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The B.A.G.

Harki_is_gorgeous So, you're thinking this title refers to maybe The Ravelry Bag Swap, or even Roald Dahl and his BFG?? Nope, that would actually be Jerry O'Connell in Sliders. And the B.A.G. is The Beautiful Adorable Girl: Harki!! (Whose nickname as a pup was Giant Baby Harki. She was a big baby!!!)  But I digress as usual. There's an episode of Sliders where Jerry's character Quinn Mallory  is walking down some rickety wooden steps, his hands tied in front of him, towards a scaffold where he is to be hanged. MrsDrWho and I looked at each other and decided it was at this point we would feel self-conscious and silly if we were actors. Kind of Willing Suspension of Disbelief Jumping the Shark time. From that day, whenever we see an actor doing something really silly we refer to it as a 'Jerry O'Connell Walking Down the Stairs Moment'. I had one of these moments this week, sitting on the couch with half a plastic bag balanced on my head. A momPeri_says_please_let_me_outent when I realised that if anyone saw me they would think I was mad!! In fact I was playing Harki's favourite game: Little Hat. To play Little Hat to its fullest potential the person on the couch should put on a hat, but hats are in short supply here so Harki brings me whatever she has handy, an ice-cream container or a toy, but usually a bag. The person then places said 'hat'; on their head, says "Little Hat' and then Harki delicately hops up on the couch and ever so gently removes said hat from the person's head. Et Voila: Little Hat!!!

The GITNeB is going along really well. I only have half a sleeve to knit and it is finished. This is good news as AutuHoppin_mad_bunny_cosiesmn seems to have arrived!! We have had a  2*C overnight low and it was 12*C on Thursday and we have had rain, substantial rain, for two days in a row!!!! This makes Harki and Peri very happy and they are more alert and playful (Little Hat) and love their walks in the cold crisp mornings. They run far afield and their ears are all alert and their eyes peeled. Peri always has her eyes peeled for a way out. I'm looking at the gate and thinking that I might paint it green soon. I think this will involve dry weather, some sanding, primer and green metal paint!!!(Metal green paint??)

I have been led astray by some Horrible Bunny Cosies. Mine, not the pattern itself I hasten to add!!! I think I made their ears too far apart. They are cosying up to eggs here at MrsDrWho's house but I left them cosying the electric salt anWhen_youre_on_a_shawl_thing_part_1d pepper shakers and various other things!!! I helped her class make their Easter Felt Eggs too!!! I'm also making my Aunt the Swallowtail Shawl, or the When You're on to a Shawl Thing!!!!! It is easy thus far, I knitted 12 of the 14 sets of lace repeats yesterday but I am up to the Purl 5 togethers now. They take a bit of time. There are just 20ish rows to go. This is my first ever shawl and so far so good.  I have finished and sent away my Ravelry Bag. I felted it and lined it and it worked really well. I hope my Swap Recipient likes it....

I love the things that have been sent to me: some beautiful wool, some excellent pot holders and really Gifts_galore truly Amy Butler fabric!! So far all I have done is wash the fabric and the Easter Eggs disappeared with me to a good home!!! The handspun worsted is to be a neck warmer. I need a pattern, anyone recommend one?? For 160 yards?  Thank you to everyone for their very kind words and thoughts!! I am feeling quite well at the moment, numbers stable and drugs juggled. I have been quite social this week catching up with all my friends. We have a ten day Easter Break here in The Apple Isle, which gives us Four Terms when You're Not Having Four Terms. We're philosophically opposed to Four Terms. Children here don't need more holidays in the colder times!!!

One of my friends from school has a blog of her own. You might like to say hello to The Highland Quilter!!!! So that's it for today, I'm keeping it short(ish) and sweet and I have saved things for posting again in April. "Cause that's just the day after tomorrow!!! Now I can read lots of blogs as I have replied to my languishing comments!!!

