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We're on a Road to GlassWhere

My_dog_has_no_nose There I was, happily ensconced on the couch chatting to MrsDrWho on the phone when I heard the sound of breaking glass. A lot. I peeped out the front window and there were two youths of indeterminate age and gender throwing glass bottles onto the road. Very soon cars were driving over the glass and I could hear it crunch. MrsDrWho encouraged me to ring the police and they arrived quite quickly and after some loud youthful swearing, the bottle throwing ceased and the road is clean today. Well done Police Officers!!!

I'm pretty much giving up on posting Christmas cards before Christmas this year. I had 9 hosBazillions_of_little_bagspital and doctors' appointment last week, including being made momentarily radioactive, and really, I was happy to be able to potter and not fall into a heap!! The Lump has been declared a cold cyst/nodule at the moment, and this is apparently good. I will find out what happens next on Friday.

Harki and Peri are hot but well. There has been much duck diving in the paddle Harki_is_helpingpool and on Monday they went to the park to see Aunties Margaret, Sandra and Suzi (in alphabetical order) They had a little time to run about and they both went into the river, but while Harki managed to remain clean, Peri got all muddy and so did all my clothes!!! There has been barely any knitting. I finished the tea cosy for the Tea Cosy Swap on Ravelry and sent off the parcel without the Tea Cosy. I am dozy!! Luckily my Sendee was The Very Well Connected Celebrity-wise Donni and she kindly found the whole situation More_chrissy_drawstring_bagsfunny. Now I am knitting a camel to add to MrsDrWho's Knitted Nativity. I was going to make her a Zebra instead but I am to apathetified to bother. I have sewn: I have made about a bazillion little Zippy bags from sweet wrappers. Such fun, and Harki helped with the picture!! And I have made quite a few drawstring bags too.

I've baked, and Peri helped by stealing the sprinkles from a high shelf in the pantry. Her paws were all pink from the red sprinkles. She didn't eat the silver ones as she doesn't like Of_course_i_used_a_spoon_2 peppermint very much. She is a terror, but maybe she has the temperament needed to be a TV Chef!!!! Gordon Labradorsey, Labragella or even Peri Oliver!!!!

When The Labradors and I have walked in the bush over the last week or so, there have been thousands of beetley insects, I think they are cicadas, all black and shiny and so noisy you can hardly hear yourself think. The trees are littered with the empty shells of what the cicadas were before they shed their skins. They come and go on a seven year cycle but I don't remember them Empty_shellsbeing so prolific before.

I still have a meme to fulfil. I haven't forgotten. We're looking forward to some rain over the next few days, at last. Everything is very dry.


The Knitting Coven celebrated Christmas and Katt dyed some special wool for me, and I knitted Sharon some Seaweed socks and made her a matching Box Bag of sorts. I think they match very well!! And Sharon was especially pleased there was no Seaweed_box_bagpurple.

Here's the Spicy Biscuit recipe: it is very yummy and cuts out crisply and is so eaSeaweed_sockssy to re-roll and re-cut. Happy baking.

Spicy Biscuits

  • 125g butter, softened
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1/3 cup Golden Syrup
  • 1 egg
  • 2 1/4 cups Plain Flour
  • 1 tspn Bicarb Soda
  • 2 tspn spice: choose mixed spice, cinnamon and ginger(my favourite) or even extra chocolatey cocoa

Preheat the oven to 180*(160*C ff) and prepare trays. Cream the butter, sugar and syrup till lighter in colour and fluffy and then add the egg. Fold in the dry ingredients and then knead till it comes together and refrigerate for 20-30 minutes. Roll out on a floured surface and then cut out shapes. Bake for 12-15 minutes. They hold their shape very well and ice beautifully. 


Rose Red

Labragella - ha! That made me laugh out loud! My you have been very busy with all your crafting and baking (I haven't even put the Christmas tree up yet!)


Really. How could I not find it hilarious. You were my spy for my pal and I had no idea that you were mine.

I await my first parcel eagerly - even though it doesn't have a tea cosy.

take care of you though too....ok?


Oh fabulous! you have been busy -and do yyou glow in the dark now - and can we call you 'Look- its Radioactive Woman!' You poor pet - I hope Karki and Peri are tgiving you lots of cossetin and I'm sure you're getting lots of Labby licks!


Donni, Only I could send off a tea cosy swap parcel with no tea cosy in it. Sigh. And obviously there was no Next Day Delivery by AP. Sigh!!
Tinkingbell, yes, that's me glowing green!! And I do try to discourage The Labradors from licking me, you don't know where those tongues have been!!!!
RoseRed, my 'tree' is up all year, I'll post a picture next time!!!


The sweet wrappers bags are so cute - what do you use them for? Love the drawstrings bags - lovely fabric. Have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.


Little pink toes, she's so proud of having helped mom bake. ;-)

LOVE the green socks.

Have a great holiday!


Fab idea about the sweet zip bags!
And who hasn't forgotten to put a tea cozy into a parcel as part of a tea cozy swap?


Wow you have been busy, all that radioactive stuff must have given you super powers :o)

The tea cosy debarcle sounds just like something I would do!


Hello and thankyou for visiting my blog.. I have taken that biscuit recipe thanks.. I am making bickies for my uncles for christmas so I will give it a try..

I absolutely detest nigella *shudder* so the labragella reference was awesome.. Bit insulting for the dogs tho..hehehe

cheers Kim

amanda j

Great to hear from you!

I hope you and your lovely labradors have a wonderful Christmas.

Um, I think I had better get you to do some super sleuthing for me regarding the tea cosy. I will let you know your mission!


Oh, you have been so busy! I hope you can get over the cyst soon and have fewer doc appts. Peri is so funny with her red toes!


Cindy I know what you mean about the cicadas the noise this year is unreal!! your biscuits sound so yum! I love your bags too you have been busy. good news about the cyst, you poor thing having 9 appointments! I am so over going to the doc. I too have given up sending xmas cards, I think a lot of people have. hope this whole cyst is completely sorted soon for you, take care love Linda


I've never seen candy wrapper zipper bags! How are they holding up? What are they used for? Glad the pups are doing fine. Can't believe that you had so many doctors appointments. Hope all is well soon! Merry Christmas!


hi! just dropping by to wish you a very merry christmas to you and the labs!


Have a safe and relaxing was so nice. not hot at all

i think sharon needed the break after my purple chrissie knitting of no purple!! lol



Merry Christmas and a Happy, Lazy Boxing Day to You and Your Waggy Friends!
I hope you can now relax in the same cool change up there as we have had down here, and celebrate the New Year in comfort! :>


That's funny about Peri "helping" you bake by stealing the sprinkles. "Gordon Labradorsey" LOL

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