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*After all, to-Marrow is another day!!!

I have maLemon_tree_and_harkide some people worry with all my talk of Labrador Adoption: Sorry about that. I am pretty OK with most aspects of my illness: it is Harki and Peri I worry about. Thank you ever so much for your kind adoption offers: everything is tickety-boo at the moment. For those who came in late, here's a quick precis. For those who were already here: Early Minute for a cup of tea or coffee!!!!!!!!

OK, I have something wrong with my bone marrow and I don't make enough red blood cells, that's why I am obsessed with my Numbers: I like nice, big, fat numbers like 90 or 100 for my haemoglobin, not 62!!!!! We (the medical profession and I) are not sure what is exactly wrong with me so I am hard to treat. I have taken the drugs I am taking now in 2001, and I had almost four years of remission!! Huzzah!! But in 2006 I got sick again and so I have been taking all the drugs again. I have boogelly side effects, but let's face it: it could be worse. There are people sicker than me. It's just every now and then something happens, like the meeting last week where the specialist was all about the bone marrow transplant, and it makes me confront Death just a little bit more than I am usually comfortable with. MrsDrWho has commanded me not to die, as then she will have no-one to do jobs for her: like takinPeri_stealing_the_paper_2g Cleo and Caramello to The Vet!!!! I am frightened of a transplant, and I'd quite like to just keep taking these drugs, and then other different drugs!!! I come under the Leukaemia Umbrella so I'm lucky enough to be able to go along to all the support and information meetings. So I guess though I am statistically more likely than most to shuffle off this mortal coil, I am not particularly planning to do it soon. I still owe Christmas presents and I have The Labradors to think of!!!!

And we're back in the room!!! Harki has kindly modelled the Lemon Tree for me. I have managed to keep the tree alive thHarki_thinks_close_eyes_click_ruby_us far, so I count this as a win!! Peri has not been so helpful. She ate half a loaf of bread on Monday night while I was out. Thankfully it was excellent Sourdough Rye, but she is a glutton. At least this isn't one of The New Seven Deadly Sins!!! (And apparently Excessive Wealth applies to everyone but The Catholic Church) She has also taken to running away with the newspaper. She is only playing but she does have the beginnings of a stash happening on the wood pile. I think Harki has been secretly reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, because here she is, squeezing her eyes tightly shut, and wishing hard: all she needs are some ruby red slippers. All she could find was a ruby red ball!!! We've had a March heatwave and so the poor Labradors have been hot every evening. It is cool and dark every morning and that is a nice time to play. I expect we will really notice the difference when Daylight Saving ends this month.

I have started a new cardigan. Amanda inspired me and I am knitting the Basic Black Cardigan from MagKnits, or as I like to call it: Green is the new Black (GITNeB) The wool is called Dolce (which just makes me song songs from Guys and Dolls!!!) I did the maths and I have enough wool to make the cardigan with long sleeves. It has waist shaping, but I think I have made it a tad too long. I'll live with it. The pattern callsGreen_is_the_new_blackback for 4mm needles for the main knitting but I had to go up a size to 4.5mm to hit the stitch count tension. In truth, I still don't have the correct row tension, I'm two rows shy of that, but I was not going to use 5mm needles. It knits up rather quickly and I like the pooling. I like the way it changes and the way it looks like I have primitive computer game icons across the back. I am knitting the fronts together and then there are only the sleeves!!! I think the most difficult thing will be, as always, the buttons.

I'm off to Sewing group tonight, and I've just made some corn fritters that I will top with some sour cream and smoked salmon, and then a twist of black pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice. These are so easy and so very tasty. I am forced to keep eating them whether I like it or not. I will take a picture tonight and write up the recipe for next time. I am reading a lot at them moment. I have to. All my Library books on Hold are coming at once. I have fourteen books out, and three more are waiting on the shelf. There is something very weird about reading to deadlines. I also have to catch up on replying to comments and reading people's blogs. Ahhh, to have such hard jobs to do. Frankly, my dears, I don't give a damn!!!!

*That would make me Greenlett O'Hara



And I need spelling lists and group names and someone to remember who that guy in that program was.
My wish better be your command or I am going to be quite upset!!!!!


Damn...forgot to say....oh oh ...I can't believe I am first to leave a comment ( al la Yarn Harlot comments)


You idiot!!! You take our blogging traditions and you mock them. You pooh-pooh them!!!!!!!