Corn Fritters

  • 425g can corn kernels, drained
  • 1 egg
  • 3 or 4 spring onions, choppedOut_of_focus_fritters
  • 1/2 cup SR flour
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • oil
  • Extras of sour cream and smoked salmon, a little freshly squeezed lemon juice

Whisk the egg then add the milk, corn, onion and flour. Stir well. Add salt and pepper to taste. Heat the oil in the pan over a medium heat and then add tablespoonfuls of the mixture. Cook till bubbles appear on the top or the underneath is lightly is browned. Then flip and cook for about another minute. They are nice eaten hot right away. Or, when cold, top with sour cream and some smoked salmon with a little lemon juice. they are delicious. Sadly my picture is out of focus, and I did take 3. Maybe it was that glass of wine???

*After all, to-Marrow is another day!!!

I have maLemon_tree_and_harkide some people worry with all my talk of Labrador Adoption: Sorry about that. I am pretty OK with most aspects of my illness: it is Harki and Peri I worry about. Thank you ever so much for your kind adoption offers: everything is tickety-boo at the moment. For those who came in late, here's a quick precis. For those who were already here: Early Minute for a cup of tea or coffee!!!!!!!!

OK, I have something wrong with my bone marrow and I don't make enough red blood cells, that's why I am obsessed with my Numbers: I like nice, big, fat numbers like 90 or 100 for my haemoglobin, not 62!!!!! We (the medical profession and I) are not sure what is exactly wrong with me so I am hard to treat. I have taken the drugs I am taking now in 2001, and I had almost four years of remission!! Huzzah!! But in 2006 I got sick again and so I have been taking all the drugs again. I have boogelly side effects, but let's face it: it could be worse. There are people sicker than me. It's just every now and then something happens, like the meeting last week where the specialist was all about the bone marrow transplant, and it makes me confront Death just a little bit more than I am usually comfortable with. MrsDrWho has commanded me not to die, as then she will have no-one to do jobs for her: like takinPeri_stealing_the_paper_2g Cleo and Caramello to The Vet!!!! I am frightened of a transplant, and I'd quite like to just keep taking these drugs, and then other different drugs!!! I come under the Leukaemia Umbrella so I'm lucky enough to be able to go along to all the support and information meetings. So I guess though I am statistically more likely than most to shuffle off this mortal coil, I am not particularly planning to do it soon. I still owe Christmas presents and I have The Labradors to think of!!!!

And we're back in the room!!! Harki has kindly modelled the Lemon Tree for me. I have managed to keep the tree alive thHarki_thinks_close_eyes_click_ruby_us far, so I count this as a win!! Peri has not been so helpful. She ate half a loaf of bread on Monday night while I was out. Thankfully it was excellent Sourdough Rye, but she is a glutton. At least this isn't one of The New Seven Deadly Sins!!! (And apparently Excessive Wealth applies to everyone but The Catholic Church) She has also taken to running away with the newspaper. She is only playing but she does have the beginnings of a stash happening on the wood pile. I think Harki has been secretly reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, because here she is, squeezing her eyes tightly shut, and wishing hard: all she needs are some ruby red slippers. All she could find was a ruby red ball!!! We've had a March heatwave and so the poor Labradors have been hot every evening. It is cool and dark every morning and that is a nice time to play. I expect we will really notice the difference when Daylight Saving ends this month.

I have started a new cardigan. Amanda inspired me and I am knitting the Basic Black Cardigan from MagKnits, or as I like to call it: Green is the new Black (GITNeB) The wool is called Dolce (which just makes me song songs from Guys and Dolls!!!) I did the maths and I have enough wool to make the cardigan with long sleeves. It has waist shaping, but I think I have made it a tad too long. I'll live with it. The pattern callsGreen_is_the_new_blackback for 4mm needles for the main knitting but I had to go up a size to 4.5mm to hit the stitch count tension. In truth, I still don't have the correct row tension, I'm two rows shy of that, but I was not going to use 5mm needles. It knits up rather quickly and I like the pooling. I like the way it changes and the way it looks like I have primitive computer game icons across the back. I am knitting the fronts together and then there are only the sleeves!!! I think the most difficult thing will be, as always, the buttons.

