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Last Weekend At Bernie's

Yes, we have a new Federal Government, a Ruddslide it is being called. Yes it is a new era, Harki_miss_muddy_pawsa fresh start, we all have hope again. Hope for a return to a kinder, more caring, honest, inclusive, morally and ethically sound country. But as for me, I am just sad that Bernie Banton died this morning. Together with the Unions he fought a long and ultimately successful battle against the James Hardie company when they refused to accept responsibility for his asbestos related diseases. They allowed Bernie and thousands of others to continue working with asbestos even though they knew it could prove fatal. James Hardie even tried to split their company apart and move it offshore to avoid compensating their workers.  Bernie is a true hero, in every sense of the word.Peri_miss_muddy_paws

I love voting, I enjoy the right to vote and I did indeed settle down at 5-30pm on Saturday afternoon and watch the ABC till the end of the count.  Sure, MrsDrWho can poohpooh my love of Democracy, but I have been in a little ecstasy of Election time. I could hardly hope that justice would prevail, but indeed it has. Karma has struck in a big way!!! Earl is right!!

Now, for everyone who believes that butter wouldn't melt in their mouths and that they would never make mud, I present to you Harki and Peri Naughty: Mud Dogs!!! They only have mud on their feet so you don't get the full mud effect, but it is yucky, sticky dark mud.Some_new_books_2

Here are three of my new books: Nigella Express, Yarnplay and In Stitches. I have already cooked a few things from Nigella's book but it is too hot to be knitting any jumpers right now. Instead, I am knitting some more Fetchings: Smitten. Smitten with mittens. I knitted one and a half last night and I need to have these finished Smitten_with_mittens by tomorrow for a birthday present!!!

My lovely friend Michele has a new cafe all of her very own!! It is in The Northern Capital and it is called Full Azza Goog!! I bought her a cute dog eggcup as present for her cafe. She is just starting off really, but the food is delicious, the coffee great and the service fantastic. She already has regulars and bakes all the cakes etc herself. The colour scheme is green, lilac and pink and every table has a fresh posy of flowers. That's the first thing I noticed: very Michele!! I cannot recommend it more Full_azza_goog_2  highly!!!Michele_and_cara Oh, here's a picture of Michele and her daughter, Cara!!!

I have a lump in my neck. It was the source of quite a lot of panic last week, but it is a cyst, albeit a large one: 36cm squared, about as big as half a large lemon. The nurses assured me that compared to what it might have been, a cyst is a good thing!!! It is on my thyroid gland. I did have an appointment to see the surgeon yesterday, but not unexpectedly I have been 'postponed' for at least a fortnight.  Thankfully it seems to have subsided a bit but I am on strict orders to go to Emergency if it swells again, in case I can't breathe. Breathing is an imperative!! Of course now I am obsessed with it, I have to keep touching it all the time, just to check...well I don't know what really, maybe I am hoping it will magically disappear? The Labradors' certificates of vaccination are all in order though, so if I have to stay overnight in Hospital they can go to the Labrador 'Holiday' home!! I haven't told them yet!!!

This afternoon the Tree Man is coming to take away the tree that has been lying across the backyard for half the year. It means I will only have an hour at The Knitting Coven, so I must away right now!!! I have to be home to keep The Labradors inside so they don't get in the way.

644 Green Bloggles Hanging On The Wall

644!! That's how many Blog posts I have to read. I haven't read any Apples or Oysters for weeks now, and MrsDrWho says I should Mark All As Read, but I don't think I can!! Why are all the people I know 'internetally' so chatty and full of energy and excitement?? Why don't I know taciturn or anti- Harki_and_peri_looking_very_cute_2 gregarious Bloggers???? So expected the unexpected comment for, let's say, anywhere from a month ago to a month hence!!!

Harki and Peri and I have been at home, I have been a bit up and down, a bit boogelly and then a bit not. Harki has had FlippyFloppy Ear again and Peri has been to be vaccinated. Peri was extremely well behaved and even had a special treat. At the moment she is, on a daily basis, making mud. This process consists of wading generously in the Paddle Pool and then coating all four limbs with dirt and dust and running about inside. A lot. The wNon_thinking_knittingeather is hot, 26*C, and so we have broken out the Evaporative Cooler. I have tipped a kettle of boiling water through the innards, and cleaned the filter and we're ready to go.

I have not done any real knitting at all. I have made some not-thinking knitting things for HmmHmm (Can't say the 'C' word till December really: it makes me panic!!) I have done a little sewing and some embroidery and I have watched almost all of the last season of Gilmore Girls whilst lying sideways on the couch: That's 18 hours and 27 minutes in 2 days. I am waiting to watch the last 2 episodes with MrsDrWho after she has finished writing and inputting her reports, and then watched the episodes herself. We have 4 episodes of Stargate left to watch and then we can view Stargate Atlantis, The Thirdly SeasonEvil_kitten.


If you let this kitten play with your skein of wool, then she makes this..... It is my own fault.

That's about it really. Except for the winners of my Third Bloggiversary Competition?? Remember that??  Yonks ago??  And the winners, in alphabetical order, are:

  1. Amy P
  2. Helen Knits and
  3. Rachael

Congratulations!! I will organise to post off your prizes this week!! Email me (it's in my About Me in the left sidebar) and we can discuss addresses for posting!!! I will post pictures next time.Radio_killed_the_video_star

Thanks for all the lovely comments. I really enjoy reading them!!! I also enjoy 'celebrity' spotting in my local neighbourhood. Here's the ABC Drive announcer's legs, (right, the legs are here now, she's not invisible!!) she was at the Cafe next To the table MrsDrWho and I were sitting at yesterday. Oh and the new Local Grocery Shop opened on Wednesday and I have been there every day so far. It is very handy and they have Labradors treats too!!! I have some new knitting and sewing books and I'll take some pictures to show next time.