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The (Break)Fast Show

We few, we happy few, have been lucky enough to know and see The Fast Show. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is "The Labradors Eating Breakfast", very fast and at break neck speed. I am using my special phone answering voice!! I have no idea if I talk like this all the time, I expect I might!!! Harki and Peri are eating rice, chicken, celery and carrot. Very healthy and apparently very delicious!!!

Almost_planted_3 Late this afternoon Auntie and Uncle Dutch came and planted my Christmas Lemon Tree in The Forbidden Zone. I am so happy, I have never had a Lemon Tree of my own before. Typically, I an unable to take a presentable picture of the tree in situ, so I hope to do that for next time. After that we walked up to the cool and trendy cafe on the corner and had an early tea and a few glasses of heavenly wine. Then we walked home and I am worn out from all the excitement!!!

Thank to everyone who was keeping something crossed for me: uncross now!! Donni's Second RavTea_cosy_swap_2_3elry Tea Cosy Swap Parcel arrived safe and sound on Friday. How lucky I was to have Donni as my swapee: even though she thought it strange I should take so many weeks just to knit a cosy, she was patient and uncomplaining. I actually made a few extra things. Donni often pops some green wool or titbits in the post for me and I wanted her to have a nice surprise!! So, here we go: and if I am lucky this might magically pop up in a new window and be bigger!!!

  • An old fashioned tea cosy, beribboned and becabled,
  • A Knitting For Snow bag, so that she can have the pleasant chill of Winter with her wherever she goes,
  • A Skiing Dude drawstring bag for bits and bobs,
  • A Skiing Dude Sock Tote, for socks of course,
  • And finally a Snowflake Ruffled Apron.

Of course I has sent a parcel before Christmas and it had some Tcs_1_2 things almost, but not quite, the same.

I want to thank Donni for the lovely Make My Day Award. I am glad I sometimes amuse with my goings on!!! I also want to thank Tales From Simon's House for the Arte Y Pico award. I certainly do like green and I do make quite a lot of things, not all of them sensible!! Now I am no good at the awarding, utterly hopeless, but if I visit your blog, I like you!! Nowadays I only do things I like to do, things I want to do - enjoyable things that make me happy. Life is too short to be cross, bored or unhappy. I count myself lucky to know so many nice people internetally!!!

It is a bit of a record for me to be posting so soon after my last post, but the weather is Autumnal and I am feeling tired, cool and happy, and able to think rather more clearly. Tomorrow I am off to watch more of Blake's 7 Season 3 at MrsDrWho's house with Cleo and Caramello. This reminds me, I am thinking of making another ZippyUppy Cardigan. I will want something else other than Doctor Who though: maybe a Stargate, or the Blake's 7 logo, or some thing from Firefly, or Buffy?? Of course I must sew up my Errol CardiFlynn (CPH) first, but then the Universe is my Oyster!!!!  I just have to decide on what to choose.........

PS I accidentally lost this entire post but since I have the Mind of a Troll (Terry Pratchett Troll) at the moment, I pretty much managed to recreate it word for word. If only I could use my powers for Good, rather than The Trivial!!!!

Let Them Eat........Bread

I have been not busy, and busy, and definitely not Busy Phillips. Busy is her nickname, so she's not been given a virtue name: 'busy' is not on the list, I checked. Apparently 'busyness' is not a virtue!!! I don't have a nickname, and I'm not sad about that, but I do give extra names to all the dogs that live here. CoulLabradors_cannot_live_by_bread_al_2d Harki's name* be any longer???!! I am being gradually taken over by Friends: assimilated, absorbed, whatever. It is on every weeknight at 6pm, and at first I was a bit lackadaisical with respect to my viewing, but as time has passed, I am setting the timer so as not to miss it!! We have just started Season 4. Setting the timer is so easy now, I press the green Guide button, scroll across or down the TV Guide and then press Return twice. I love my new DVR. Has there always been a spell check on The Typepad?? I just noticed it today. It may have been there forever. I have interesting perceptual abilities!!(View the Basketball video to test your perception)

