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Courtly_bow_from_the_knight While I'm not entirely enamoured of this show, I have to watch it with my hands over my eyes and peep through and sometimes put my fingers in my ears too, the Actual Knight is eminently likeable!!! The Knight(pictured in her own handknitted finery to the left), her family and I had a rendezvous at my favourite cafe last Friday. Kate and her family were so lovely and it was as if we already really knew each other, not just internetally. We are on the same wavelength about many things including cheering when young Mr 7 Needle_roll_fromthe_knight_2found his handkerchief!!! There was a beautiful present of a green starry needle roll for me, and we had cups of tea and chatted on for a couple of hours!! The time flew and all too soon off they went to wend their way to TinkingBell's town further along the coast!! **I forgot to say that The Knight and I met AmandaJ and The Spunk in town too. Who would credit it????  Our town is a small place, well our whole island is small!!

Both Harki and I had positive health news yesterday: Harki's ears are almost better and my numbers are up by 6 decimal points. The new doctor was very chuffed and I felt he was awardiStarting_the_mauritius_socksng me a Gold Star for excellent blood cells!!! I am slightly hypertensive(is that a real word?) so I have some new drugs!! The Getting of Drugs entailed an hour long wait and so yesterday I knitted half a sock. I had cast on and knitted 2 or 3 rows of rib, but my fingers flew whilst waiting and also at MrsDrWho's, where we had delicioValas_pigtailsus tea and watched Stargate!!! Today I am wearing my hair like Vala's. Just because!!! These are The Mauritius Socks, for my friend with an interesting surname!!!

In other knitting news, The Burt Ward socks are complete at last and I love the pooling on the sole. What great zig-zagginess!! These were knitted in Hot Socks by Four Seasons, on 3.25mm, and I cast on 64 stitches. I can post them off to my sistThe_burt_ward_socks_kapow_2er now!!

Harki and Peri are very happy that Spring is here and they are spending a lot of time outside playing. Harki especially likes her squeaky toys, while Peri either steals the toy, or tags along. She likes to follow Harki's lead!!  We have eaten brunch on the verandah of late, but as Daylight Saving starts soon it will be a bit too nippy for a while. On Monday we had Salada, bite-size, with Tzatziki, Yes_there_are_two_dogs Roma tomato slices, avocado, black pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice.  Really yummy. I plan to make my own Tzatziki soon.

Oh and my Bendy Neon arrived. It  is hard to tell the exact coloSpringy_snackurs, but there are hints of its variegation. It is pictured on the lovely green fabric MrsDrWho's mother brought me back from Macau. I plan to make a skirt!!!

Bendy_neon_and_macau_fabric Today it is a little cloudy. We have been for a walk and had brunch and now I plan to knit for a while and do some Spring cleaning. I made MrsDrWho some Almond Meringues. I know she will email me a photo to add later because I forgot to take one!!

I should just mention Donni is having a sale and a competition. You can enter and/or buy stuff!! Good stuff!! But remember, buying things is a better risk than any competition as the things you want always arrive!!!!!

Almond Chocolate Meringues

  • 4 eggwhites
  • 220g caster sugar
  • 2 tbspn cocoa
  • 1 1/2 cups almond meal, but you can use hazelnut meal or coconut
  • 1 tspn of vanilla
  • 100g dark chocolate
  • 50ml of pouring cream

Preheat the oven to 160*C (140* ff) and line two trays with baking paper. Using a metal or glass bowl whip the eggwhites till soft peaks form, and then add the sugar very gradually, beating really well all the time. It could take 10 minutes and the mixture should feel smooth when rubbed between your thumb and forefinger.

Add the cocoa, vanilla and almond meal and fold through with a metal spoon. Then pipe or spoon little meringues of about 2 cm in diameter.  Bake them for about 15 minutes or until crisp and then cool.

To sandwich them together: heat the cream in the microwave for about a minute then add the chopped chocolate and wait a minute or so while it melts. Gently stir till smooth. I pair up the cold meringues and then join them together with the ganache. I made about 40 little yummy treats.

No You Can't Get A Man Without Gunns.

Yes, truly we are governed not by a democratically elected Parliament, but by Gunns. Fancy rolling out the erstwhile Head of Forestry as the Head of The Department of Premier and Cabinet. No mistaking the bias there.....

