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Don't Cry For Me Allen-Peter

The ABC, aka Aunty, has been showing woeful Summer programmes this year. But there have been a few shining lights, and Love is in the Air has been one of them. The last episode screened on Sunday: National Anthems. For someone who loves Frank, I found I knew all bar one of the songs. And I mean I could sing along and I knew the tune and words!! Someone from The Whitlams, and I only know that because I am a bit of a fan of Edward Gough, talked about Tenterfield Saddler by Peter Allen, and then Peter and The Whitlam man both sang the song (Obviously not together) It just makes me cry. I have no idea why, but play that song and I feel tingles down my spine and I cry.  I also cry at the end of You've Got Mail, during Assistance Dog ads, when someone has just died on Stargate Atlantis The Thirdly Season, at the End of West Wing, Nelson Mandela, when I think of Harki and Peri..... These are a few of my Teariest Things!!! I don't have to pinch myself with tweezers through my pocket or have an onion in my hanky either!!

There was a horrid rumour that the ABC was changing their logo to ABC1, and the Wave may be downgraded or disappear. I love The Wave. The Wave has survived, you can see it if you scroll down to the bottom of this page: it does look good. Mind you, the new logo is sky blue, red and white and it looks like we should all be singing The Marseillaise and eating snails, it's not very Australian. I have been told to move with the times, but let's face it: I love Frank, I am permanently bSt_swithins_perhaps_3ehind the times!!! I love the station idents in the early 2000s when normal everyday people drew The Wave in the air with their finger.  I'm doing it now, and going 'La La La' in the ABC Logo Tune.

Truly it nThe_shocker_socksever rains but it pours and we have had flooding rains. I drove through a mini flood in town and a manhole cover had been shot out of the ground and asphalt was scattered all about. The Labradors are very happy, but when I came home in the middle of the storm they were both inside, not waiting faithfully out in the rain for me!! Clever and sensible dogs. It was Barry the GardyGardener's birthday yesterday, and it would have been my dad's too (well I suppose it still is really, he's just not here) and the anniversary of the bushfires too. A momentous day. I managed to finish The Shocker Socks in time. They look very strange, but I think that's because I have quite small sized feet. Harki and Peri love Uncle Barry. It may have something to do with the fact that he was giving them the mini pikelets I cooked for them for Healthy_little_labradors_2 morning tea. The grown ups had banana pikelets and instead of mashing the bananas into the batter, I cooked one side of the pikelet, then covered the top with thinly sliced banana and then flipped it and coCrispy_zippy_wristlet_3oked the other side. The banana went sort of caramelised and I sprinkled them with cinnamon sugar. MrsDrWho thinks that they need a nice dollop of cream or even a scoop of ice cream. They never last that long!!! Harki and Peri's breakfast didn't last long either. They had an very healthy breakfast of rice, carrot, celery, lean mince and a little dry dog food. They still prefer pikelets!!!!

I have been sewing some more bags made from strange things. I made a Crisp Zippy Wristlet and a Zippy Lab Bag!! I'm also experimenting with a new kind of small knitting bag. I'm making a prototype, it's green with white polka dots!! I have been doing quite a bit of sewing because it has been cool. Zippy_lab_bag

I'm participating in The Ravelry Bag Lady Swap. Here is a picture of the bag thus  far. The bag has been disguised to protect its identity. It is basically knitting round and round. A Lot. It is quite soothing. I needed pure wool, and not green, so of course I couldn't knit from my stash. The BSODL(TM) had pure wool on sale but the ball band said each 50g had only 55m. I knew this couldn't be right but the Girl-behind-the-counter-who-knew-better, knew better. So I said I would buy one ball, take it home and measure it. Later on during the storm I went back to buy the rest of the wool because, surprise, Pixilated_bagswap_bag surprise, the ball had 93-97 metres, I averaged it out to 95m. The Girl-behind-the-counter-who-knew-better didn't really believe I would go home and measure the wool. What about me suggests in any way that I wouldn't be at home unwinding wool and measuring it against my metre ruler?????

When we go for our walk in the bush, we really are in the bush. There is Peri_and_the_gorge_2a narrow track about 50 cm wide and the ground slopes sharply away to the right, to some rocks and a cliff that falls away to the Gorge. You can just see the water at the bottom. Does Peri care?? She does not. My heart is regularly in my mouth, but she is sure footed as a goat, leaping and running about. Harki is more sedate and prefers the topside of the track. 

I like today's date: 08-02-08 and Happy Chinese New Year too!!!

