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Much Ado About Nupping

It was either this, or Sort Of Dunno Nuppin', and Shakespeare won out, mainly because Much Ado was Nuppin_2 first performed in Autumn!!! I did do cheating nupps: even though I knitted loosely (thanks Ann) and thought about slip 2 P3 together slip the 2 purls over (thanks RoseRed) in the end I found a tiny sock needle and used that for the purling 5 together. It was no more trouble than using a cable needle, so I was very happy. I do like my new camera which enables me to take much better close up pictures. Relatively speaking, you realise, as compared to a Labradors taking photos!!! Pile_ocardigan_pieces_2

All the pieces of The GITNeB are complete and are waiting in the Sun to be blocked and then sewn up. This was a fast knit, I used 4.5mm needles!!! I have new wool put away at the Woo(l) shop in town: Vera in variegated green. It isn't cheap, but I can pay for it as I go. I am making a vest of some description. I don't know which vest yet, but the wool is Vero_green_wool beautiful!!!

Here is my Ravelry Bag Swap bag all complete. I knitted the String Green Bag pattern from YARN 8, designed by Lisa at PlainJane Creations. I used BlackSpot of Doomlight(TM) plain wool, and it took 8 balls. Of course I had no wool other than green in my stash so I spent most of the money limit on the wool. I bought lining and made a little zippy detachable bag and I spent some extSwap_bag_ready_to_gora on beads to match. I changed the pattern: the size, the placement of the holes, the handle length etc and I also added a gusset by sewing across the bottom corners before I felted. The felting went really well and I was very nervous, worried, and then jubilant when it worked!!!

The weather here has been truly Autumnal. We had hurricane wind warnings, that's the highest you can go on the Beaufort Scale. There were no actual hurricanes, but roofs blew off houses, about 20% of people in the state were without power and there were 17 metre high waves on the West Coast. A house further up the road lost its roof. We hunkered down last night while the wind blew the torrential rain right into the verandah and onto the front windows- and that never happens. It is a bit worrying because the man over the road manaUndermined_spellingged to undermine the actual road with illegal digging and blasting. The council put up a helpful, if badly spelled sign, but though it started on Boxing Day, there are still huge water filled barriers and no sign of a retaining wall yet....

Autumn is also the time for apples, and The GardyGardeners brought me some apples and passionfruit yesterday. I am eating the apples and making a passionfruit and lemon cake!! Harki and Peri like the apples but are not sure about the passionfruit. I know they would like cake Autumn_harvest_not_mine_2 though.



so jealous of apple season!


Aaah - wasn't last night fun!!!!

Our late lab had a passionfruit vine over his pen when we lived in Queensland (he had to have a pen, otherwise he went across the road to swim in the neighbours pool when we went out!) and he used to eat all the low hanging passionfruits - there'd be a neat pile of skins at the end of the day!


Ahh, punny stuff! I like your felted stripey bag... Oh and your dogs are adorable - thanks for dropping by my blog!


I love that shade of green, looking forward to the finished product. I saw all that wild weather on the news...Some bad damage in places. Hard to knock back any rain though isn't it? :)

Rose Red

I think you are very clever to think of the fine dpn for your p5tog.

Love the green vero yarn, that will be lovely knitted up, and your swiss cheese bag (that's how I always think of it!) looks great too.


Oh green yarn! Nice! Very nice! I got some nice green malabrigo and thought of you.

Great looking bag!


Glad that you managed the nupps. Love the Tasmanian apples - they are so sweet & delicious. While we were in Tasmania, we were eating them everyday & only had to stop by a roadside stall to pick up another bag. I still can't forget the taste!


Gee you blog about knitting a lot.


The bag is just lovely. I'd be jubilant too :0)


Groovy bag (baby).
I love apple season - my favourite thing to do with them is add cinnamon and bake them in some form or another! Passion fruit isn't that common in the north-west of England. At any time of the year! The cake sounds yummy though.


I really like the lining peeking through the holes on the bag. I saw the bad weather on the news. Big winds really scare me - even without roofs blowing off!


Very glad you're safe through all the horrendous gales and winds!! It's been pretty blowy up here too, but nothing as bad as what you've been going through!

We've experienced chinook winds when we lived in Boulder CO; the winds would regularly blow heavy wooden furniture right across the porch. The whole town looked scoured afterwards!

Love the bag, well done :D


i got my first bonzas today! my favourite apples, i hope they are as sweet and tangy as they look. and the bag is really lovely, you have been very busy and creative! my two wont eat fruit unless its peeled for them, sheesh :)

amanda j

I love that film clip! I saw it on Spicks n Specks! So true!!

Gosh you have been taking advantage of the coolness and knitting up a storm!


I'm glad you're okay! *hug* I was thinking of you and the dog-a-logs when I heard about the crazy winds and weather! Very excited about GITNeB, and of course, agree with you entirely on that point, as you know! Looking forward to seeing it all together and Vero too!


Wow, 2paw!! You have been so busy!!! The bag looks great, fabulous solution to the Nupp Dilemma, my what gourmet dogs you have, good to know that you didn't suffer any damage in the storm, and I hope the weather allows blocking and sewing soon, because I want to see the GITNeB cardi in action!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!


What a gorgeous bag!! Even better in the yarn as opposed to the flesh!!! What a lovely spring day, did it help to make you feel healthy and springy??? Cathyxx


The bag turned out really cute!


The bag turned out great! I love the picture of Harki and Peri with the fruits. I clicked on it, and it's so clear and sharp.

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