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Sorry Doesn't Seem to be the Hardest Word

Today is the day our country finally got it's act together. No, I think we did that on November 24th last year when we elected the new Rudd Labour Government. Their first matter of business was to say Sorry. The previous Government refused to say Sorry for 11 years, but that time had passed, and it is a New Day.

I listened to Mr Rudd's speech and it made tears well in my eyes. It was one of those moments, those iconic Australian moments, like listening to I Still Call Australia Home, or the National Anthem at The Olympics, or when we all sing Waltzing Matilda. I think a lot more people are proud to call Australia home today.



I thought it was amazing. My mother, on the other hand, was LIVID at the "rudeness shown to Brendan Nelson"....


I think that this is a good beginning to what could be a great period of social, cultural and political growth for Australia. It is giving me great hope for my children's future in this country.


(it ate my first comment!!)
Ok, so what I said before, more or less, was that this feels like the start of a period of change and growth for Australia, giving me great hope for my children's future here.
Second try.

Rose Red

I got tears in my eyes too. And when I was walking up Martin Place at lunch time and they were replaying it. I suspect it is the most-watched session of parliament ever!

amanda j

I haven't seen/heard it yet, just read about it! Can you believe a Society and History teacher asked me what she should 'do' with her class? Holy crud.


Very emotional yes, I am actually taken aback at the attitudes of some very rude and ignorant people I have overheard throughout the course of the day. I am proud to say I voted for Mr Rudd!



Some of my faith is being gradually restored :)


Thanks for the link to the speech.. For the first time in a while I am Proud to say that I am Australian...

cheers Kim


It certainly was moving.
How arrogant of John Howard to be the only x-Priminister to not show up!


holy cow! i can't imagine the government purposely taking children for 100 years! they don't teach us that kind of stuff in our history classes here!


I thought the speech was wonderful! I don't often feel patriotic but I did today and yes I felt teary too. I think Kevin is hot! and will be an amazing Prime Minister! Brendan Nelson on the other hand totally lost the plot and should of been shutup totally. Totally inappropriate and upsetting the things he talked about, not the right time for that kind of stuff to be brought up. Go Kevin '07!!!!!


Well John Howard was never going to say sorry to them was he. At least Mr. Rudd has a heart and isnt ashamed to admit when the politicians are wrong is he. I really do hope that he does a great job.


I hope to have the same reaction in another year's time.

We seriously need change...big change.

Georgie Love

I was so moved too. I cried a little, but it was so hopeful too. I absolutely agree that it feels like we are moving into a new and progressive period. What an awesome start to the year!


I watched the broadcast in a school hall with the entire school, minus kindy (that's yrs 1-12) watching history being made. I think the occasion was lost on some of the younger kids, but I hope the older ones remember it.
I'm feeling very proud to be Australian.


A colleague of mine from Melbourne commented in an email today at work how happy he was to be an Australian. Your post helps me to appreciate a little more what he meant. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

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Well what bits I was able to catch I was loving how Mr Rudd speaks and I know he was very heartfelt about it.

Dr Nelson well maybe a better and more sensitive approach with his tone and choice of words would have helped. I think he offended with the term Half Cast.


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