When You Wish Apron A Star!!!
The Lady's Not For Turning Straps

Operation: Peri-coat*

No Cary Grant, no Tony Curtis, not a submarine to be seen, but thankfully Doctor Malcolm was on hand to save the day!!

Over the weekend I was idly rubbing Peri's belly with my foot as I am wont to do, me on the couch and her on the floor, when I suddenly felt a big lump. My heart stopped still and didn't really start beating again until 5-47pm tonight when Doctor Malcolm rang to say Peri was fine.

We went to the Hospital on Monday and saw Doctor Malcolm, so I knew they were as worried as I was, because he's the Senior Partner and Labrador Specialist!! He felt her lump while she stood very still, and then she leaped about like a mad thing afterwards to show how happy she was at being a good girl!! Then he said she had to be operated on straight away the next day.

Peri_home_at_last We had an extra walk and I fed her especially yummy food. Just in case.

I dropped her off this morning and left Harki at home by herself. Peri was as happy as Larry till I went. I could hear her complaining as I drove away. I kept myself busy all day: Harki and I went for a walk around town to buy some wool, I went to The Knitting Coven, I found my lost Library book, I also found enough money on my bedside table to pay my mobile phone bill ($10, I never talk on my phone!!), I ordered some wool from Bendigo even though I have no idea which colour or how many balls, and I knitted away at the first Ing Time sock. Harki stayed at home by herself when I went to The Knitting Coven and didn't cry or bark and was such a wonderful girl- I checked with my neighbour and she kept an eye on her!!! Harki looked for Peri all day.......

The friends I told were supportive and positive and helped to keep me sane and calm.They did an excellent job.

Peri had a fatty lipoma. It is out now and she has some stitches and some antibiotics and she is going to be fine. Tonight she wandered about the house like an aged rock star: confused and weary!! Harki followed her around and they have both gone to bed. Where I will soon be.

It's been an interesting few days and I will be close to home for the rest of the week keeping Peri warm, and trying to keep her at least a little confined. My poor baby!!! She is very brave.

*The film was much better than the TV show.



Oh I'm so glad she's OK, and that you've survived the awful stressful waiting time too... sounds like you were very brave too! Furry hugs all round.


big hugs and a slurp to Peri from Ruby!!! So glad it all turned out well in the end. I love the "aged rock star" comment, it reminded me of Bill Nighey's character in Love Actually - just brilliant.


Aww ... poor little (!) Peri (and Harki as well, for that matter. And you, of course).

I'm glad all seems to be well and that healing is occurring.


Phew! Jimmy Ray and Zosia send woofs for a speedy recovery and good luck in not popping stitches (guess who have popped their own stitches before?)


I'm so glad that Peri is ok! Give her some extra pats from me! Saffy actually has had a lump on her tummy for more than a year now, but her vet doesn't want to operate unless it changes. So far it's stayed the same.


Poor Peri! I hope she makes a speedy recovery! And hugs to you too. Joe wuffs a 'get better' and the Keilo and Pippin send their kisses!


I bet that was the LONGEST day....glad to hear she's wombling along nicely now.


Oh God.....Don't they just break your heart? Glad all is well.


I'm glad it wasn't too serious! I hope she is feeling better very soon.


You poor things...but I'm glad there's been a happy ending. Please give Peri a very gentle pat from me.


sending loads of thoughts and good healing wishes peri's way.


Phew! That's scary! Give her a big kiss on top of her Lab noggin for me.


Glad to hear Peri is ok.

I understand the worry. and dont let anyone ever tell you "they are just pets" thats a lie. they become so much more.

hope you and Peri get some time to relax and calm down now.

Rose Red

Oh, so glad to hear everything is ok. Can totally understand your concerns and worry. Give both Peri and Harki tummy rubs or head scritches for me.


i was very worried at the start of your post and then very relieved at the end! i know exactly how you must have felt all that day waiting. im so glad shes alright. love to you all xx


aww cindy. hugz hugz hugz. glad to hear peri is doing fine. xoxoxox


glad everythings ok! Puppy haugs from Kelli the Kelpi xx


A big 'Phew!', that one!


Kisses to sweet little Peri [and her sweet mama]. x

rosie dean

sloppy kisses for everyone. glad to hear everything has turned out well.


Oh I'm sooo pleased that the three of you are fine now....well Peri will be with all your love & support :). Good luck keeping Peri restrained, it's hard work. Daisy had a knee reconstruction last year when she was only 5 months old. Being dogs they seem to think they can just get on with things straight away :D Lots of healing thoughts being sent your way. Love Lois & Daisy


What a week!!Glad its all ok and hope you have a nice relaxed weekend!!


So glad it turned out well. Sorry you have had such a worrying time.


I'm a bit embarassed to say this but I also a fatty lipoma when I was a kid. It was behind my knee and the lollipop man spotted it on my way to school one day. So I can sympathised with Peri. Rest up lovely girl.


SO glad she is going to be fine. My JR 'Bloke' had a fatty lipoma recently too and it was also removed, so I know what you went through worrying. Bloke is only a young dog, so a lump could have meant trouble. Just be aware it could come back - Bloke's has, but the vet said he thought that was a distinct possibility. They are notoriously difficult to get rid of completely. We are leaving it where it is now and just keeping an eye on it. Hope Peri heals really fast!! Our vet said "keep him still and quiet" ...yeah - right!

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