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Off_we_go_into_the_wide_green_yon_2 I am in a state of ambivalence. When I was teaching The Olympics was a time for celebration, excitement, lots of interesting research and often our own Olympics with fun events. This year I am not so sure. This year we have the official Chinese pale-blue track-suited flame 'attendants'. This year the flame has more security measures than APEC. This year we have actual violence against spectators and non-violent protesters for Tibet. This year the gloss of the Olympics seems to have been tarnished. This year I am not sure whether I will watch the Olympics, or if I do watch, will I enjoy myself?  In other Flame related pondering: Yesterday was ANZAC Day, and though it is good and proper that we remember the past and honour the people, we apparently don't learn from History. 93 years later and we are involved in an illegal war. Happily the troops will be home soon. And then some Happy Labradors on their way somewhere to cheerIng_time_socks you up!!!

There are no such doubts about my knitting. I have finished the Ing Time socks. I actually finished them last night but I grafted the toe this morning. Very happy with them, the fabric of the knitting is very smooth and even though the 'speckly' bits have made different spiral pattern on each sock, I am not too concerned!!! The Ing Time socks on 4mm needles using 2 balls of Buttons wool. They are just a basic 44 stitch top down sock to fit a 30cm foot.

Pop_tartigan_sleeve_and_my_toe I have started The Pop Tartigan for MrsDrWho. The first sleeve is complete. I am making up the pattern as I go using the Ann Budd Book of Sweaters. I like doing this as I can really personalise the Tartigan. I am using black Jet for the bands and Moda-Dea Vixen in Licorice Whip for the body. It knits up quite quickly, I knitted 40 rows watching Pie in the Sky . My imaginary wool from Bendigo turned up. It took a whole week. Three 200g balls of Classic 8ply in Mid green for The Chappa-ai Cardigan which will feature a Stargate on the back!! I showed such self -restraint (again) by starting The Pop Tartigan first!!!

Yesterday there was a mini Knitting occasion!! Amanda , and Kate anSpring_arbour_from_kated her family, and I met in town for a cup of tea, a few rows of knitting and a good catch up. How lovely to see everyone. Kate gave me a Spring Arbour patterned face cloth which I haven't used yet!! I am looking forward to it though. I saw her Jacobean socks and some other projects too. Amanda had her socks on two circular needles and reminded me that it was 10 years ago that we first met in my classroom. My . how time flies!! Soon they were all gone but there's talk of more catching up soon: Amanda has tasked me with the organisation!!

Eatin_rock_yr_doin_it_wrong This morning we went for our walk and saw a rock. Yes, it's the same rock we see every time but today it was imbued with special Rock Powers that needed about 5 minutes of concentrated sniffing!! On the way home we rescued Muffy and his two Humans. Their car was stopped and I saw in my mirror that they were pushing it. I reversed to see if there was anything I could do (Ha!! Like I know anything about cars or could push with any force!!) And so they availed themselves of a jump start. Muffy was a bit grumpy at first, but then had a nice pat and a treat from my pocket. Harki and Peri had extra pats from the Humans and were very excited.

Later Peri went to have her stitches out. Was she apprehensive or tentative?? NO, she was not. SUs_to_the_rescuehe made long noises of excitement and was too overwhelmed to drop and roll over. In the end, I supported her head and the Doctor 'gently' pulled her legs out from under her. Then she kept very still and calm while her stitches were whipped out. What a good girl. I bumped my neck in the process though!!

On a Jennifer Fallon note, I have it on good authority that she is writing a pentalogy. I of course realised this as I got closer and closer to the end, thinking all the time, 'Wow, she's really going to have to wrap this up quickly.'  Well it does mean I have two more books to look forward to!!

Now I'm off to have lunch with MrsDrWho and Mrs House Of.........



The socks look great & I like the specky bits. It's very sad the the Olympics has turned into a fiasco & I hate watching all those protestors & the violence going on. Thank goodness we have our knitting to keep us sane & peaceful.

amanda j

I had a lovely time yesterday! It was fun and I am very much looking forward to more catch-ups that I can attend more easily and often!!

