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What a Barry Crocker!!! Australians know that when we hear this, the speaker is not referring to the eponymous entertainer, rather they are saying "What a shocker!!!" We have taken Cockney Rhyming slang and made it our own!! Barry Crocker starred in the iconic film The Adventures of Barry McKenzie and he also sang the theme tune to Neighbours. There are two Barrys-worth to start off my post today:

  1. I am making the Shocker Socks for Barry The GardyGardener's birthday. I started them yesterdayShocker_sock_1 and Tuesday Morning Tea time is my deadline. They are 8ply on 4mm needles, using 44 stitches. I have to knit a full foot for the foot: 30cm!!!!
  2. Oh the Internet has been abysmal. Some days it won't load at all. The little green loading line thingy goes Load...Load...Load for half an hour. Later on the same day it loads instantly. I ran the Anti-Virus and The Spyware and nothing turned up. MrsDrWho is having the same problem with her computer so we think it might be an ISP problem. Consequently I had things waiting to be blogged and I couldn't. It worked last night but not this morning. Hopefully it will keep working now........

It rained two days ago and now it is raining again. January was the driest on record, so we are all glad Harki_is_very_tired of the downpour. The Labradors loved their walk in the pouring rain and we went for a record 35 minutes!!! They were both very wet but when we came home. Harki wanted to keep on playing in the rain and Peri just wanted to rub her wet fur over everything. When it is nap time Harki sleeps The Sleep of the Just and The Impossibly Contortioned!!! Peri has been playing with the Recycling again. She needs to get in while she can, the Council wants to change from weekly to monthly recycling. I am not sure how we will go withPeris_got_milk  that.

I have been awarded Awards, and I am ever so glad I Make Peoples' Days, but I am a terrible awarder myself. I can't choose. I don't want to give an award to someone and then have another person feel sad because they have missed out. I think this is a leftover feeling from teaching: as a teacher you have to be very fair and unbiased and beyond reproach. If I read your blog and comment, believe me, you make my day!! My eyes light up when I see posts appearing to be read in my Bloglines. As MrsDrWho would say: You have Internet frie-ends!!!

The_word_socks I've finished my Mum's The Word socks at last and they have been posted off. They were knitted from the Old Merino Cashmere in Denim from The Knittery using 3.25mm needles. The lace pattern is Diagonal Fern from Barbara Walker with garter stitch in between. There is a 'jog' in the garter stitch at the back, I should have put all the stitches on the same needle, but I like the needles to be balanced and symmetrical, so we will all have to live with the 'jog'!! They are beautiful and soft and the wool is so lovely to knit. I haven't bought any of the new sock wool yet, but I The_word_front_and_back hope it is as nice as this. (Pictures courtesy of The Subway Table Top, the Subway with no cups of tea or avocado!!!)

I've also given Mrs Madcage a Squidge Face cloth as part of her birthday present. This one in Anchor Magicline and with a double crochet edging. This picture is a bit wonky: it's not as frilly as it looks!!!

MrsDrWho has been getting ready for school, and I assembled her new bookcase: Squidge_face_cloth_number_3 all I needed was a Phillips head screwdriver.  Then I sorted out her watercolour pencils. I love sorting out the watercolour pencils. Some are nearly 20 years old. They last a long time when you are always reminding the children how expensive they are!! The boxes of 72 don't seem to exist nowadays so the two here are worth their weight in frilly knickers. At $3 a pencil that's more or less $432 sitting there!!! I am very happy to see them arrayed A_mess_o_pencils in all their colour co-ordinated glory!!

I am happy to announce that it is All Back to Normal on ABC almost as from today. Hoo-ray. Np more Summertime TV Blues. All my favourite news and current affairs are back in their rightful place. All my favourite shows and more, are back too. Now is the time of year when you have to watch a bazillion shows and hope the ones you like aren't cancelled. I like Burn Notice, Robin Hood 2, Life on Mars 2, for a start, and I'm looking forward to Chuck. Psych and Journeyman have already What_a_lovely_sight bitten the dust here.

I made Nigella's No Churn Pomegranate Ice cream. It was fine by itself, but a little insipid. It really does need an accompanying sprinkle of pomegranate seeds, or fresh nectarines as I had, or even a slosh of Limoncello, which I had too. When I juiced my fruit I had 190ml, but maybe UK pomegranates are juicier??? I juiced them and then I emptied all the seeds into a bowl and mashed them up to extract every last drop of juice.