So, things what I have been doing (Thanks to Morecambe and Wise whose memory was evoked in Life on Mars last week. I can't stop humming "Give me sunshine..." and doing the silly dance on the inside)........  Well, I had some very nice numbers from The Specialist and The Specialist's Immediate Superior last week, and this means that when the Clinic people from Melbourne visit they might not be so gung ho for action. Hooray!!! My Lump has also been given the Surgeon's all clear and we are watching it to see what it will do. (My mind boggles at that thought!!!) School started on Thursday, and I started a migraine. This year is the first year I wasn't feeling sad not to be going back to school, but maybe I was sad in my unconscious even though I didn't know it? Can't say, but I did have to go to bed for 2 1/2 days. I could sleep for Australia in The 2008 Beijing Olympics, and so could The Labradors. They slept on the end of the bed from Thursday night all the way through till Sunday morning. Then we had hot weather, and that mSir_walterade us all too hot, andBags_of_fun_i_hope not in a cool 'hot babe' way either!!! Thankfully it rained this morning (MrsDrWho wasted a wish there) and we went for a 20 minutes walk to the shop at the corner and got beautifully wet and cool.

I have been knitting my Bag Swap bag for The Ravelry (Bag disguised to protect the innocent) I have finished my Face Cloth for my swap. I have also finished my second attempt at The Tea Cosy Swap!! I would request a universal crossing of fingers and toes tomorrow as I plan to be posting some parcels!! I can't show anymore photos until the parcels have been received. I bought some delightful wool from Donni. It is so very beautifully green and so very soft!!! The Little Red Hen thought of me and sent me some sock wool she was 'de-stashing' How kind!! I am about to buy some wool from The Lovely Katie at Live2Knit as As_i_was_going_to_2well.

At The Knitting Coven on Tuesday people laughed, albeit kindly, about the fact that I had a picture of bread and milk saved on my camera. It is special milk. Milk in a glass bottle that is not homogenised, only pasteurised. It is from a place about 40 minutes away. I don't like milk, after years of School Milk(there should be music to terrify you here) I have a hard time liking it any way at all, but at least this is not in a carton, and there is a refund for returning the bottle. They have yoghurt too. The bread is a cute little sourdough rye. It is crusty and delicious. It comes from the French bakery in town. You can eat it just with butter, and nothing else, it is so tasty. It was difficult to take this picture as Harki and Peri kept popping their heads up to see if there was any chance of some bread or milk for them. They had kangaroo bones instead. Yes, not only do we, as a nation, eat our I_dont_care_if_you_laugh Coat of Arms, but The Labradors do too. They love kangaroo, and it has little if any fat, so it's very healthy!!!

I have spent a few happy hours rearranging and renaming my lists of blogs. At one stage Typepad was showing every single recipe I had ever posted and this prompted me to try, unsuccessfully, to fix it. In the end it righted itself. MrsDrWho spent a few happy hours sorting things out too. I think her sorting might be a World Record though!!!!!!


Sorry Doesn't Seem to be the Hardest Word

Today is the day our country finally got it's act together. No, I think we did that on November 24th last year when we elected the new Rudd Labour Government. Their first matter of business was to say Sorry. The previous Government refused to say Sorry for 11 years, but that time had passed, and it is a New Day.

I listened to Mr Rudd's speech and it made tears well in my eyes. It was one of those moments, those iconic Australian moments, like listening to I Still Call Australia Home, or the National Anthem at The Olympics, or when we all sing Waltzing Matilda. I think a lot more people are proud to call Australia home today.

Don't Cry For Me Allen-Peter

The ABC, aka Aunty, has been showing woeful Summer programmes this year. But there have been a few shining lights, and Love is in the Air has been one of them. The last episode screened on Sunday: National Anthems. For someone who loves Frank, I found I knew all bar one of the songs. And I mean I could sing along and I knew the tune and words!! Someone from The Whitlams, and I only know that because I am a bit of a fan of Edward Gough, talked about Tenterfield Saddler by Peter Allen, and then Peter and The Whitlam man both sang the song (Obviously not together) It just makes me cry. I have no idea why, but play that song and I feel tingles down my spine and I cry.  I also cry at the end of You've Got Mail, during Assistance Dog ads, when someone has just died on Stargate Atlantis The Thirdly Season, at the End of West Wing, Nelson Mandela, when I think of Harki and Peri..... These are a few of my Teariest Things!!! I don't have to pinch myself with tweezers through my pocket or have an onion in my hanky either!!

There was a horrid rumour that the ABC was changing their logo to ABC1, and the Wave may be downgraded or disappear. I love The Wave. The Wave has survived, you can see it if you scroll down to the bottom of this page: it does look good. Mind you, the new logo is sky blue, red and white and it looks like we should all be singing The Marseillaise and eating snails, it's not very Australian. I have been told to move with the times, but let's face it: I love Frank, I am permanently bSt_swithins_perhaps_3ehind the times!!! I love the station idents in the early 2000s when normal everyday people drew The Wave in the air with their finger.  I'm doing it now, and going 'La La La' in the ABC Logo Tune.