Banana Pikelets

  • 1 eggBanananaaaaaa
  • 150g Self Raising Flour
  • 150-250ml milk
  • Optional: 1 tbspn sugar
  • bananas, sliced into thin circles
  • olive oil/ butter for cooking

Sift the flour into a bowl, and break in the egg and pour in a little of the milk. Use a fork or a whisk to gently combine the wet ingredients and slowly incorporate the flour as you go. I prefer my batter to be a bit on the thick side, so I use just enough milk. You can set the batter aside for half an hour or so if you like. Then heat a non-stick pan to medium, and add the oil/butter. Gently drop 2 spoonfuls of the batter, for each pikelet, into the pan and let it cook until there are many bubbles on the top. If you lift it up a little it should look golden or light brown on the base. Place some banana on the pikelet and then carefully flip it over to finish cooking. You have to just check underneath now as there are no telltale bubbles. Keep warm on a plate and then serve and devour.



love the socks:)


Oh I've quite enjoyed the ABC programming this year. Admittedly I don't rely on it and will switch to a DVD without a moment's hesitation, but the Monday night docos have been a mixed and fun bag, most of the time. I don't seem to have felt the absence of regular programming too badly!

And you are referring to Tim Freedman who pretty much IS the whitlams since his lineup changes more often than he changes his socks!


It's lovely to read your post - Aren't your labbies lucky to have their own pikelets? I'm also amazed you measure the wool - but extremely impressed (I don't actually thin the Doomlight of Spot's assistants know much about much! Hate the new logo - liked the wave and people doing it too!


I love the picture from your walk. It looks so very different than here.

Rose Red

I cook banana pancakes the way you do your pikelets! Sometimes I use blueberries too. Lucky labs to have pikelets cooked for them!

I also love that old ABC ad and the la-la's.

amanda j

I cry during Tenterfield Saddler too. I wonder what it is? Mind you, I cry a lot - very embarrassing when teaching!

I am yet to see the new ABC logo - I should hop on over.

I wish someone would cook me pikelets! I used to make them all the time as a kid. Once my cousin and I made peppermint pikelets, which were disgusting so we fed them to my G'pa's chookies. Then we panicked and thought the chookies (his girls) would die! Very stressful!!


The pancakes were very nice heated under the grill with sugar sprinkled on top...and dont be stingy with the sugar!!!!
la la la
I think we need a support group!


Love the color of your Shocker socks & the Crisp bag is so cute. You are always so creative in your sewing. I make those pancakes (I called them pikelets) very frequently for breakfast & my daughter loves it with choc chips!


You only have to say 'Tenterfield Saddler' and tears spring to my eyes. There, they just happened again. Although, since I gave birth and somehow got emotionally re-wired during the process, I cry at all live music too. And most church music. I even bawled when the Wiggles came on.

Banana pikelets - fabuloso.

Happy Birthday 2paw's dad, wherever you are.


I just followed your wiki link and the logo is nothing like you described - they must have changed it since you posted! It has no wave and is just blue and white. But when I went to the ABC site the wave was there, but as part of an extra square below the logo wiki has up.

Loved that Love is in the Air show. And Long Way to the Top. And the Classic Albums series.


As I was reading along, I was hoping for a recipe for pikelets and lo and behold...there it is!! Thanks, I've never heard of them but they sound good and my stove happens to have a griddle as the center burner. It even looks easy enough for me to make :-)

I love the zip bag made out of the recycled dog kibble bag. Really cute and the dog looks familiar.

Nice work on the socks! It's always weird making smaller sizes. When I make socks for my mom they look like kid's socks.


My aunt's Chinese and I meant to send her a card. I suppose being on holiday is a good excuse, right?
And you can actually be an actual Australian because you've gone walkabout in the bush (mate).


wow. doggies really have healthy breakky!!! i've never cooked breakfast for them before. i should try that one day!!

rosie-maree dean

I'm amazed at the number of knitted socks that just keeeeeeep on coming! They are just gorgeous.
Toby is just fine, his hoppy leg has 10 stitches. Fiona at school has given me her porta-cot, and thats where Tobe will be tomorrow until the other half comes home.
Thank you for your concern. He is my little heartbeat.


I love that you measured the wool - and went back!! :)

Lovely photos of the pups - Peri Naughty is sooo much like Sheeba!


Just wanted to let you know that you won my contest. I need your mailing address so I can send you the pot holders. Congradulations and thanks for entering the contest. Kathy


i laughed out loud at the thought of you measuring the wool meter by meter up against your tape measure. what does a person who WOULD do that look like? lovely pikelets, lovely labs, love the lab bag. la la la la. im with you on that one.


Love your chippy bag, what a good idea. You really do love your skirts, almost as much as I do! Thanks for the comment about my tidy sewing studio, it is so very nice to work in, I've had a lovely day recycling a gorgeous cotton mens shirt into a very fitted stylish shirt for me.


I am a tad concerned about the ABC logo change too, I like the wave and enjoyed those ads too, where they traced it with their finger. I have to admit I am an ABC radio buff too, (especially abc classic fm, it is my sewing station) I recognise that news music for my whole life, I think some things should stay the same.


picklets? what we call pancakes? they look yummy regardless!


I really have to get moving on my swap bag, I've done most of the extras, I just have to make the actual bag.


I love your pictures. Always so lovely and full of nature. And labs. :)

I too cry over the anthems, silly chicks we are. Parades also do me in.

Must see photos of the new bags!

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