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The Neckst Best Thing

EveryoneYes_labradors_there_is_a_santa_clau relax, there is not a whiff of Madonna, or Rupert, or even Benjamin Bratt. (What was he thinking?? He should have stayed with L&O)  Happily my neck has the All Clear. I still have to see a Surgeon about taking The Lump out,  but apart from its inherent annoying lumpiness, it is OK to have it benignly sitting there for a while. Hoo-ray. I am happy to be able to stop worrying about it. No doubt some other worry will leap in to fill the Worry Vacuum. It is very strange, that even though I tell myself not to worry and I appear not Twisties_toteto worry, I have Inside Worries, like The Inside Thinks in The Chrysalids. It was nice to walk out of the Consulting Room with a cheerful smile though. The power of Pollyanna I think!!!

And so this is Christmas. The Labradors have received the most wonderful presents, and are extremely spoiled. They are very happy, very lucky Labradors. Harki loves her squeaky toys and Peri, well, Peri is happy to play with the packaging. There's always a child like that. Friends are very kind to The Labradors and I appreciate that they understand The Labradors are not pets, but Animal Companions!!! They have other things to be photographed, but Cleopatras_stockingto be going on with, these: oh and Dog Muesli bars that have been put away safely somewhere and I can't find them now!!! 

I don't know what people use their Crisp and Confectionery bags for: pencil cases, little zippy bags, a going out clutch bag??? I have made MrsDrWho a Twistie Tote. I don't think it's up to much load-wise, but I added a band of material at the top and stitched the handles to that to try to make it a little stronger.  I also made Cleo a Christmas stocking,  Christmas Owls and some ornaments. There have been lots of presents for me too, I am ever so lucky too. No pictures now, but some next year!!!! I can say that in all honesty, knowing I won't be posting again till 2008.

I haven't been knitting at all. It has been far too hot. I want to knit the felted scarf from YARN 8 with the bobbles on the end, but it is Mohair and even farther too hot!!! Today I went to the Christmas_owls_2pictures with MrsDrWho and The Niece. We saw Enchanted and I can Highly Recommend it to anyone who has ever seen Snow White, Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty or any Princess films really. It was great for children but most amusing for adults too. Christmas_ornaments Well worth seeing.

Not much else to tell really. I had a scrumptious Christmas lunch with all the trimmings courtesy of Someone Else's Mum and Dad. I saw my Mum, sister and niece too, on Christmas Eve Day. I have not managed to post a single card as yet, but I have given cards to actual real people I have met up till now. The Boxing Day Test is won, over half the Sydney to Hobart yachts are home and New Year's Eve The_labradors_smiling is almost upon us. All in all it has been the Best of Years and the Worst of Years, but I am always glad to just see another year in. The Labradors, Peri on the left and then Harki on the right, are happy too.  They thank you for all your Festive wishes and hope that everyone has a wonderful New Year.

I only have 894 Blog Posts to catch up on..... that's a reading task of Sisyphusian proportions!!! Be afraid, be very afraid. I could be commenting on your blog soon..............



The labradores did well, didn't they? Merry Christmas to you and Happy new Year too. Glad the neck thingy is ok!
We've just got the cool-ish change, thankgoodness.
Oh and the twisites bag looks good too!

amanda j

Thank goodness the neck blob is nothing too terrible to worry about. My Grandma used to worry if there was nothing to worry about! Are you like that?? Wonderful presents for Harki and Peri - did you have to rearrange your house to fit the presents in? We did!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

So pleased to read you are going to be okay.


S&S are happy labs too, enjoying new beds and peanut butter treats. Glad to hear you had a nice Christmas. I wish you Happiness and Good Health for 2008!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Peri, and Harki!

I'm glad to hear that the neck isn't a huge worry after all. And I hope no worry of great significance shows up to take its place.


Merry Christmas and a mildly-tipsy New Year!
2Paw commenting on blogs (Jaws theme music starts) duh-dum-duh-dum ...

Actually, it's News Year's Eve with you now, isn't it? Time differences make my head hurt!


So glad you've just got a neck blob and nothing else! Glad the labradogs enjoyed their christmas and you did too- Happy new Year (sounds of balloons popping and those party popper things going and horns tooting!)


Glad to hear that the lump was nothing more than a ....lump. Happy New Year to you and yours. Give the labs a big New Year kiss for me..right on their rubbery little lab lips. ;-x


What great news as a bonus Christmas gift [about your neck]

Sounds like you had a lovely holiday and here's wishing you a grand new year!!


It's so great to hear that your neck is alright. It's also very hot here in Perth & I have only been knitting socks & my cotton bolero. Love your Twistie bag. Happy New Year & may 2008 be full of joy & excitement for you & the Labs!


Hope you get some good relaxing done over the rest of the holidays Cindy :) And enjoy a fabulous, fruitful and fun 2008!


Glad to hear that the lump is just that!

You guys have been having crazy weather up there, we've been having some really hot days, but luckily there've been knitting days in between.

Sending cool vibes you way...


Neck lumps are icky. My sister had one and it was removed. Horrid, scary thing.

Happy new year to you and the doggies Cindy!


Well, as you know I'm catching up on my blog reading too. This post is so cheerful, it planted a smile on my face while reading it. All the best to you and the Labs!

lynne s of oz

Happy New Year to you and the dogs, Cindy! (I would say labs but you have had enough of laboratory stuff I reckon...) I hope your health improves and the weather cools down some! I hear it has been very hot indeed.


Happy New Year Cindy! So glad your lump news is all good.


Wonderful news -- I am so glad to hear you will be all right. I love the photo of the stocking for Cleo!

Happy and Healthy 2008 to you, Harki & Peri!


(belatedly) welcome to 2008!
Glad to hear that you and your furbabies had a nice Christmas, and have undoubtedly also enjoyed your New Year's activities of choice!
I'm looking forward to reading your (lump-free!!) bloggy adventures this year, and seeing LOTS of green!!
Joy and Strength to you and yours for 2008


Congrats on the neck blob. What a relief! Hope all goes super well for you and the labs in '08


I am so glad to read that your lump isn't a bad lump. The twistie bag is such a novel and lovely idea, it looks great. Here's to a great 2008. Harki and Peri look very happy if not a bit mischievious.


Happy New Year to you too! Good news about the lump on your neck.. All the best for the new year and that your health continues to improve :) love your Christmas Owls... i made some stuffed versions too :P

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