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23 Hour Party People

Yes, as a Go Ahead Island State we have begun Daylight Saving 3 weeks before everyone else, and so we all missed one hour's sleep yesterday.  And why might we be Party People?? Well today is our Third Bloggiversary. It was three years ago that I first ventured into the blogging world. Who knew I had such dedication aAqua_slingbacks_2nd such stickability???  Leave me a comment on this post and The Labradors will choose (not eat) 3 winning names. What will you win?? I have no idea because my subconscious thought of this and forgot to tell my conscious brain. I will think upon it. I will close the 'draw' a week from now, one entry per person etc etc....

I know it isn't Shoes day, but I do have new shoes. These are aqua slingbaWind_was_wild_2cks. Slingbacks were all the go when I was a teenager, but they were apparently the footwear of wanton women as I was not allowed to have a pair until I was 16!!!  The shop in town didn't have any in my size but they very kindly sent to the Capital and snapped up the very last pair on the island in my size!! I have been wearing them and they are very comfortable.

The weather has been wild and windy, stormy, power blackouty and also telephone wire blowy-downy. I looked up when I was at the letter box, and the telephone line attachment thingy had blown off the house and the cable was hanging right down about a metre from the ground in a big curve. You have to look carefully, but just at the bottom of the window you can see the top of the cable attachment. I have to say that amazingly, Telstra come the very same day I rang and fixed it!!! A miracle indeed.

Harkis_audition_for_sale_of_the_cen The wind blew over more trees in the bush. Harki is doing her Sale of the Century model gesturing pose to show you how wild the wind really was. Peri is doing her roly-poly best to smear smells on herself to show you just how boogelly she is!!! After a morning of rain yesterday, the weather cleared up and it was very sunny, so I decided to take The Labradors for an extra walk. We walked down by the river, and in the reedy marshes we saw duckies!! Peri is a highly attuned duck seeker. Apparently. Luckily she was on her lead and ducks can fly. After the ducks had flown far way The Labradors bounded through the very watery reeds and played at beRollypolly_periing Labrador Retrievers!! I think that now the afternoons are longer they might get an extra walk every now and then. Lucky Ducks.

DisconnectionThere has been knitting, and there has been unravelling. The Connection socks have been DisConnected. They were different, unusual and noice, but when I tried the sock on, the Knit 2 loops together part of the short rows made the sock feel knobbly. I couldn't bear it. I know I wear lacy socks, but my foot and my brain expected smooth fabric. It was, after all, stocking stitch.  I can recommend this pattern if you do not have The Princess and The Pea feet!!! It is very original and I did love the whole concept. Instead, the ChocMint will be a plain sock. Later on. Instead I started Henry VIII socks. I have finished sock #1. I just used a simple lace (K2tog, yfwd, K1, yfwd, K2tog tbl) down the centre of each nHenry_viii_sock_1_almost_completeeedle for the leg, and then I did 5 panels down the foot, reducing to one at the toe. It is Katt's wool, and it is called Moss. Beautiful colours and lovely to knit!!!

I am watching TV as fast as I can. Heroes Season 2 has started and I was only up to episode 11 of Season 1. As soon as I started watching I remembered why I like it so much. I also quite like Bionic Woman and Life with Damien Lewis. MrsDrWho poohpoohs Damien Lewis, but he was an excellent Soames. I do find it strange listening to him speak with an American accent.

Katia_tweed I cannot talk about the Pulp Mill Decision. It is far too upsetting. This is not the end, it is just the beginning. There will be no healing, no coming together, while the Pulp Mill goes ahead. We are polarised and likely to remain so whilst hypocrisy reigns supreme. Obviously I can talk about it a bit then...

Next time, a recipe for biscuits and some sewing. Definitely some sewing!!!! Oh and I bought new wool, on sale. On a whim. Kati Scotch Tweed, in aqua and lime. 15 lovely balls. A cardigan I think!!!!



wow Cindy I didn't know it was three years! that's amazing. I love the socks just gorgeous, this is when I really envy you sock knitters!!! I don't like daylight saving much I am just against anything to do with summer really! I too can't speak about the pulp mill, it sickens me :(


Happy 3rd Blog Anniversary! Love both the socks you're knitting, that Moss colour is awesome. I have some of Katt's wool must knit some of it up.


I really like the green/brown sock..neat colors! :-)

amanda j

Yay for three years and speaking out.

We feel lucky to have had uninterrupted electricity for days on end now! It was touch and go there for a while, wasn't it?

Nice shoes!


Threaten to delete me if you will mean WAR!!!! :-)


Happy three years of blogging Dear Cindy 2Paw


Happy blogiversary! Congratulations on your stick-to-it-iveness!


Happy blogiversary! Congratulations on your stick-to-it-iveness!


Happy blogiversary! Congratulations on your stick-to-it-iveness!

Jan Bishop

Happy blogiversary!

I laughed at your wanton woman comment about slingback heels.

I was told back in the dim, dark ages of the 50s, that no "nice girl" ever wore black or straight skirts. Heck, I was a sweet innocent little thing and had no idea what a "nice girl" or the unmentioned opposite of her, even was.

First year at uni I made myself a plain black jumper with a single rib every ten stitches or so, and wore it over a straight skirt, also handmade in black. I thought myself a very trendy uni student.


How can you not like Damien Lewis? He's ginger. Maybe that's just me?

Harki did a stand up (!) impression of a Sale of the Century dolly bird (dog).

Oh, and happy anniversary to you and the blog!


At least you get daylight saving, our stodgy government wont have a bar of it here in Queensland. The Gold Coast has also had some squally weather too, much loved I must say... Love the colour of the wool.


HURRAH FOR BLOGABIRFDAYS! hehe which reminds me, I think I've missed mine! Whoops!! Love the aqua shoes - gorgeous gorgeous colour! And glad to hear Telstra didn't give you the run around to fix your cabling! Thanks for another entertaining post Cindy! xo =D


Wow 3 years, time goes so quick doesn't it. How lovely daylight savings already. We are having an extra week at the end and then next year when it starts again we will be starting with you down there. 4 extra weeks, sometimes I don't really like daylight savings with the darkness of the morning, love the extra daylight in the evening though, it is good for taking Ruby for walks after work.


Happy Blogiversary!!


Happy blogiversary!

Susie M

Happy Three Year Blogiversary!
A great achievement when so many other things compete for our time.
It's thanks to the generous sharing of bloggers like you that newbie knitters like me feel inspired to not only knit, but to blog about it too.
May there be many more blogiversaries to come.


I won't hear a bad word said against Damien Lewis. I love him.

Happy blogiversary!!


Hippy happy bloggy birthday, a bit belatedly! You don't look a day over two!


hi Cindy I had to comment on this post as the last one is closed I wanted to say well done you winning the comp and I am LOVING those Narnia Girl socks so gorgeous, and the Henry V111 are reeeaaaly cool too! Hope you are feeling good. I know what you mean about daylight saving stuffing up sleep I feel so disorientated with the time at the moment!!


Happy blogiversary!

I love your chocmint socks. They say, "ice cream" to me. Your sandals are pretty too -- so glad you got the last pair!

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