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So, The Farmer Wants a Wife does he?? I cannot believe that women participate in this: I am not going to use the words I am thinking but I would never let a man 'choose' me from a field of 5, 10 or even 100. It just seems wrong. I watched this show for about 3 excruciating minutes and then I just wanted to hide my eyes and stick my fingers in my ears and go La la la la la. I don't have enough hands so I just turned the channel off. Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

We have our Council elections here on The Apple Isle, so if you don't believe the Pulp Mill Process was open and transparent, these are some of the Northern Capital candidates to vote for: Ball, Armitage, Van Zettan, Nott and Sands. Just saying. Would you believe that The Council would not give me information about how Councillors voted?? It is in the public domain, it was in the newspaper, but I forgot to cut it out and save it. They were VERY unhelpful to say the least. In the end a candidate sent me the information. Thanks Jeremy!!!

I have been really tired the last week or so, I caught some kind of virus thingy and it has sapped my strength. I haveShadows_in_the_bush_2 been sleeping in the afternoons and not very motivated at all. I have chosen winners in my Bloggiversary competition, but as I haven't finished the prize organisation, it would be unfair to stand and not deliver, so I will wait till a bit later on, ie, next time.

The Labradors have been very well, they have had more swims in the river and more walks. They have had new squeaky toys and lots of treats. Peri has knocked the iron off the ironing board in the Drops-in-Harki's-ears-so-she's-getting-a-treat-and-I'm-not debacle!!! It is OK and so is she as she had quite a hard head. Both of them lie outside in the Sun, get really hot, and then come inside and drink copious amounts of water and flop on the cold tiles till they cool down. They have also beNarnia_girl_socksen napping like champions, keeping me company as I sleep. Oh and then there was the time I was reading in bed, and eating some toffees, individually wrapped, and I went out and forgot to close the hall door: Labradors 20, Toffees?? Nil!!!!!

The Narnia Girl socks are complete and have been given to The Narnia Girl herself. They were knitted  from Opal Acapulco 1306 using 2.75mm and 64 stitches. I made the back of the leg in K2 P2 rib and then I did the same rib pattern but with slipped stitches for the heel. Opal may be a little less soft than other wools, but it does knit up so nice and evenly and I had forgotten how much I like using striped wool, because the stripes seem to make it grow faster. I The_hungry_socks_2imagine stripes of red would be the fastest to knit!!

I have started The Hungry Socks for me, made from Opal Caterpillar in a rib pattern: K2 P2 all around and then every 16 rows I knitted across 2 lots of P2 starting at the centre back and finally ending with plain knitting for the last 20 rows or so before the toe decreases. I have one very Doris Day picture, I don't know why it looks as if my camera was smeared with Vaseline, but there you go. I am just about up to the heel on the other sock.

Aunty Dutch also received a Wonky Bag named HotLips for her birthday. I couldn't Wonky_bag_unplugged resist this material. The Pattern is from BH&G, but I have named it generally The Wonky Bag. It is not too big or too small. I think I need a few. I have added a picture of the bag as it is carried in my photos at the right. I hope!! Aunty and Uncle Dutch's dog Fifi died a few months ago, I made a quilt for her brother Tommy. Tommy had a difficult time after Fifi died, but now he has a new sister, better than all the drugs and counselling a dog can have: a new puppy called Poppy. She is so tiny and Baby_poppy_the_puppy absolutely cute and wicked!!

I have some new wool, some gorgeous green KnitPicks and lovely fine soft green from someone who was cleaning out her stash. Thank you so much, I love it!!! Also some TreeTops sock wool I bought from Katt at The Knitting Coven last week. The Coven is in search of a new home, we don't ask for much, free parking, nice food and somewhere that won't mind us knitting there for 3 hours. You'd think it would be easy, but you would be wrong.

I went on School excursion with MrsDrWho to The Imaginarium. My group was very weNew_woolll behaved, of course, and the actual trip was only 90 minutes, and a ride of about an hour each way in the Principal's car, but still, I slept for 17 hours when I got home!!! I did get up to feed The Labradors and have drugs and drinks etc, but still I had a very nice time. I miss school. Despite this sacrifice and also making her Dalek Kiss Biscuits (Vinny from the Sci-Fi KAL and I did a possum wool for Dalek biscuit cutter swap!!) she is still holding my Choc-Mint wool hostage. She is talking about floating it on the fish pond now. She is going to be away for a few days soon. I could possibly dye Cleo: Green!!! No, I would never do that. It would be wrong. Instead I will spend my time catching up on Life and waiting for MrsDrWho to watch Alias so we can watch the last 2 episodes!! I only have my mum's The Word socks to finish and then I have knitted all the birthday socks for the year. It is a big relief but I feel I have done a good job too.

I am off to make tea now:  Bacon, Pea and Cheesy Pasta from the new Delicious magazine book. I ate it last night too and it was so easy and so yummy, The Labradors had some for breakfast. I'll write up a recipe for next post!!!



Ah, canine therapy - can't beat it :D. So glad little Tommy has a new pal. Bit worried over the toffees incident. Reminds me of a certain dog of my acquaintance and the mysterious disappearnce of a large wedge of smelly King Island Blue cheese.

