And up through the ground came a bubblin' rude: health that is!!
Lemon Meringue Pie

We're So Socky, Uncle Albert, We're So Socky If We Caused You Any Pain, Oh Yeah.

Whats_wrong_with_this_picture It is socky here. Yes, on Friday there were socks and they were, well not quite good!! Do you notice anything wrong with these socks? We are ignoring the dog hair BTW!! I started knitting these in the waiting room, I found the right place in the wool and off I went. When I wear these socks I will certainly remember their genesis!!! After this second sock I have the foot of a Greenery Snicket and the toe of the Turing and I have finished all my second socks and I can start Carryinga new pair!!! I finished the Carryings and Milly's sister loved them. I have started a new pair - Carrying On.

I also sewed my Apron Swap apron on Friday. No picture as it is winging its way across the water, but here is a picture of my lovely apron from Emma. See the fabulous green pocket material?? That's from her mum's stash from the 70s. I have yet to wear Thank_you_apron_swapper_emma the apron in case I sully it. Thanks Emma, it's beautiful and it has swirly lining too!!!

On Thursday night I went to MrsDrWho's and we watched The Runaway Bride. Loved it. It's not 'real' Doctor Who, being The Christmas Special, but as such it was fantastic!! MrsDrWho and I made little pies. They were inspired by Donna Hay: boneless lamb roast, pork fillet and chicken breasts cut into 125g pieces, browned in a pan and then encased in puff pastry with, respectively: cranberry sauce, apple sauce and English mustard, and cheese and Dijon. MrsDrWho made the fabulous pastry identifiers for the top of the pies. They were delicious. We Pies_before have thought of other combinations too:

  • chicken and blue cheese
  • beef, pate and bacon
  • turkey, cranberry and camembertPies_after
  • chicken, banana and bacon
  • beef, chilli salsa and avocado

We are also pondering a sweet version. I think there will be some modification of the pastry encasing: it needs to be more efficient. Can you tell I am enthused by the little pies??? Doctor Who Season 3 Chicken_pie began last night. It was very good indeed: we like Martha, she is well written and though not Rose, we like her. Who is Mr Saxon??? Now we must watch the first episode of Torchwood and then alternate through the seasons!!!

Harki and Peri have been enjoying their sub-zero walks through the icy bush. On the Wednesday walk Peri escaped through a hole in the fence and ran onto thHarki_and_peri_still_cominge road and near a jogging man. Wonder of Wonders!! She came back when I called her. There was rejoicing such as never has been seen before!! Peri is coming quite a lot now, which is a big relief. Harki always comes when I call, though every now and then she slips around the back and runs to the dam overflow viewing area, from whence she runs towards us in John:Marcia fashion. The Sun goes over the yardarm quite early, it disappears over the top of the house before lunch and so the verandah is dark. If we want to sit there and havThe_winter_sun_has_gonee a cup of tea it really has to be by Elevenses. I vacillate between calling the part outside my bedroom window The Balcony and The Verandah. I am never quite sure what it is. Yes I am!! A balcony protrudes from the wall of a building, whilst a verandah is sheltered under the roof line. It is officially The Verandah!!!

I have joined the Tour de France KAL, see the button on the right?? Yes, I have chosen to wear the Green Jumper and I am attempting to knit a top down jumper. I found 4 x 200g balls of Bendigo Rustic in Green Tweed that I had bought to be another Bolshoi Wrap Cardi, but now it will be the Cosy V-neck Jumper. Wish me luck. I shall have to sing a cycling song: The Pushbike Song is one I know. I knitted The Bolshoi in 14 days I think so there may be some reasonable hope for a completed jumper: all other factors permitting, and my not going gaga from knitting top down!!!

I have some more pictures of lovely things (how very Edina of me!!) to show you next time, all very beautiful and wonderful. Today I am having a Sunday: Day of Rest. I am lolling about on the couch, drinking tea and catching up on some TV and generally doing nothing much. I am making myself rest. When I feel even a little bit like I am able to do something I tend to overdo it and then pay the price: except with alcohol. I only ever have one glass of wine. I have failed to make a Lemon Meringue Pie page too. I shall endeavour to do that soon. (Don't hold your collective breath though!!!)



Oh we SO love Dr Who in this house too!! We didn't move while it was on last night (and what about that kiss on Martha lucky lucky girl!!!)and Thursday night!! your apron is pretty special and the Fetching Gloves look wonderful, a gorgeous green!

amanda j

We survived Dr Who by hiding behing a tall washing basket that was languishing in the lounge room! (To be honest, Mr 7 had to suffer alone. I was present but did not watch. Daddy was at work so there will be another viewing. I might just watch to see what all the fuss is about!)