No Churn Pomegranate Ice CreamPomegranate

  • 2 pomegranates, juiced
  • 175g of icing sugar
  • juice of a lime or lemon
  • 50Ice_cream0ml thickened cream

Pour the juices over the sugar and whisk till dissolved. Add the cream and continue whisking till soft peaks form. Spoon into a container and freeze for at least 4 hours. It doesn't freeze hard, but is pleasantly soft and spoonable.



you beat me too it! As you know you've just been nominated for a you make my day award!! 'cos you do, you know, make my day!

Rose Red

Oh, how envious I am of the box of 72 derwents - I always wanted one of those when I was a kid.

Your socks look great and that ice-cream sounds divine - although I have never had a pomegranate - Nigella makes them sound so delightful!


Mmmmmmm - pomegranate Icecream looks loverleeeee - as do those socks!


Aah, Nigella, I've got two new books from her, loved her show. The socks look great, they even look smoochy soft, and a lovely color too.
Our dogs love to contort themselfs when they are totally relaxed. Sam does it in his futon bed, and when he wants to get up it's a fine struggle, and a lot of noice, until he's straight again. :o)
Biko used to play with empty waterbottles when she was a pup, sometimes she gets one out of the blue box even now.


Look at that silly Harki! So cute, Chief sleeps the same way. Good to see that Peri is so environmentally conscious. Love the blue socks! Very spring like. The pic of your pomegranate ice cream looks like that lass is ready to dive right in ;-)


Oh...veeeery technical..the green loady line thingy.
I want an award....chooose, choose , choose, choose.
Chocolate sauce would help the ice cream too. Limoncello is an inspired idea...remember for next visit.


oooh i still dream of 72 derwents! My mum bought herself a box for her 35th birthday or something...


That's a lot of work to do on the Gardener's socks - good luck!
You mum's socks look lovely. I hope she likes them!


i dont often comment but you do make my day every time i read, esp with those lovely labs of yours!


Love th color of your Mum's the Word socks. You are so lucky to have rain - it has been so hot & dry here & we do need the rain very badly. The promegranate ice cream look yummy.


Beautiful socks and lovely rain - pats to dogs (nice to be home too!)


those s!ocks look so good more and more socks will start appearing on blogs now Autumn is on it's way (yippee) and I will be sad as I still can't knit them :( I know what you mean about the ABC shows I can't wait for Life on Mars 2 I loved the 1st and I LOVE John Simm!! yummo Life on Mars 3 has a different name and he is not in it!!!!


Nice one, china! ;)

The cashmere socks are gorgeous - love the Knittery's cashmere blend.

How good was it to settle down with knitting and Robin Hood and Miss Marple on Sunday night?


We too are have a Barry Crocker of a time on the internet - must email bigpond and complain!
I hope you have socked those 8ply socks in time today - sounds like a fast and furious knit!
The Mum's the Word socks look lovely ::sigh for cashmere::
I too adore lovely pencils, and have been known to sit down drawing and colouring in knitting and sewing ideas :)
And Grey's Anatomy is back on Sunday! Yay for the return of watchable tv! (though I've been finding Burn Notice pretty funny too)
Hmm, epic epistle here - best stop before I put you to sleep!
Glad all are well walked, damp and happy :>


has the second series of Life on Mars started? Surely not? I've been waiting to see!


LOVE the colour of your blog, my dial up connection has been playing up too! all the same problems!


LOVE the colour of your blog!, my dial up connection has been playing up too!


sorry about the posts, my computer's playing up!!! it's the conection again!!!


Oooh, I've got old Derwents too, they're wonderful pencils. I also have over 100 Faber-Castell Polychromos housed in an amazing wooden box hubby made for me over 20 years ago!

Pomegranate *juice*, are you MAD woman? Bet it's delish though :D

I'm happy to see a new series of Miss Marple, and the PD James adaptation of 'The Murder Room' - both fairly short-lived treats, but very much appreciated. When did Aussie summer TV get so bad (a la USA)?


I have also had problems with slow internet, thought it was my computer until I asked around and it has been common lately??? Hmmm, what is going on? I was only talking to the moth last night in bed about Rolf Harris and his horrible wobble board, I hated that song'tie me kangaroo down, sport', you made me chuckle at the Barry Crocker remark.


Funny picture of Harki sleeping. :-)

I love the word socks...neat color, neat pattern.

I really like the shows Psych, Journeyman and Chuck.

amanda j

The tv is great isn't it? It's bittersweet at this time of year though, because I know it means that school is nigh.

The rain was great. Driving home from the coast in it was not!

You are such a diplomat! And as for organising those pencils - I AM SO JEALOUS! I love pencils.

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