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Much Ado About Nupping

The B.A.G.

Harki_is_gorgeous So, you're thinking this title refers to maybe The Ravelry Bag Swap, or even Roald Dahl and his BFG?? Nope, that would actually be Jerry O'Connell in Sliders. And the B.A.G. is The Beautiful Adorable Girl: Harki!! (Whose nickname as a pup was Giant Baby Harki. She was a big baby!!!)  But I digress as usual. There's an episode of Sliders where Jerry's character Quinn Mallory  is walking down some rickety wooden steps, his hands tied in front of him, towards a scaffold where he is to be hanged. MrsDrWho and I looked at each other and decided it was at this point we would feel self-conscious and silly if we were actors. Kind of Willing Suspension of Disbelief Jumping the Shark time. From that day, whenever we see an actor doing something really silly we refer to it as a 'Jerry O'Connell Walking Down the Stairs Moment'. I had one of these moments this week, sitting on the couch with half a plastic bag balanced on my head. A momPeri_says_please_let_me_outent when I realised that if anyone saw me they would think I was mad!! In fact I was playing Harki's favourite game: Little Hat. To play Little Hat to its fullest potential the person on the couch should put on a hat, but hats are in short supply here so Harki brings me whatever she has handy, an ice-cream container or a toy, but usually a bag. The person then places said 'hat'; on their head, says "Little Hat' and then Harki delicately hops up on the couch and ever so gently removes said hat from the person's head. Et Voila: Little Hat!!!

The GITNeB is going along really well. I only have half a sleeve to knit and it is finished. This is good news as AutuHoppin_mad_bunny_cosiesmn seems to have arrived!! We have had a  2*C overnight low and it was 12*C on Thursday and we have had rain, substantial rain, for two days in a row!!!! This makes Harki and Peri very happy and they are more alert and playful (Little Hat) and love their walks in the cold crisp mornings. They run far afield and their ears are all alert and their eyes peeled. Peri always has her eyes peeled for a way out. I'm looking at the gate and thinking that I might paint it green soon. I think this will involve dry weather, some sanding, primer and green metal paint!!!(Metal green paint??)

I have been led astray by some Horrible Bunny Cosies. Mine, not the pattern itself I hasten to add!!! I think I made their ears too far apart. They are cosying up to eggs here at MrsDrWho's house but I left them cosying the electric salt anWhen_youre_on_a_shawl_thing_part_1d pepper shakers and various other things!!! I helped her class make their Easter Felt Eggs too!!! I'm also making my Aunt the Swallowtail Shawl, or the When You're on to a Shawl Thing!!!!! It is easy thus far, I knitted 12 of the 14 sets of lace repeats yesterday but I am up to the Purl 5 togethers now. They take a bit of time. There are just 20ish rows to go. This is my first ever shawl and so far so good.  I have finished and sent away my Ravelry Bag. I felted it and lined it and it worked really well. I hope my Swap Recipient likes it....

I love the things that have been sent to me: some beautiful wool, some excellent pot holders and really Gifts_galore truly Amy Butler fabric!! So far all I have done is wash the fabric and the Easter Eggs disappeared with me to a good home!!! The handspun worsted is to be a neck warmer. I need a pattern, anyone recommend one?? For 160 yards?  Thank you to everyone for their very kind words and thoughts!! I am feeling quite well at the moment, numbers stable and drugs juggled. I have been quite social this week catching up with all my friends. We have a ten day Easter Break here in The Apple Isle, which gives us Four Terms when You're Not Having Four Terms. We're philosophically opposed to Four Terms. Children here don't need more holidays in the colder times!!!

One of my friends from school has a blog of her own. You might like to say hello to The Highland Quilter!!!! So that's it for today, I'm keeping it short(ish) and sweet and I have saved things for posting again in April. "Cause that's just the day after tomorrow!!! Now I can read lots of blogs as I have replied to my languishing comments!!!

Corn Fritters

  • 425g can corn kernels, drained
  • 1 egg
  • 3 or 4 spring onions, choppedOut_of_focus_fritters
  • 1/2 cup SR flour
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • oil
  • Extras of sour cream and smoked salmon, a little freshly squeezed lemon juice

Whisk the egg then add the milk, corn, onion and flour. Stir well. Add salt and pepper to taste. Heat the oil in the pan over a medium heat and then add tablespoonfuls of the mixture. Cook till bubbles appear on the top or the underneath is lightly is browned. Then flip and cook for about another minute. They are nice eaten hot right away. Or, when cold, top with sour cream and some smoked salmon with a little lemon juice. they are delicious. Sadly my picture is out of focus, and I did take 3. Maybe it was that glass of wine???



Now little hat seems like a good game to share on You Tube!! I'd love to see it!!!!!

The shawl is looking really good Cindy.


that green wool is oh so pretty!! and the corn fritters look yum!!!

rosie dean

can you put the Little Hat game on the video-thingy in your blog? what a wonderful game!
The shawl looks lovely. The corn fritters look scrumptious. I'm sure the Highland Quilter is someone that I know.


Neckwarmers: http://www.yarnabuse.com/cashmere-neckwarmer and http://sixoneseven.blogspot.com/2008/03/dolores-park-cowl.html

Rose Red

Little Hat - that's funny! Would love to see it in action!

Lovely yarn and fabric goodies for the bag swap - I feel the same about Amy Butler - "really truly Amy Butler fabric".

And your swallowtail is lovely. I wouldn't look forward to the p5tog either! (I'd probably cheat and slip 2 together, p3tog and pass the 2 slipped ones over...although I guess that wouldn't work quite the same!)


The Little Hat game sounds like fun. Your shawl is coming along nicely & I love the color of the yarn. The P5 is tricky & really slow down the knitting - just do it loosely.

amanda j

What a clever dog! Now you should teach her to tie your shoes so you don't have to bend down!

Clever you knitting a blue shawl! What next??


Isn't Harki a clever girly! What a great game! and the corn fritters sounds so nice!!

Hopefully we'll be socialish and launcestonish soonish!! Love to catch up!


LOL,I thought of you when I opened the parcel to see "Lucky"!
A Green gate would be marvelous! And do please put up a video of Little Hat!!!!


That hat game sounds fun - I'll train up the neighbour's cats!
160 yds for a scarf? Erm ... try my "Chess Set" scarf, maybe? It's on Ravelry as a free PDF download.
Just an idea! ;)


I think purl 5 tog is easier than knit 5 or even 7 tog. It's a lovely blue color you are using. I enlarged the picture of the corn fritters, they look delicious. I think they would taste good with cream cheese instead of sour cream as well (except for me, nobody likes sour cream in my house)


Love Little Hat! What a clever girl.

The shawl is looking fabulous; Im still not brave enough to start one, despite lots of lovely shawly yarn in the stash.

Excuse me while I lick the screen - smoked salmon is off-limits right now and those fritters look divine!

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