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Last Weekend At Bernie's

Yes, we have a new Federal Government, a Ruddslide it is being called. Yes it is a new era, Harki_miss_muddy_pawsa fresh start, we all have hope again. Hope for a return to a kinder, more caring, honest, inclusive, morally and ethically sound country. But as for me, I am just sad that Bernie Banton died this morning. Together with the Unions he fought a long and ultimately successful battle against the James Hardie company when they refused to accept responsibility for his asbestos related diseases. They allowed Bernie and thousands of others to continue working with asbestos even though they knew it could prove fatal. James Hardie even tried to split their company apart and move it offshore to avoid compensating their workers.  Bernie is a true hero, in every sense of the word.Peri_miss_muddy_paws

I love voting, I enjoy the right to vote and I did indeed settle down at 5-30pm on Saturday afternoon and watch the ABC till the end of the count.  Sure, MrsDrWho can poohpooh my love of Democracy, but I have been in a little ecstasy of Election time. I could hardly hope that justice would prevail, but indeed it has. Karma has struck in a big way!!! Earl is right!!

Now, for everyone who believes that butter wouldn't melt in their mouths and that they would never make mud, I present to you Harki and Peri Naughty: Mud Dogs!!! They only have mud on their feet so you don't get the full mud effect, but it is yucky, sticky dark mud.Some_new_books_2

Here are three of my new books: Nigella Express, Yarnplay and In Stitches. I have already cooked a few things from Nigella's book but it is too hot to be knitting any jumpers right now. Instead, I am knitting some more Fetchings: Smitten. Smitten with mittens. I knitted one and a half last night and I need to have these finished Smitten_with_mittens by tomorrow for a birthday present!!!

My lovely friend Michele has a new cafe all of her very own!! It is in The Northern Capital and it is called Full Azza Goog!! I bought her a cute dog eggcup as present for her cafe. She is just starting off really, but the food is delicious, the coffee great and the service fantastic. She already has regulars and bakes all the cakes etc herself. The colour scheme is green, lilac and pink and every table has a fresh posy of flowers. That's the first thing I noticed: very Michele!! I cannot recommend it more Full_azza_goog_2  highly!!!Michele_and_cara Oh, here's a picture of Michele and her daughter, Cara!!!

I have a lump in my neck. It was the source of quite a lot of panic last week, but it is a cyst, albeit a large one: 36cm squared, about as big as half a large lemon. The nurses assured me that compared to what it might have been, a cyst is a good thing!!! It is on my thyroid gland. I did have an appointment to see the surgeon yesterday, but not unexpectedly I have been 'postponed' for at least a fortnight.  Thankfully it seems to have subsided a bit but I am on strict orders to go to Emergency if it swells again, in case I can't breathe. Breathing is an imperative!! Of course now I am obsessed with it, I have to keep touching it all the time, just to check...well I don't know what really, maybe I am hoping it will magically disappear? The Labradors' certificates of vaccination are all in order though, so if I have to stay overnight in Hospital they can go to the Labrador 'Holiday' home!! I haven't told them yet!!!

This afternoon the Tree Man is coming to take away the tree that has been lying across the backyard for half the year. It means I will only have an hour at The Knitting Coven, so I must away right now!!! I have to be home to keep The Labradors inside so they don't get in the way.



Now then - don't get stressed- buy yarn - buy Patonyle - knit quietly - breathe - pat dogs - feel much better soon!


hi Cindy!!! i hope you'll feel better soon and that lump will disappear magically too!! huggies!!


Yup, breathing's pretty much an essential - hope the cysts abates. Couldn't agree with you more about Bernie Banton. A very courageous man. Also with you about voting. I'd have done it more than once if they'd have let me. ;)


Cindy, I hope some of that political Karma comes washing over these shores in 08'...I don't think I can take another Republican administration. Glad to hear that your populace saw the light.
Now those sweet innocent dogs weren't TRYING to be muddy after all look how carefully it's been applied, I think they were just um....going for a new look.
Thyroid cysts....ugh, If you look at my post for "One FO and Status Quo"...note the scar running right above my cowl. I have only the right side of my thyroid and now IT's developing cysts. I'm just going to stay in denial. Hope yours is more easily resolved.