Those pies look positively scrumptious. I would order chicken and mustard, turkey/cranberry/camembert and beef/chilli salsa hold the avocado thanks!


The socks are looking great, and I love those little pies. Chicken and blue cheese would be incredibly yummy...

I must admit that I'm an 'old school' Dr Who fan - I grew up with Tom Baker, Jon Pertwee, and the others. These new series are written very differently - but are still good fun. I like the new sidekick :)

Good luck with your Tour de France KAL - I'm impressed by the deadline and your chosen project - that's a lot of knitting, real fast!


Great knitting, but ...
OMG!!! Dr. Who finished here last night! I could tell you who Mr Saxon is, but I wont. All I'll say is it's a doozy!
Torchwood is very much "Adult", and you can skip episode 2 if you want - it was awful. It does get better though.


So, so happy to read your long & interesting post & you have been busy - knitting, sewing & cooking! The socks will be unique & it looks great to me. Love the mittens too!


What's wrong with the socks? Do you mean the striping? It doesn't matter, does it? Dr. Who - who? The pastries look delicious!


Dr Who - YAY!
Torchwood - benefit of the doubt.
Pies? Yum! ( But I can do you better - we scored free venison!)
Carrying on? Do it often!
Socks? with ankles crossed, who will notice?
TdF KAL? considering...
Top-down - easy peasy! go for it, girlfriend!


You've been quite busy. We have a similar "pie" here in Michigan called "pasties". They're usually filled with bits of chopped beef, potato, turnip and carrot. I get the vegetarian version of course and make my own Miso gravy. It's scary when the pups don't want to come when called. Chief got out the other night and it about gave me a stroke. (Mr. Larj left the gate open). He was about four houses down but came when I asked him very politely what he was doing outside of the gate. ;-)


Crikey, I watched the Christmas special and forgot to watch the first of the new series - complete idiot!

Love the sound of your top down jumper - I'll be cheering from the sidelines.


I missed Rose terribly, but I liked the new girl well enough. Do you think that Dr Who overdid up the loony bit a tad? He was really hamming it up.
Love the pies. Although quite unlike the pasty as we know it (would it be the absence of peas? or potatoes?), your gourmet versions are very inventive.

I'd try a granny smith and stilton sweet/savoury/salty version. Perhaps with a little bacon.


that pair of green fingerless mittens looks so cool!!! cant wait to see you new green jumper progress soon!!


Yum - Lucky Martha! I really thinkg David Tennant is a great Dr Who - all the best ones didn't take themselves too seriously! One of my earliest memories is watching William Hartnell while recovering from Measles! Enjoy the rain today - I'm off to make chiken soup for my convalescing munchkins!


oh yes, very impressed with the apron. Is that green rick-rack around the top? Aprons and rick-rack are a match made in heaven.


Oh oh, your stripes don't match, can you live with it????
Those pies sound delicious, I don't know which one I would try first.


> chicken, banana and bacon


Glad you are on the mend. I don't think this pie combo will help you, though.


I am glad that you seem to be feeling better. If I tried to ever knit something without dog hair, I wouldn't ever get anything done! The recipe sounds yummy.

rosie-maree dean

I love your socks. Who cares if they don't match.
I love your apron. Lovely green.
I love your pies. They look so yummy.
I love the girls. They are soooo adorabel.
And I missed Dr Who! booohooo what was I doing?


Cool socks. (And you get dog hair on your socks too? I get dog hair and cat hair on my stuff...) I think i saw them advertising they would start the new Dr. Who season least i hope that was tonight and i didn't just miss it last week.


mmmm those pies sound delish, especially the chicken banana and bacon.

As for the socks, they're great. think of the as the harlequin tea set of the sock world. They don't quite match, but they're lovely just the same.


I love it when you post pictures of Harki and Peri! They remind me of a yellow Lab I had when I was a kid.


Just moved to congratulate your sci-fi based lifestyle - I'm a life member of the Galaxy Book Club and glues to the TALIS system for new David Drake david Weber, Terry Pratchett and Elizabeth Moon releases - When I lived in the Nthn Capital, I couldn't find anyone who read sci fi and fantasy, let alone wathced it!! Wish I'd met you then!!


Naughty sock wool! I had one do that to me once, I am assuming that it was printed in reverse?

Love your version of fetchings too, I hope to see them tomorrow.

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