First, a big 'Hello??' to the people who suggested I should try the Gin and Outside_waiting_to_playTonic again, undIloveyourbloger supervision, to see what would happen. Is MrsDrWho paying you so she can inherit all my knitting things?? I shall stick to wine this Summer, but I appreciate all your commiserations!!! Second, The Labradors were eating yoghurt. They like it a lot as a treat. I am still amazed at the tongue-itude they display!! They do have 'intelligent' paws, don't they?? It is almost tool using ability. I think they are at least as clever as chimps, well Harki is anyway. Third and last, thank you to Nan who 'Loves Reading My Blog'. I lured her in with my post titles and now she is hooked!! How lovely, thank you Nan. Please go and have look at her blog too!!!

Poor Harki has been to The Vet with her allergic reaction to Spring. She has had an injection and more ear drops and now her eyes have stopped watering anLook_strait_ahead_2d she is very cheery again. Peri broke a dish. It was on the coffee table and when I came home, it was in pieces on the floor. That will teach me to leave her home alone.

On Monday MrsDrWho(Knitter Extraordinaire) and I went to visA_painted_poleit The MadCages at their new house. The view from the living room is straight across The Strait. The Strait was aqua and blue and so beautiful. It was a little cloudy out to sea, so we couldn't see the Islands. It was so warm, it was like a SuMunching_cowsmmer's day. On the way we drove through the Town of The Painted Poles. 'Painted Poles?', we thought. 'What Painted Poles??". That would be the painted telegraph poles that sticky outily line the main street. How did we miss them?? We drove along the street and stopped at every pole on the left hand side and I took a picture!! It was very Mr Bean of us. We saw real cows too. It was all very rural.

Not_long_now I have new biscuit cutters. I wasn't sure if I should buy them or not as it seemed rather indulgent, but MrsDrWho reminded me of Nigella's suitcase full of cutters,so I was very pleased and they have come home with me guilt free!!

On the knitting front there has been a scarf: See Shelly. It is knitted See_shelly_scarffrom almost 2 balls of Sparkle Sentiment in a single repeat of Feather and Fan on 6mm needles. It is for my friend's birthday.

I am up to the armhole decreases on CornuTOPia. I think I want a lower neckline, so I have started the lacy pattern early. I am also thinking about saving the neck stitches live, and then casting on and knitting a few rows of the lacy pattern and grafting the 2 pieces together. This would make the neckline scalloped like the hem. I am not sure if it will work, but it Cornutopia_the_front sounds like a plan.

Sharon has made me buy wool, the new Neon variegated from Bendigo in the green Bracken colour. Of course. I think it will be good for Roam, but the pattern calls for 20 balls of wool. I decided this couldn't be right and ordered 13. I shan't have a hood, but once again I will be knitting on a tightrope so to speak, hoping I have enough to finish!!!

So, I am pottering along feeling kind of OK at the moment. My specialist is on holiday, so I see Dr Al next week. I am hoping my numbers will be steady, but secretly I think they might be up!!! I can walk up the steps with very little puffing and I can stay awake all day on a trip away!!! There will soon be new shoes and pavlova pictures with a recipe, and maybe even an A-maizing top, who knows??? On the subject of Who, Doctor Who, it is the final show of the season this Saturday. The Master looks as if he will triumph, but I am pretty sure The Doctor and Martha will save the day!!! Oh and very finally, I think nicely iced cupcakes are de rigueur. That's all really.

'Gin and Panic' or 'Putin on the Risk'

If the blog readers are good enough and kind enough to re-read me, I will share the sad nHarki_has_comandeered_the_jug_3ews that apparently I can't drink gin anymore. On Monday night MrsDrWho hosted a dinner for 15!! Delicious food, and to while away the time she furnished me with my normal G&T. Not so normal. My face went all red and tingly and started to swell!! Very scary!!! I will be steering clear of G&T for a while. The other scary thing happened when the PM signed a contract with both Russia and India to sell them our uranium. Nice going there, Man of RPeri_and_her_container_2adiation. Why do I bother?????

In honour of the PM, Harki and Peri have both decided to stick their tongues out at him. So there. They do have long licky tongues, don't they???

I have finished knitting the back of Cornutopia. The corn A-Maizing knits up very nicely, and I have started the front too. I will have to put it aside as MrsDrWho espied the Hat, #14, in the new Vogue 25th Anniversary issue. I can't link to it as the Vogue site is boogelly. So I'm knitting that, as well as my sister's Burt Ward socks. I am feeling ever so slightly better eaCornutopias_backch day, even if I do run out of brain power by nightfall. MrsDrWho has been knitting away like a madwoman and she has a scarf or two, and even a beanie!!!