I'm off to Sewing group tonight, and I've just made some corn fritters that I will top with some sour cream and smoked salmon, and then a twist of black pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice. These are so easy and so very tasty. I am forced to keep eating them whether I like it or not. I will take a picture tonight and write up the recipe for next time. I am reading a lot at them moment. I have to. All my Library books on Hold are coming at once. I have fourteen books out, and three more are waiting on the shelf. There is something very weird about reading to deadlines. I also have to catch up on replying to comments and reading people's blogs. Ahhh, to have such hard jobs to do. Frankly, my dears, I don't give a damn!!!!

*That would make me Greenlett O'Hara

Scary Mauvie

The_mauvie_star_socks I have to confess I have never seen a Scary Movie or a Scream Movie, I think the closest I have come to the genre is one of the Airplane! Movies, with lines like "Roger, Roger. What's our vector, Victor?" Some people have found the colour of my latest socks, a pale mauve, to be quite scary. I knitted the Scary Mauvies, or Purl-less Monkeys in Baby Shepherd 4ply. I modified the pattern by omitting the purls, and doing a pattern repeat of only 10 rows. Joanie's mum lives in a mining town in Queensland now, but assured me that occasionally it gets cold enough to wear socks. She asked for mauve, and mauve was what she received when she came to visit!!

The Labradors are well, they like the Autumnal weather, though it is strange to be swooshing throughLook_at_those_faces  the first thin carpet of fallen leaves while the temperature is still 27*C.  We have been sitting on the verandah in the cool, and I have a cup of tea and they hope for a treat. Lately their treat has been Rice Bubbles. MrsDrWho made Chocolate Crackles(recipe follows) for fundraising at school, and there were bubbles left over. There is nothing much more amusing than watching Harki and Peri's heads tilt at the snap, crackle and pop in their dishes!!!

I have been a little under the weather, on and off: boogelly headaches. I also had a slightly unsatisfactory meeting with the Mainland Doctor, and after a night or worrying what would happen to The Labradors (MrsDrWho would adopt them!!) I talked the next day to the Support Group nurse who was there, and she said that the doctor agreed with my decisions, but just didn't say so. Sigh. Our meeting this week was about Communication and I think that maybe there is a Specialist who needs to brush up on communication skills. Apart from the headaches I am well: quite Pink like a Real Person!!! The Labradors have had their walks and one day I did Three things, and then Three things the next day too. Of course then I had to have a day at home, but still!!!! I do feel much happier about the whole thing now.

Other things are being made, and are happening, but I just wanted to quickly post as it had been a while. Oh, and the Chocolate Crackles?? Well I can't eat them, but MrsDrWho said they tasted just as she remembered from The Olden Days. I remember my mum making them, and they were in little paper cases that were violently red, green, blue and yellow. We kept them in the fridge in a Tupperware container as they would melt in the heat. I remember sinking my teeth into them, and the unusual but delicious texture of the cold, hard bubbles encased in the cocoa-y goodness.

Chocolate Crackles

  • 4 cups of Rice Bubbles, or whatever popped rice cereal you have
  • 1 1/2 cups icing sugarSnap_crackle_pop
  • 1 cup desiccated coconut
  • 3 tbspn cocoa
  • 250g Copha, melted

To melt the Copha, chop it into cubes and then heat gently in a saucepan. Meanwhile, set out 16-24 paper cases- it just depends on how generously you fill them. Measure out the remaining ingredients into a bowl, stir thoroughtly, and then pour in the melted Copha and stir again till every bubble is coated. Spoon into the cases and refrigerate till set. This only takes about 20-30 minutes. You can decorate with sprinkles, we used 100s and 1000s, or choc drops. At home we had them au naturelle!!!