Let Them Eat........Bread
Scary Mauvie

The (Break)Fast Show

We few, we happy few, have been lucky enough to know and see The Fast Show. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is "The Labradors Eating Breakfast", very fast and at break neck speed. I am using my special phone answering voice!! I have no idea if I talk like this all the time, I expect I might!!! Harki and Peri are eating rice, chicken, celery and carrot. Very healthy and apparently very delicious!!!

Almost_planted_3 Late this afternoon Auntie and Uncle Dutch came and planted my Christmas Lemon Tree in The Forbidden Zone. I am so happy, I have never had a Lemon Tree of my own before. Typically, I an unable to take a presentable picture of the tree in situ, so I hope to do that for next time. After that we walked up to the cool and trendy cafe on the corner and had an early tea and a few glasses of heavenly wine. Then we walked home and I am worn out from all the excitement!!!

Thank to everyone who was keeping something crossed for me: uncross now!! Donni's Second RavTea_cosy_swap_2_3elry Tea Cosy Swap Parcel arrived safe and sound on Friday. How lucky I was to have Donni as my swapee: even though she thought it strange I should take so many weeks just to knit a cosy, she was patient and uncomplaining. I actually made a few extra things. Donni often pops some green wool or titbits in the post for me and I wanted her to have a nice surprise!! So, here we go: and if I am lucky this might magically pop up in a new window and be bigger!!!

  • An old fashioned tea cosy, beribboned and becabled,
  • A Knitting For Snow bag, so that she can have the pleasant chill of Winter with her wherever she goes,
  • A Skiing Dude drawstring bag for bits and bobs,
  • A Skiing Dude Sock Tote, for socks of course,
  • And finally a Snowflake Ruffled Apron.

Of course I has sent a parcel before Christmas and it had some Tcs_1_2 things almost, but not quite, the same.

I want to thank Donni for the lovely Make My Day Award. I am glad I sometimes amuse with my goings on!!! I also want to thank Tales From Simon's House for the Arte Y Pico award. I certainly do like green and I do make quite a lot of things, not all of them sensible!! Now I am no good at the awarding, utterly hopeless, but if I visit your blog, I like you!! Nowadays I only do things I like to do, things I want to do - enjoyable things that make me happy. Life is too short to be cross, bored or unhappy. I count myself lucky to know so many nice people internetally!!!

It is a bit of a record for me to be posting so soon after my last post, but the weather is Autumnal and I am feeling tired, cool and happy, and able to think rather more clearly. Tomorrow I am off to watch more of Blake's 7 Season 3 at MrsDrWho's house with Cleo and Caramello. This reminds me, I am thinking of making another ZippyUppy Cardigan. I will want something else other than Doctor Who though: maybe a Stargate, or the Blake's 7 logo, or some thing from Firefly, or Buffy?? Of course I must sew up my Errol CardiFlynn (CPH) first, but then the Universe is my Oyster!!!!  I just have to decide on what to choose.........

PS I accidentally lost this entire post but since I have the Mind of a Troll (Terry Pratchett Troll) at the moment, I pretty much managed to recreate it word for word. If only I could use my powers for Good, rather than The Trivial!!!!



I loved hearing your voice! Sounds lovely to me!


NNnnoooooooo .... you're AUSTRALIAN?????!!!! I thought you said "Austrian!!!" ;)
I think, a la I Can Has Cheezeburger, nom nom nom nom can easily be applied to the labs!
And what a lucky swap partner you had!
And - noice patio furniture. It's unuoooosual. It's diff'rent! :D


It's always a joy reading your posts - you so deserve that award!!
Labrador's eating is ALWAYS a fast show - they actually inhale, rather than eat their food I always think! Donni's parcel was lovely - you are a very clever and clear thinking cool headed (!) troll indeed!


Yay for more knitting projects in the wings, I can't wait to see what logo you decide on.

Rose Red

I am very envious of your lemon tree. I need a bigger backyard before I can plant one!

Donni's package is lovely! She'll be dreaming of snow covered mountains even more when she's using all the bags and pouches!


Your voice is lovely!

Doesn't look like much washing up is needed after their meal. They are lovely dogs. Green bowls too! What a surprise ;-)


Yes...you always sound like a posh bint.
The girls are going to learn to love lemon straight from the tree...if they don't chew it down to a stick first!!!!


Isn't the cool weather just lovely after those few hot days?? It looks like your Second Chance Tea Cosy Package was stuffed to the gills with goodies - lucky Donni!
And I agree with the Make My Day Award - you deserve it!


Goodness me that is a very nice voice! Cindy has a voice! Hooray! That's an amazing package for Donni. Very deserving. I know there's been a bit of a drama with it so it's great to see it finally there!


Great to hear your voice :) I love lemon trees too - since we rent, I just have one in a huge ceramic pot, but I love it dearly!

What a great package for Donni, I'm sure she's over the moon!!


Love the LIVE vid!!
Those gals really chow down!

A lemon tree..how lovely.


Ha, I was just reading and commenting on your previous post, when I came back from a link, there was this new post! :o) I loved the video of Harki and Peri wolfing down their meal. They really ARE fast!
Lucky Donni to have you as a swap partner. All those lovely things! I love and laughted about your new word "internetally"! I'm going to use it for sure. I too love to have met so many nice people internetally! :o) Oh, and your own lemon tree!!! How great is that?!


That's a really nice package & I love the cable tea cosy. I totally agree with you about living happily - life is short & it's great to have nice people like you. Enjoy!

metal and knit

It was so greatto hear you and each time you praised the girls Boss looked as if to say where is the treat or me. I think you sound like an enthusiastic teacher being even and fair on them both.


Blog-iversary Contest! Come to my blog to join in the fun!


yay!! lemon tree!! i had my first ever lemon tree last year!! my dad planted it for me when he came over for a visit :)


There is something for you at my place.

cheers Kim xxx


There is something for you at my place.

cheers Kim xxx


You inspired me - I started a video challenge.

amanda j

That is your sing song teacher voice! It does sound mostly like you only a little bit posherer. In my classroom if I start to sound like that the kids cringe! I must sugar coat my nasty side!

Gorgeous swapping.


I really like the tea cozy and the knitting for snow bag. Very cute! :-)


hi Cindy, hoping you are ok??? you have posted in a while so I hope you are not having shitty numbers??? Yay new Doc Martin coming!!!! How exciting is that!!! :)


ps that should be "you HAVEN'T posted in a while" of course!! oops!


Weird stuff just happened to your feed in my GoogleReader - feared you had been blog-jacked. Things seem OK, though. Amy - not really enjoying the cricket in England!

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