Truly it nThe_shocker_socksever rains but it pours and we have had flooding rains. I drove through a mini flood in town and a manhole cover had been shot out of the ground and asphalt was scattered all about. The Labradors are very happy, but when I came home in the middle of the storm they were both inside, not waiting faithfully out in the rain for me!! Clever and sensible dogs. It was Barry the GardyGardener's birthday yesterday, and it would have been my dad's too (well I suppose it still is really, he's just not here) and the anniversary of the bushfires too. A momentous day. I managed to finish The Shocker Socks in time. They look very strange, but I think that's because I have quite small sized feet. Harki and Peri love Uncle Barry. It may have something to do with the fact that he was giving them the mini pikelets I cooked for them for Healthy_little_labradors_2 morning tea. The grown ups had banana pikelets and instead of mashing the bananas into the batter, I cooked one side of the pikelet, then covered the top with thinly sliced banana and then flipped it and coCrispy_zippy_wristlet_3oked the other side. The banana went sort of caramelised and I sprinkled them with cinnamon sugar. MrsDrWho thinks that they need a nice dollop of cream or even a scoop of ice cream. They never last that long!!! Harki and Peri's breakfast didn't last long either. They had an very healthy breakfast of rice, carrot, celery, lean mince and a little dry dog food. They still prefer pikelets!!!!

I have been sewing some more bags made from strange things. I made a Crisp Zippy Wristlet and a Zippy Lab Bag!! I'm also experimenting with a new kind of small knitting bag. I'm making a prototype, it's green with white polka dots!! I have been doing quite a bit of sewing because it has been cool. Zippy_lab_bag

I'm participating in The Ravelry Bag Lady Swap. Here is a picture of the bag thus  far. The bag has been disguised to protect its identity. It is basically knitting round and round. A Lot. It is quite soothing. I needed pure wool, and not green, so of course I couldn't knit from my stash. The BSODL(TM) had pure wool on sale but the ball band said each 50g had only 55m. I knew this couldn't be right but the Girl-behind-the-counter-who-knew-better, knew better. So I said I would buy one ball, take it home and measure it. Later on during the storm I went back to buy the rest of the wool because, surprise, Pixilated_bagswap_bag surprise, the ball had 93-97 metres, I averaged it out to 95m. The Girl-behind-the-counter-who-knew-better didn't really believe I would go home and measure the wool. What about me suggests in any way that I wouldn't be at home unwinding wool and measuring it against my metre ruler?????

When we go for our walk in the bush, we really are in the bush. There is Peri_and_the_gorge_2a narrow track about 50 cm wide and the ground slopes sharply away to the right, to some rocks and a cliff that falls away to the Gorge. You can just see the water at the bottom. Does Peri care?? She does not. My heart is regularly in my mouth, but she is sure footed as a goat, leaping and running about. Harki is more sedate and prefers the topside of the track. 

I like today's date: 08-02-08 and Happy Chinese New Year too!!!

Banana Pikelets

  • 1 eggBanananaaaaaa
  • 150g Self Raising Flour
  • 150-250ml milk
  • Optional: 1 tbspn sugar
  • bananas, sliced into thin circles
  • olive oil/ butter for cooking

Sift the flour into a bowl, and break in the egg and pour in a little of the milk. Use a fork or a whisk to gently combine the wet ingredients and slowly incorporate the flour as you go. I prefer my batter to be a bit on the thick side, so I use just enough milk. You can set the batter aside for half an hour or so if you like. Then heat a non-stick pan to medium, and add the oil/butter. Gently drop 2 spoonfuls of the batter, for each pikelet, into the pan and let it cook until there are many bubbles on the top. If you lift it up a little it should look golden or light brown on the base. Place some banana on the pikelet and then carefully flip it over to finish cooking. You have to just check underneath now as there are no telltale bubbles. Keep warm on a plate and then serve and devour.