Yep....and your point is????


I love Harki with her eyes squishes shut, I wonder what she is wishing for, bones to chew and bury, water to splash in........


Numbers up up up!! The labs are so beauiful and so is the cardi!

Have a lovely Easter and St Pats= already wearing the right colours I see!


This was such an amusing post, even MrsDrWHO's comments made me laugh. I noticed that too, on the Yarn Harlots comments page. :o)
I'm glad you "talked" about what's ailing you, because guessing around is dumb. Now I know. That's a great Harki picture, I first thought she' eating some weird kind of fruit. :o)


I hope all is well with you and your marrow, you seem to be taking everything with humour and stride - that's something I often wish I could do better on days when I have much, much fewer problems to deal with. I send virtual hugs.

Good luck with the sweater and have fun - bright green is a great pick for spring :)


Miss 2 paw. You know I admire you greatly - the way you deal with what you feeling....etc etc etc. We love to hear about your numbers and yon doggies.....


Lol! Your post titles always get me laughing. Thankyou for clearing up the Mystery of the Numbers. Whether by drugs or transplants, I hope they can get you healthy again.

Greenlet O'Hara. Groan!


dear cindy, i hope you numbers will be up up up all the time around 90 or 100 ^_^

i'll ask momo and coco to wish really really hard for you too!!

take good care and happy crafting!!



It's great that you are taking it all so well - anyway, all of us have our medical issues. I have thallasemia ( extra small red cells), severly anemic, can't take iron supplements, have dizzy spells, etc but life still goes on. I think it's the attitude towards life that keeps us going & I am with you all the way....


how did I miss that cardi when I was scanning mag knits the other day, looking for simple cardigan pattens. It's perfect! Love it!

So glad you're gonna be around for a while. Would be sad not to have you with us.


Oh big hugs! Having an uncle who is battling acute leukaemia, I have a small understanding of what you are talking about with the whole transplant thing.... hope your numbers keep going up to normal levels, and that you can avoid the really scary things.

I don't like scary movies either, I couldn't cope with Jurassic Park, and had to keep shutting my eyes.

Love the wishing dog ;) Hope she gets her wish!

Rose Red

Greenlett O'Hara - you crack me up!! And you are right about GITNeB - just like an early space invaders type game. Or green fuzzy tv back when tv used to finish at midnight after they played the national anthem. Ah, good times!


thank you so much for sharing your illness with us, even though it sounds pretty bad, you will have all of us thinking good positive thoughts for you and that can only be a good thing.


Yes, thank you for explaining about your bone marrow count. I wasn't sure what you referred to before with numbers and thought maybe it had to do with blood pressure, but didn't like to ask.

I'm glad that it is treatable, although I'm sure you have some days you feel better than others. Harki and Peri take good care of you, and aren't going to let you get sick on them!!

Your sweater is so pretty. Good luck with the sleeves!


Big numbers, big big numbers!! (that is a sending of big number vibes)
Yay for lemon trees - I need me one of those (I have a teeny tiny bay tree masquerading as a short leafy twig).
Go your cardigan! It's growing so very well :>


Sending big digits your way!

I love the sweater, pooling is a good thing. I agree with your assessment of how yours looks.

The Labs are so sweet, I'm sure no matter what your health situation they can always make you feel better.

Hmmmm....I reviewed the new "sins", I noticed that pedophilia wasn't among them. D'oh!!


Ahh, the old "You have condition Y, which is similar to, but not, condition X. Also, we have no idea what's actually wrong with you - have some drugs".
Nice cardi - I like the "interference" pattern going on!


the Git Neb name amuses me...

The cardie is coming along great..How you are able to knit that fuzzy wool in this heat I dont know!!! I am keeping myself sane with little knits that dont rest on me.

See you tuesday...lets hope the weather is a lot cooler by then.



I read this the other day, but my Internet connection was acting up so it wouldn't allow me to post my comment.

I LOVE the picture of Harki, it's adorable.

Your sweater DOES look like gaming icons!! How cool is that!


Yay for the cardi!! It looks great =)
Incidentally, I WAS first on the yarn harlot comments today! teehee =)


FYI - You Make My Day (see blog!!)


Cindy the cardi looks wonderful!! and as for Harki well that is just toooo cute, maybe she wishes to star in the next Lassie movie!!

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