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Thank you kindly for all the lovely comments and positive thoughts!! I haven't seen the Surgeon yet: funding cuts, don't you know.... but I have seen 2 more different doctors and two nurses that I know as friends, all in passing, and they have all confirmed that 'Yes' it is a cyst and is very unlikely to be anything that I need to worry about. It goes up and down, my cyst: gets bigger and smaller on different days.... but I have indulged in some Retail Therapy as advised!! I bought the last two pretty balls of wool from The Shop I Am No Longer Boycotting As It Has New Owners And I Am Giving Them A Go, and some cellophane bags. It is difficult to get cellophane bags here at a reasonable price. I could have had 3000 for $120 plus postage, but really no-one would live long enough to use them Kiwi_green_eco all up, so I bought 300 for about $20. I have no idea whether this is the going rate or not, but I am happy. I also bought a new DVD recorder with an inbuilt tuner/set top box thingy. Oh the joy: it set up all the channels instantly itself, it set the clock too, and when you press the Guide button all the stations and programmes pop up and you select one- set record and then it even names the recording!!!! It cheered me up no end and it was slightly on sale.

The Lovely Meaghan at Yarns Online did a sterling job sourcing some Cascade Eco wool in Kiwi Green so I can knit a Hemlock Ring Blanket. The only colours to choose from here were shades like Oatmeal, Natural, Cream, Off White etc  and I didn't want any of those. Meaghan added my 2 giant skeins to her next order, kept me informed all the way and they arrived last week!! Of course now it is far too hot to knit a blanket, but I am hoping for a cool changeView_from_my_cheap_seat.

Six Days Later: This draft has been languishing, unpublished for almost a week, but that's good, because now Elton gets a guernsey!! Last night, along with 14,999 other Apple Islanders, I went to see Elton John. First let's get the boogelliness out of the way: I have only been to one almost concert before, but the crowd was so rude. People talked ALL night through the songs. They did not care and were very rude. I was in the poor Bronze section ($100 a ticket) but the Rich people in the Silver ($200 or more) and Gold ($300 and more) sections were apparently participating on some kind of relay competition because at any one time at least 10% were walking off the ground to the outside of Elton_john_3 the grand stand, especially if it was a less popular song. Perhaps they indulged a little too much: you could buy as much alcohol as you liked and some people obviously did.

In spite of this, the concert as excellent. I had several moments of thinking "Wow, that's Elton John, right here!!!" and I could actually feel the music. My fingers tingled and you could feel the sound waves emanating from the 112 speakers. I imagine it was like being at a soccer match in the UK, but instead of You'll Never Walk Alone, we were all Crocodile Rockin' and Candle in The Wind-ing. He sang and played for almost 2 1/2 hours and we provided a more than adequete sing-along accompaniment!!! It wFeelin_hot_hot_hotas wonderful. I could go again right now. I shall be humming Elton songs for the next few weeks...

The Labradors are both well and happy. Peri can usually be found soaking up all the coolness from the Evaporative Cooler whenever it is on. They are both very pleased to have the paddle pool filled and more mud making has ensued. Harki has spent endless hours running up and down the stairs to the treeless backyard to fetch her toy and Peri has been perfecting 'Drop'. This means she goes from a standing position to Drop by simultaneously thrusting out her froSmittensnt legs and whipping up her back legs and then actually dropping to the floor. She is excessively pleased with herself!!!

The Smittens are complete and turned out very nicely too. And I have been to MrsDrWho's classroom to make MIni Christmas Puddings and some 3D biscuits too. I also remembered to take a picture of The Most Excellent And Naff Knitted Knitted_nativity_with_sad_sheepNativity I made for her!!! The Mini Christmas Puds are so simple and look very effective. I think you could add some extra fruit or nuts if you liked and even melt white chocolate on top for the icing. But I managed to work with the whole class in less than 90 minutes. We made 100 little puddings for about $10!!! MrdDrWho has been experienceing her First Christmas With A Cat. Cleo has been ever so helpful!!!

Although it is inordinately hot, we have had thunderstorms and rain and it is cool today. I am finishing my Tea Cosy for the Swap and doing a little sewing. I also have been 'Tagged'. I have not completed my Tag but as there doesn't appear to be a time limit, I think I'll do that this week!!!

Mini Christmas Puddings

  • One 800g ( 1 1/2 pounds) Dark Christmas Cake - cheap brand, mine was $3
  • 1 cup of liquid: orange or apple juice, even tea, coffee or brandy I reckon Mini_christmas_puds
  • 1- 1/2 cups coconut
  • 500g (1 lb) icing sugar mix
  • red and green glace cherries to decorate the top

Crumble the cake into a bowl and add about half the liquid and half the coconut. Mix well and then test to see if it squooshes well and rolls into a ball easily. Adjust the liquid and coconut as required. Roll into small golf ball sized balls and refrigerate. I skipped this step and ours worked fine. Mix up the icing sugar with some water or juice to make a medium icing: not too runny but not too stiff. Drizzle over the puddings and it is nice if it drips over the sides. Chop up the cherries and use 1 red and 2 green pieces to make a holly shape on top. That's it!! Your puddings are complete.


amanda j

What a long and lovely post. Those little puddings look spectacular. I think even I could do those, and I just might!