The Adventures of Blogger McKenzie

What a Barry Crocker!!! Australians know that when we hear this, the speaker is not referring to the eponymous entertainer, rather they are saying "What a shocker!!!" We have taken Cockney Rhyming slang and made it our own!! Barry Crocker starred in the iconic film The Adventures of Barry McKenzie and he also sang the theme tune to Neighbours. There are two Barrys-worth to start off my post today:

  1. I am making the Shocker Socks for Barry The GardyGardener's birthday. I started them yesterdayShocker_sock_1 and Tuesday Morning Tea time is my deadline. They are 8ply on 4mm needles, using 44 stitches. I have to knit a full foot for the foot: 30cm!!!!
  2. Oh the Internet has been abysmal. Some days it won't load at all. The little green loading line thingy goes Load...Load...Load for half an hour. Later on the same day it loads instantly. I ran the Anti-Virus and The Spyware and nothing turned up. MrsDrWho is having the same problem with her computer so we think it might be an ISP problem. Consequently I had things waiting to be blogged and I couldn't. It worked last night but not this morning. Hopefully it will keep working now........

It rained two days ago and now it is raining again. January was the driest on record, so we are all glad Harki_is_very_tired of the downpour. The Labradors loved their walk in the pouring rain and we went for a record 35 minutes!!! They were both very wet but when we came home. Harki wanted to keep on playing in the rain and Peri just wanted to rub her wet fur over everything. When it is nap time Harki sleeps The Sleep of the Just and The Impossibly Contortioned!!! Peri has been playing with the Recycling again. She needs to get in while she can, the Council wants to change from weekly to monthly recycling. I am not sure how we will go withPeris_got_milk  that.

I have been awarded Awards, and I am ever so glad I Make Peoples' Days, but I am a terrible awarder myself. I can't choose. I don't want to give an award to someone and then have another person feel sad because they have missed out. I think this is a leftover feeling from teaching: as a teacher you have to be very fair and unbiased and beyond reproach. If I read your blog and comment, believe me, you make my day!! My eyes light up when I see posts appearing to be read in my Bloglines. As MrsDrWho would say: You have Internet frie-ends!!!

The_word_socks I've finished my Mum's The Word socks at last and they have been posted off. They were knitted from the Old Merino Cashmere in Denim from The Knittery using 3.25mm needles. The lace pattern is Diagonal Fern from Barbara Walker with garter stitch in between. There is a 'jog' in the garter stitch at the back, I should have put all the stitches on the same needle, but I like the needles to be balanced and symmetrical, so we will all have to live with the 'jog'!! They are beautiful and soft and the wool is so lovely to knit. I haven't bought any of the new sock wool yet, but I The_word_front_and_back hope it is as nice as this. (Pictures courtesy of The Subway Table Top, the Subway with no cups of tea or avocado!!!)

I've also given Mrs Madcage a Squidge Face cloth as part of her birthday present. This one in Anchor Magicline and with a double crochet edging. This picture is a bit wonky: it's not as frilly as it looks!!!

MrsDrWho has been getting ready for school, and I assembled her new bookcase: Squidge_face_cloth_number_3 all I needed was a Phillips head screwdriver.  Then I sorted out her watercolour pencils. I love sorting out the watercolour pencils. Some are nearly 20 years old. They last a long time when you are always reminding the children how expensive they are!! The boxes of 72 don't seem to exist nowadays so the two here are worth their weight in frilly knickers. At $3 a pencil that's more or less $432 sitting there!!! I am very happy to see them arrayed A_mess_o_pencils in all their colour co-ordinated glory!!

I am happy to announce that it is All Back to Normal on ABC almost as from today. Hoo-ray. Np more Summertime TV Blues. All my favourite news and current affairs are back in their rightful place. All my favourite shows and more, are back too. Now is the time of year when you have to watch a bazillion shows and hope the ones you like aren't cancelled. I like Burn Notice, Robin Hood 2, Life on Mars 2, for a start, and I'm looking forward to Chuck. Psych and Journeyman have already What_a_lovely_sight bitten the dust here.

I made Nigella's No Churn Pomegranate Ice cream. It was fine by itself, but a little insipid. It really does need an accompanying sprinkle of pomegranate seeds, or fresh nectarines as I had, or even a slosh of Limoncello, which I had too. When I juiced my fruit I had 190ml, but maybe UK pomegranates are juicier??? I juiced them and then I emptied all the seeds into a bowl and mashed them up to extract every last drop of juice.

No Churn Pomegranate Ice CreamPomegranate

  • 2 pomegranates, juiced
  • 175g of icing sugar
  • juice of a lime or lemon
  • 50Ice_cream0ml thickened cream

Pour the juices over the sugar and whisk till dissolved. Add the cream and continue whisking till soft peaks form. Spoon into a container and freeze for at least 4 hours. It doesn't freeze hard, but is pleasantly soft and spoonable.