It's best not to discuss that awful TV programme. I caught the last half and was extremely pleased to see that even the Y-chromosomally handicapped were not taken in by the blonde in the sunfrock who giggled like feminism hadn't happened.

Incredible - I just want to pick up the phone and talk dogs and local politics with you. Hope the pasta is a blasta. Don't you love the internet. :)

Rose Red

Hmmm, Farmer Wants A Wife? I have to admit I watched it as one of the farmers is from my home town, and I was hoping to catch some glimpses of it - it's funny how different things look on tv. But not much shown last night. I may have to force myself to watch again but perhaps with the sound off. And I don't know the farmer either (which is kind of a relief - I think it would be even more squirm-worthy if I actually knew him!!)


The socks look great. Sometimes, I do like to knit with Opal as it's mindless knitting & relaxing. Poppy is really so cute!


oh Poppy is just toooo cute!! I want one!! Ruby would love a little Poppy to play with! I love your Hotlips bag, it looks fantastic, so cool. Sorry to hear you are a bit poorly, hope this finds you feeling a bit more not so tired!! Is that proper English???!!!!!


You had me curious about the show, so I clicked the link you provided, I watched about one minute of a speed date, and I'm with you, "La, la, la, la, la"!!

There are all kind of shows like this on now days, must be someone enjoys them, but they aren't for me.

I like the results of your stripe socks, they look so cozy, I do hope you are feeling loads better very soon.


I don't know about over there, but over here, a farmer would rather have had his wife die than his cow because it cost money to replace the cow. I think that's changed now, but that show you describe kind of puts things back into that unfortunate historical context.

amanda j

Generally I believe those reality tv show types deserve each other. What a crock!

I like Opal when it is knit up. It lasts better and never gets fluffy!

Naughty dogs. Cute puppy.

I will have a brainstorm about possible places to sit and knit.


Have you tried the Royal Oak for knitting under the influence? I only get to eat in places that don't mind children these days - or the Star Bar - they seem fairly relaxed - sorry you're poorly - and sorry you idn't give me a call - I would have popped into the imaginarium to see you! How lovely are labs - they're always ready to have a nap with you if that's what you need - or paly if that's the go!


I can't believe you got those sock stripes to match so perfectly. Well done. :o) I had to smile at your comments about the Farmer needs a wife show. I feel exactly the same. Excruiciating stuff to watch - particularly those over eager girls mincing about trying to get his eye so he'll pick them. Urrrghhh. And I thought they were dragging the bottom with BB!!
Sleeping in the sun until overhot then drinking and laying on cold tiles must be an act common to all dogs. My Jack Russell (Bloke) does the same thing. :o)


when i saw the line "farmer wants a wife", it reminds me of a nursery rhyme or songs that i used to sing when i was a kid!! the socks!!!


Pleasure my friend.


Farmer wants a wife - well that marriage would really last wouldn't it!
I need your labs to come and eat all the lollies in my house ;-)

Love the socks.


thank god for dogs who love to nap alongside, not a nicer feeling in the world. well, apart from knitting and finishing socks. i am just listening to the radio about the greens making deals for preference swaps in the forthcoming debacle, what i wouldnt give to have that mill stopped, plus a whole heap else besides...


That pasta recipe has been a family fave since the first time they published it - excellent something-out-of-nothing meal!!

Glad the dogs are keeping you snoozy company, but hope you beat the bug by the next week of sunny days!

Must post my vote today - I feel very ill-informed, having only been here this short while, and will have to guesstimate based on voting info blurbs.

Double thumbs up for the Wonky Bag!! too cute :>


I love your wonky bag! Poppy's belly is as pink as her collar, too cute! Hope your Labs brushed their teeth, after all that toffee! ;o) Hope you'll be better real soon! I like the caterpillar socks too.


So much to comment on. Where to start?
Nice sock(s).
Cute dog(s)
Oh, that Mrs. DrWho
Nice/fun/boogly adventures.
I hope that covers it!


That Poppy looks like quite a cutie! So glad Tommy has a new pal :)

Bummer about being unwell and exhausted, sounds like my life too :p

Fantastic job on all those socks! :D


Love the socks.

That little puppy is so cute!!

Adore the bag (would love to see one in person)..

Catch ya tuesday



Love the colors on the Narnia socks so....80's! I still love my pink and green combo colors.
Get well!!!


I love the wonky bag! I'm also very impressed with your matching sock stripes. And it's always nice to hear about your dogs' grand canine adventures.


I missed the Farmer, but don't the AWW run a find a farmer wife special????

I love the hungry caterpillar socks! I quite iked that colour when I saw it.

I don't know if I will see you tomorrow, fingers crossed I get there in time. If not I will have to catch up with you later.


Go ahead...I dare you to TRY to dye Cleo green...good luck with that and you better take photos.
Farmer Wants a Wife...... it is a stupid and embarrassing concept and those girl may as well stand on Myers corner with a price list.


Oh I am with you, How desperate are some women!! My daughter watched the whole show and was laughing the whole time. This week I can see some of the gals are going to tear up, it is inevitable...


ooh lovely socks Cindy! Maybe some of those girls need to take up To get some perspective on life maybe..


Hi Cindy
I came over via Linda from two pink possums. You surely do pack a whole lot into your days - phew. Love those socks. You may want to check my latest post out, as it is an interview with Linda, who mentions you.
Nice to 'meet' you.

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