Rose Red

Glad it's a cyst and not worse. And yes, hurrah about the election and v. sad about Bernie B. And lovely books!


Oh Cindy, so sorry to read about the cyst, do hope all will be resolved quickly.

Those innocent little faces .. they were enjoying themselves - look, the mud is no further than their cute little paws. How very thoughtful of them not to have decided to take a mud bath!

Your friend's cafe looks lovely!

We too settled in at 5.30 to watch the election results. All very predictable, but had to watch.

So very sad about Bernie Banton. A courageous fighter to the end, now at peace.


I vote everytime there is something to vote for. It's not been long since we can do that, and I cant' stand people who bitch about the government and don't vote!
The Lab's have beuatiful, cute faces. They don't seem to think muddy paws are something to get upset about it.
Your friends cafe sounds like a place I would like to be a regular.
Wish you all the best with your lump!


Sorry to hear about your lump. But the nurses are right, it could be worse┬▒
I've been watching the occasional episode from the new Nigella series and she does come up with some good ideas.
I suspect that the election of Rudd will be the beginning of the end for the Monarchy in Australia. Oh, well, you can have all your bar staff and out of work actors back and we can have our nurses!


I hope the cyst turns out to be nothing, but oh, I know that you must be worrying just the same. At least you can rest knowing that Harki and Peri are all set if a trip to their spa is in order. :)

Your fetching looks very fetching so far.


Looks like H&P are trying to be chocolate labs instead of yellow! They are sweet, mud and all! Hoping for a quick recovery for you.


I can just imagine the mud, oh dear!

Cyst, just the word sounds nasty, I hope yours isn't though.


It's warmer here in WA & I am always wishing to be in Tasmania where it's still cool. I am only knitting socks & dishcloths now. Sorry to hear about the cyst & hope you get rid of it soon!

amanda j

We look forward in anticipation around here. Mr Howard was in the job for a third of my life!

I hope your cyst desists as soon as possible.


You need lots of puppy love - even if they do have muddy feet, and maybe some calm sewing from your Amy Butler book. 'Please keep us posted about your cyst. x


Oh I too had election fever, we stayed up very late with champagne in hand. I had quite a heated arguement with a fellow voter while waiting in line to vote (I don't recall ever having to line up like that in previous elections) about the fact it is compulsory to vote, he thinks it should be a choice...... anyway, great outcome and a new era...yeah. How is the nigella express? I want it badly but have heard mixed reviews.


So sorry to hear about your cyst. Hopefully "they" fix it soon for you and all is well.


You have got the cutest darn dogs! Even if they do get naughty once and awhile and like to get into the mud.

I am going to keep you in my thoughts and prayers as the issue with the cyst continues to be there.

Positive thoughts coming your way! To take your mind off of this issue for a bit, come and read my blog entry an vote for your favorite recycled craft project. Hugs! Nan


hi cindy! though we have never met, your blog about Harki and Peri makes my day. keeping you in my thoughts, may the cyst resolve itself quickly.

i've got to say the narnia socks are amazing. makes me itch to try knitting myself!


great post cindy : ) I too love voting. I am such a geek! Let's hope the new reign brings all our wishes and more


I hope this nasty cyst thing goes away pretty quickly Cindy it is obviously not what you need right now. Retail therapy is good for that, the type where you don't leave the house and it feels like you are not paying for it - you just turn on the computer!!! The new cafe looks fab!


Election results - yay!
cyst - shoo!
Bernie - an icon who deserves more than a single word can convey
Dogs - I bet there's more mud now!
books - hmm, niiiice
cafe - you'll have to show it to me next time I'm up there
inconvenient trees - hope they didn't interfere with knitting too much!
Nice to read from you again :>


Ohmigoodness Cindy!! What a scary thing to discover - your half lemon =\ Thinking of you and hope you can get in and sorted out soon! I agree re democracy and am very excited about this fresh start! =D


Hi Cindy..hope u are keeping well!! Nigella's new book... drool... is it any good? Have been eyeing and pawing it in Kmart...

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