Yesterday was my car service day and we can all rejoice that it seems OK, and doesn't have to go back again till January. MrsDrWho and I watched Torchwood 11 and 12. 13 was screened on midnight Tuesday, so today we can watch that episode and then the crossover Dr Who from last week.  At last. Be glad you're not me, and I do mean that!!! I bought some patterns on sale at The Black Spot of Doomlight too. For the first time EVER in my life, they actually had the three patterns I wanted. The woman serving me poohpoohed this statement, but it's true. They never have all Patterns_i_cant_stop_myself the patterns I want.  I love the wrap dress, I saw a skirt exactly like this yellow one in town on Monday for $90, and the trousers? I had a nautical but nice pair like this 20 years ago. I also have a new Burda magazine, as well as the new Knit Simple.

There have been sales in town and I have a few new tops, including this one. I don't think I have arranged the 'under' top very well, but you get the general idea. It was late, and The Bnl_modelling_my_new_teal_green_top BareNakedLady was being particularly unco-operative. It is not in the new 'smock' style, but is quite fitted with a bit of waftiness in the sheer part.

We've been for a walk,The Labradors have breakfasted, now I must eat something and gird my loins to make my BLINK t-shirt at MrsDrWho's !!!!!! I am so excited. School holidays are great!!

By The Pricking of My Thumbs, Something Vick-ed This Way Comes!!!

That would be either me smeared with the mentholated ungent , or George Dubya, take your pick. I am a Dog Repellent. Harki and Peri love me, they love me so much, but as soon as they draw near they are assaulted by my Vickedness and have to think twice about coming closer. I would likeClean_harki_boogelly_peri_2 to state that they do come closer: their love is stronger than a smelly vapour rub!!! I have had a horrid cold thing again, I have been to all the doctors and have antibiotics, but I've spent the last 4 or 5 days in bed. MrsDrWho brought some welcome supplies to my Plague House and we met at my back gate, keeping a healthy distance apart of course. And I did thoroughly wash my hands before I passed over her DVDs!!! Today I feel somewhat human again, but I have not gone on any outings this week: no Knitting Coven, no Support Group, no Coffee after School, no Sewing Group, no Hospital Rally. I can't even read (gives me a headache) and I only pickeThanks_katie_penny_and_lucyd up some knitting this morning.

I have only taken The Labradors for two walks, and today Peri rewarded me with an especially smelly and boogelly coat. See how very yucky she is?? Harki is clean and very tidy. Harki received a Birthday present in the post from Katie, Penny and Lucy!! A most excellent giant tennis ball on a rope which is good for both throwing, and Tug of War with Peri. There were also two treats, one for Harki and one for Peri so she wouldn't feel sad!!! Harki knew Knitting_cron the present was for her and helped with the opening.

The A-maizing from EcoYarns arrived today and it is really made from corn!!! Tinking Bell has bought some too!! It is very strange, is like a little tube and knits up very nicely. I am knitting The Shaped Lace Tee from the Knitting Lingerie book (a delightful present from someone very kind), and thank goodness I knitted a tension square because I needed to change from 4.5mm to 5.5mm needles to get the right numbers. I still have one stitch too many and one row too many, but I think it will be OK. The Lace Tee is rather revealing but I has a good forethought and bought a top to wear under it a while ago. I think this should be quite One_burt_ward_sock_2 a quick knit!!! I did manage to finish one Burt Ward sock (Batman and ???), but my sister's birthday was yesterday. She's understanding and happy to wait!!!

APEC is happening and Sydney is 'locked down' with rampant security. Funny how it is never usually Western Leaders who are blown up, but the innocent people of their countries. All we are really interested in in what strange outfits they will wear for their group photo at the end!!! Anyway, I can think of so many better ways to spend the $140,000,000 they are spending just on security: they could fund our local Hospital. We have no Oncologists at all, not one, and we have 52% of the population of our State here in the North. The South has 5 Oncologists. We feel cheated, ignored and afraid. I was too sick to go to the Save The Hospital Rally, but MrsDrWho went and texted me, as I lay Florence Nightingale-like in bed, to keep me abreast of the situation.

There was a Lunar Eclipse. My photos were rubbish, but the eclipse itself was great!!!

Also, The Angels have the Phone Box. How cool was THAT?????? I so need a T-shirt!!!