My dad went to Elton and made the same observation about the walking aroundedness of some people. He sat happily and raved about the concert, which is quite something considering I don't think I have EVER heard him rave before!


The Christmas puddings look yummy. Great that you were able to go to Elton John's concert - I can't find anyone (in the family) to go along with me. It must be electrifying being there.


Sounds like Elton was fun - glad you liked it - but yes, some people ARE rude! Puds look great and love the Kelly green eco - blanket will look beautiful!


Ooooh, I like the Hemlock Ring Blanket - can't wait to see how yours comes up! =)
I also saw elton - here in canberra.
It absolutely POURED with rain - I guess that got rid of anyone who wasn't really interested teehee!
I made some little puddingies too!! Areen't they gorgeous??!!


I wondered what the heading was all about, had a laugh when I got to the Elton John part, very clever. Those Christmas pudds look good too! yum

Rose Red

Puddings - YUM! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

I can never understand the walking aroundedness of people at concerts either.

Look forward to seeing your green hemlock - fab!


Sorry you had a less than stellar time at the concert, but I'm glad that our cultural attaché was slightly better behaved than yours (Sir Les Patterson)!

Cool recipe for the mini Christmas puds. Far too fiddly for my hands, and it probably wouldn't go down too well if I crumbled up my dad's homemade cake!

Stay cool!


Yeah for retail therapy, it's about as effective as anything else!
Sorry to hear that the concert experience wasnt' stellar. People can be such A-holes.
As a yank I think I'm a little skeptical of anything called "pudding" unless it's chocolaty and semi-solid. Pet the pups for me.


Just reading your post has put some Elton songs into my head. Singing them outloud will annoy my husband to no end. :)

I love the green Eco yarn. It is going to make a great blanket!


I have finally looked up your blog. Poppy is very cute as are all your little stories. i will bookmark this page now and show my dogses what not to do when thinking of making mud! Of all the things you have made my favorite would have to be the cupcake hat, that is TO flippin cute for words. I have a beautiful, special, lovely, strawberry beanie that i love and wear in the winter. Your cupcake reminds me of that! Hope your lump is behaving itself (as it is a separate being) and the labs are being nice!


The beau made similar mini puds a few weeks back, but his recipe added just currants and brandy to the cake, and used white chocolate instead of icing. Apparently they were fantastic (I don't like fruit cake).

I wonder if the dvd/home entertainment revolution has brought about all this concert/cinema/etc rudeness. People continue to behave as if they're in their lounge room, talking and moving around, because they haven't been brought up with any idea of good manners in public situations.


Glad to hear you're well and that you enjoyed the concert! Thinking of you. x


I'm still catching up on blogs, am way behind too... so just touching base to say hi!

You can get cellophane bags from VIEWPAK in Melbourne (, in a wide range of sizes, and quite well priced. They're where I get bags for my cards.

Nothing much better than a live show, is there? So glad you got to see the REAL Elton John - very very cool!

I think Bells made some of those cute mini puddings at her tea last weekend... I wonder if it was your recipe?!


I am sure that is the exact same nativity scene pattern I have seen! Boo to rude concert goers. Yay to technology that is smarter than us


Try this link instead:


I am glad to see you have posted, I haven't checked in a few days but with the content of the last post and the cyst situation, I was keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, it's good news for the most part so that is a relief in a way.

I'm glad you were able to enjoy the concert, finding the joy in it even with the behavior of others being less then ideal. It sounds like he performed his heart out, with that length of a concert!! Merry Christmas Cyber Friend!


So much info at one go. I'm glad that your lump is nothing to worry about. The "Drop" sounds like it's fun to look at. Love the smittens, and the nativity scene is wonderful. So are the mini Christmas puddings! I haven't had any Eco Wool, abut I sure would love to give it a try sometime. Many greetings to you from a cold, snowy Canada! Love it. :o)


Stop saying you don't know any taciturn bloggers, I might get offended.

Glad you're back, and could you pls email me at

I wish to engage your assistance in a crime most heinous.


Stop saying you don't know any taciturn bloggers, I might get offended.

Glad you're back, and could you pls email me at

I wish to engage your assistance in a crime most heinous.


the little puds look great! a wonderful idea and my kind of cooking too! I love your smittens too. So glad you enjoyed Elton? Why would those people pay to go and be so rude??? crazy. Your nativity knitting is a bit amazing!!!!!!!


Sounds like you are having a lovely lead-up to Christmas! I like the mini Christmas puds, and I adore the knitted nativity!

Elton John. One day, I will see you live in concert, Elton. One day.


Oh I'm so glad you had a good time. I reckon even I would have had similar thoughts - he's such a larger than life media personality - to see him as a real flesh and blood person would have been nice. I wonder if he did Yellow Brick Road?

i love those puddings. Thank you! I want to make them!


Hi Cindy :) Good news on your lumpy bump, it's always a scary thing but good to have some info on it. and OH MY GOODNESS! That yarn is GORGEOUS!! Good thing you're in the furthest state from me or I might just have to trot over and attempt to thieve it!! It's delicious!Looking forward to seeing your creation :) Cuddles to the doggers xo


Everyone I know who attended the concert were well pleased.

Love the smittens.


cool kiwi green yarn :-)

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