We All Pat The Jeez!!!
Last Weekend At Bernie's

644 Green Bloggles Hanging On The Wall

644!! That's how many Blog posts I have to read. I haven't read any Apples or Oysters for weeks now, and MrsDrWho says I should Mark All As Read, but I don't think I can!! Why are all the people I know 'internetally' so chatty and full of energy and excitement?? Why don't I know taciturn or anti- Harki_and_peri_looking_very_cute_2 gregarious Bloggers???? So expected the unexpected comment for, let's say, anywhere from a month ago to a month hence!!!

Harki and Peri and I have been at home, I have been a bit up and down, a bit boogelly and then a bit not. Harki has had FlippyFloppy Ear again and Peri has been to be vaccinated. Peri was extremely well behaved and even had a special treat. At the moment she is, on a daily basis, making mud. This process consists of wading generously in the Paddle Pool and then coating all four limbs with dirt and dust and running about inside. A lot. The wNon_thinking_knittingeather is hot, 26*C, and so we have broken out the Evaporative Cooler. I have tipped a kettle of boiling water through the innards, and cleaned the filter and we're ready to go.

I have not done any real knitting at all. I have made some not-thinking knitting things for HmmHmm (Can't say the 'C' word till December really: it makes me panic!!) I have done a little sewing and some embroidery and I have watched almost all of the last season of Gilmore Girls whilst lying sideways on the couch: That's 18 hours and 27 minutes in 2 days. I am waiting to watch the last 2 episodes with MrsDrWho after she has finished writing and inputting her reports, and then watched the episodes herself. We have 4 episodes of Stargate left to watch and then we can view Stargate Atlantis, The Thirdly SeasonEvil_kitten.


If you let this kitten play with your skein of wool, then she makes this..... It is my own fault.

That's about it really. Except for the winners of my Third Bloggiversary Competition?? Remember that??  Yonks ago??  And the winners, in alphabetical order, are:

  1. Amy P
  2. Helen Knits and
  3. Rachael

Congratulations!! I will organise to post off your prizes this week!! Email me (it's in my About Me in the left sidebar) and we can discuss addresses for posting!!! I will post pictures next time.Radio_killed_the_video_star

Thanks for all the lovely comments. I really enjoy reading them!!! I also enjoy 'celebrity' spotting in my local neighbourhood. Here's the ABC Drive announcer's legs, (right, the legs are here now, she's not invisible!!) she was at the Cafe next To the table MrsDrWho and I were sitting at yesterday. Oh and the new Local Grocery Shop opened on Wednesday and I have been there every day so far. It is very handy and they have Labradors treats too!!! I have some new knitting and sewing books and I'll take some pictures to show next time.



Coolio! (I watch too many "Scrubs" re-runs, and Dr. Elliot says that a lot).
The "Non-thinking Knitting" looks intriguing - do tell!
Sorry about the general boogliness (correct spelling for a made-up word?) all round.
I've been trying to keep Mrs DrWho in check for you. Has it worked?


I love the combination of colors you are knitting at the moment! Oh, I miss warm weather and seeing the dogs playing in the paddle pool! It is getting so chilly here and the dogs have winter coats and are playing in the fallen leaves.


Look at those innocent faces, they would NEVER make mud. Lil' sweeties.
Sorry to hear you're feeling boogelly. I have used tea tree oil on flippy floppy ear with pretty good results. I think Labs are sort of prone to that aren't they?


Hope you are feeling much better soon. I know you don't like the heat too much either, especially when you don't feel 100%.
I can sympathise with Harki's ear problem. My illness started with an earache and it's not nice.


Good to hear from you!

Wow, that is a lot of blog reading to catch up on, luckily there won't be very many from me in there, I'm probably the most taciturn, anti-gregarious blogger out there :)

Rose Red

ooh 18 hours of telly in two days sounds good...although not if you are feeling a bit boogelly. Your not-thinking knitting looks very pretty.


I think Gilmore Girls was unceremoniously dumped from WIN before the final episodes went to air...ratbags! It was my Sunday knitting show


I think it's the people who are blogging every single day during the month of November who are responsible for the difficulty some of us are having in keeping up with Bloglines. I know I've been having a difficult time keeping up with it, too, and I haven't watched 18+ hours of Gilmore Girls in two days. ;-)


I agree with Susan. Hope you're feeling on top of things soon.


what a lovely mess she made of the skein..glad to see it got sorted though

The weather is awful for this time of year!! I am so not looking forward to summer.

I know the "C" word is getting far to close for my liking!



29 degrees today so I have just returned from Harris Scarfe with my own Mr Coolie, however have I managed without one!

The C word is stressing me out, aaahhh!

Glad to hear that you are better and have all those blog posts to catch up on. I am too scared to even look at mine, hehe.


Wow! And I thought I was behind with 374 unread posts. I do hope you get to feeling better soon, though.

amanda j

I thought I had a lot - 110 at last count! Gosh!

Sorry to hear you have not been feeling the best.

I have decided this summer to embrace the heat. Right now it's 29.1. Lovely. Really!


Blah!!! That's a lot of blogs to catch up on.
You will have so many projects to add to your want to make list by the end of it:)

I am glad you are feeling a little better and the girls are enjoying the water.


Wow - that's a lot! I thought mine (40) was a lot as I had not read them for the last 2 days. I don't think I can go thro' so many - just click as read. Looks like you are knitting discloths (?) in all those glorious colors. Take care.


so, was it you I saw in the crowd at the cricket on day 2 in Hobart? She was knitting a long and very green sock! Anyways, I thought of you Cyndy!


It's mud time here too. Can't wait for the ground to freeze. We have to go the the Vet soon, for their yearly examination and vaccinations. My dogs are always taking their treats politely, and spit it out right away, they are too excited when we are their, not even treats can calm them down. I'm starting to panic too, when I hear/read about the "C" word. But my stress is selfimflicted, I really don't HAVE to knit all those things. Glad you are feeling better! :o)


I have lost my bloglines, I think I need to reinstall.

One of the downsides of Pimp My Computer - a few things need to be reinstalled or simply refound???

I'm looking forward to the A&R story - they can be unreliable I have learnt from past experience myself!

It's too hot! Forunatly my house is an icebox year round, so only occasionly do I need to put the fan and closely supervise the DWC!


2Paw, I've just been visiting MrsDrWho's blog and woman, you've obviously been knitting too many green socks!!!!


I'm with Mrs DrWho, certainly mark all as read!


I hope you are all feeling a litte better now. I laughed at your Hmmmm Hmmm knitting...seems we are all in that spot!


great post Cindy and I don't even want to THINK about the C word. I am in denial!! this happens to me every year.


Wow that's a lot of blogs read. Yeah, I won. thanks so much! Sorry to read you're not feeling well, I hope you feel better soon. I will email you later must get everyone organised it's chemo day today.

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