wish I could knit....and wasn't the last harry potter book great. I couldn't put it down once I started.


Hooray for numbers, do you need that bit of all right mathmatician from Numbers to come and help calcute them?????

I'm sure the Labradors will enjoy there GOA, sounds like a lot of fun. I might have to have one of my own.


It will be just like a trip up the Magic Faraway Tree or on the Wishing Chair for the girls.
Glad to hear you're on the up & up and maybe dropping in for a visit??


All that goodness in one post - the jumper is fabulousment, and more exciting to see a pic of you - you're getting braver, soon there'll be a full frontal I'm sure.
Drug trial news sounds very hopeful and I'm glad the numbers are up as well.
And a plane to the mainland? Your cup runneth over.
Harki and Peri will love their little holiday too I bet.


Your jumper looks great, nice fitting. I hope harki is feeling better soon. I took Ruby for her yearly needles today she loves going to the vet, don't know why as she only gets her needles when she goes.


Nice job on the jumper -- I liked that one best out of the whole book.

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