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Scary Mauvie

The_mauvie_star_socks I have to confess I have never seen a Scary Movie or a Scream Movie, I think the closest I have come to the genre is one of the Airplane! Movies, with lines like "Roger, Roger. What's our vector, Victor?" Some people have found the colour of my latest socks, a pale mauve, to be quite scary. I knitted the Scary Mauvies, or Purl-less Monkeys in Baby Shepherd 4ply. I modified the pattern by omitting the purls, and doing a pattern repeat of only 10 rows. Joanie's mum lives in a mining town in Queensland now, but assured me that occasionally it gets cold enough to wear socks. She asked for mauve, and mauve was what she received when she came to visit!!

The Labradors are well, they like the Autumnal weather, though it is strange to be swooshing throughLook_at_those_faces  the first thin carpet of fallen leaves while the temperature is still 27*C.  We have been sitting on the verandah in the cool, and I have a cup of tea and they hope for a treat. Lately their treat has been Rice Bubbles. MrsDrWho made Chocolate Crackles(recipe follows) for fundraising at school, and there were bubbles left over. There is nothing much more amusing than watching Harki and Peri's heads tilt at the snap, crackle and pop in their dishes!!!

I have been a little under the weather, on and off: boogelly headaches. I also had a slightly unsatisfactory meeting with the Mainland Doctor, and after a night or worrying what would happen to The Labradors (MrsDrWho would adopt them!!) I talked the next day to the Support Group nurse who was there, and she said that the doctor agreed with my decisions, but just didn't say so. Sigh. Our meeting this week was about Communication and I think that maybe there is a Specialist who needs to brush up on communication skills. Apart from the headaches I am well: quite Pink like a Real Person!!! The Labradors have had their walks and one day I did Three things, and then Three things the next day too. Of course then I had to have a day at home, but still!!!! I do feel much happier about the whole thing now.

Other things are being made, and are happening, but I just wanted to quickly post as it had been a while. Oh, and the Chocolate Crackles?? Well I can't eat them, but MrsDrWho said they tasted just as she remembered from The Olden Days. I remember my mum making them, and they were in little paper cases that were violently red, green, blue and yellow. We kept them in the fridge in a Tupperware container as they would melt in the heat. I remember sinking my teeth into them, and the unusual but delicious texture of the cold, hard bubbles encased in the cocoa-y goodness.

Chocolate Crackles

  • 4 cups of Rice Bubbles, or whatever popped rice cereal you have
  • 1 1/2 cups icing sugarSnap_crackle_pop
  • 1 cup desiccated coconut
  • 3 tbspn cocoa
  • 250g Copha, melted

To melt the Copha, chop it into cubes and then heat gently in a saucepan. Meanwhile, set out 16-24 paper cases- it just depends on how generously you fill them. Measure out the remaining ingredients into a bowl, stir thoroughtly, and then pour in the melted Copha and stir again till every bubble is coated. Spoon into the cases and refrigerate till set. This only takes about 20-30 minutes. You can decorate with sprinkles, we used 100s and 1000s, or choc drops. At home we had them au naturelle!!!



Those crackles are more sophisticated than the ones from my childhood - melted chocolate and Rice Krispies!
I'm pleased to hear that you managed 3 things x 2 and that you are in the pink!


The mauve socks look very nice. Your Labs have good taste in treats, the chocolate crackles look very delicious! I hope you are doing alright!


Crackles with no copha! Goodness! But I would adopt your dogs if you needed someone (but only if you promise to adopt my children!!)

Hope to catch up with you in April - determined to make a visiting trip to Launie!


Thats just how I remember choccy crackles! Sometime we would even let them melt on purpose - different sensation, yum.

Love the Scary Mauvies!

And if MrsDrWho was for some reason unable, the Labs would have a home with us!


I may be naive, but why would you need to find a home for the labs? You are scaring me. I haven't read many of your old posts, I really don't know the health issues you face exactly, and never felt it was my place to ask. I came to say hello and thank you for your lovely letter and commit to answering you very soon, but now I am going away from here confused and concerned. Hugs and Pats [the pats are for the labs heads, pat pat!]


My overriding memory of chocolate crackles is that, in grade 3 or 4, a friend and I were supposed to make a batch to sell at a fete. Instead we ate most of the batch and ended up both really sick and in big trouble. I've never been able to stand them, or the smell of copha, ever since!

But I like the sound of chocolate crackles made from just melted chocolate and rice crispies. Mmm.

Hope the headaches go soon and you feel better.


LOL I would love to see the girls trying to see where the snap crackle pop came from.

Rose Red

Mmm chocolate crackles! Your posts always make me so hungry!! But I have to admit, I always like honey joys more than chocolate crackles. How do the labs like corn flakes?!


i've never heard of chocolate crackles!! this must be something aussie. will have to try it out one day!!! ^_^

those mauce socks are beautiful!! i'm sure the recipient will loves it!!

Anyway, i hope the little headaches will go away soon and that you'll feel better.


The socks look great!

Why have I now got a craving for Chocky Crackles? Too hot here to go and get the ingredients - in the middle of a two week heatwave of 38 degree temps.


The mauve almost-monkeys are nice, though they certainly are very mauve indeed!
I shall have to try dry rice bubbles on my dogs - one of them already likes all leftover cereals.
Glad to hear that you are In the Pink (aside from niggling headaches), and I hope you feel even better as the leaf layers get thicker!!


You're scaring me with the health talk too!

I don't think the socks are scary but then again I love the horror flicks...all of them! Loverly socks!

Sweet puppies, love those fuzzy little faces.


I don't watch scary movies too as I don't see the point in torturing myself or maybe I am just a scary cat. Love the socks & the color is nice & not scary at all. Hope you will be well soon.


I really hope you are feeling well, it is a bit of a worry being not well and have harki and peri to worry about to. I don't know what is making you ill, but if you want to share you can email me. Take care. I love the mauve socks. And as for crackles as a child I loved them, I can eat one or two now but I am not a big fan of the copha, but I guess you have to hold them together somehow. Autumn is just lovely, although we are still a bit hot here, I guess until the end of april it is still warm. I love the colours of the autumn leaves. It isn't that cold here to have the vibrant colours some places get, and people don't seem to plant too many deciduous plants here.


Me too, you have me worried about your health!

I love the pale mauve socks and I don't watch scary movies either, I don't like them. I have watched maybe 3 in my time and that's more then enough for me.

Please take care of yourself.


The socks are really cute. I've seen the "Scream" movies and I like them. And I saw about ten mintues of one of the "Scary Movie" and it was just way too dumb.
The chocolate crackles look delicious.

lynne s of oz

Chocolate crackles! Mmm! (can't eat them now either)
I like the mauve socks - I know what yarn you mean and I like it!
It is viciously spring here - cherry plums everywhere and wattles! The pink, white and yellow is very in your face (well at least in my face).
I hope your headaches settle down - could they be neck/tension related?


The Choc crackles were just as i remembered them ...slightly greasy and chocolatey and crunchy. The kids made short work of them...we raised 163.30 from our little stall this time. All proceeds go to Relay For Life.
I want to see the Girls eating dry rice bubbles...imagine the look on their faces when they pop on their tongues.


the mauve socks are GORGEOUS mauve and purple rock!! so glad you have been up and about a bit, I think all Specialists suck!! I dread seeing them and for me personally they are no help and usually rude! Hope yours is better than that. Chocolate crackles yummo


there really is nothing like a chocolate crackle, is there?

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