I agree with you about the Olympics. It is usually something I very much look forward to, but it's all just a bit blah this year. I think the IOC was short sighted and silly. Can I say that??


The whole world doesn't make a whole heap of sense to me at the moment.

Pie in the Sky does! Love it, especially the 'Star Gazy Pie' ep.


I'm glad Peri seems to be all better :-) Well done for rescuing Muffy and his humans. Like many people, I don't think I'll be watching the Olympics this year.


Gosh, you go walking in the loveliest of places!

I remember the Sydney Olympics as being the most exciting of events. (Did you see Cathy Freeman win her gold?) I'm so sorry that the Olympics has been marred by violence this time. At least China and Tibet are involved in talks now ~ maybe some good will come out of it.


The Olympic flame thing has been really odd. One of our former children's TV presenters had the torch wrestled from her grasp during the London leg!
I remember on the Ashes tour here (not last time, but the time before) some of the players took the time to visit Gallipoli and the memorial - I thought that was a nice touch.
I remember Pie in the Sky! Watched it when it was first on, and it's now being repeated on an extra channel somewhere!
Hurrah for stitches being out and rocks! :)


Glad to hear that Peri was such a good girl for her stitch removal.

I really wish there was ANY event that somehow would not turn in to a political or religious squabble. Humans haven't really evolved very much have they? I guess that's why I often prefer my dog.


The socks do look great. I like the lines of colour running through them.

Peri is such a good girl!

It is a shame what has and is happening with the lead up to the Olympics, but please support our athletes who have trained so long and hard to get to the Olympics.

I am going to support our team by watching their achievements and hope every Australian will do the same. Our athletes deserve our support.


I have similary ambivalent feelings on the Olympics, and am quite sure the torch relay now qualifies as "farsical". Sadly.

Loved Pie in the Sky! Two of my favourite things: food and detection!!

lynne s of oz

Gosh, I missed out on all the fun (NOT) with Peri, but I am glad to read that she is fine and was a good girl!
I thought I might have to go to China for the Olympics but my nephew has to improve by about 3 seconds to wrest a possie in the swimming team so I can save my money!


yeah the Olympics just don't have the same appeal this time do they,
a bit sad really but that's the way it is!! Made me laugh about the rock and the special rock powers!!!!!

Rose Red

I feel really sad about the Olympics and that it has become so politicised. I will still watch though, because (I hope) once the sport starts, that's what really matters (in terms of the Olympics, I mean, not in terms of the World).

Rox you know for a fact that it IS the same rock? I mean... are you sure? :)

Olympics - I just don't understand some people.


So glad that the White Slave Traders didn't get you at the firstlunch.
If you call it the Pop Tartigan I am going to have to launch an official complaint. She is the Pop Tart...I am the wife.


I must say I'm a bit ambivilent about the olympics too, I feel that the torch relay has turned into a farce, when the torch came to Melbourne for the Sydney Olympics, people lined the streets for hours to see it, now it is rushed along in secrecy amidst high security, not very olympic if you ask me


I agree about the torch relay, it's just ridiculous ...

OOoh Pie in the Sky! I loved that show, haven't seen it in years!

Glad that Peri was so brave having her stitches out :)


It's certainly not the first time politics has come into the Olympics, but it's still frustrating and stoopid. But what I really came in to say, is, best post title ever!!


I'm glad Peri was unafraid to have her stitches out!

I'm jealous you can knit and watch Pie in the Sky. My friend in Sydney has told me about it, and I keep checking Netflix and Amazon, but they haven't made a set for us Region 1 viewers. :( It sounds like a great show!


P.S. I am not going to watch the Olympics either, for 1)the issues between Olympics and cycling 2)the abuse of animals 3)the abuse of human rights 4)the poisoning of our animals and humans in the US by products made in China. I'm not a huge fan anyway, but I feel it is a big disappointment to have the games there.


I will be so nice to have all our troops home. My daughter in-laws sister left for Irag 4 weeks ago for a 7 month stint with the Navy. We are all excited about our new grand-daughter and at the same time feel for her parents, excited with us about the new grand-daugther and scared for their eldest daughter. August and christmas this year will be so great for her family and a relieve when she returns home. Glad to see Peri has the stitches out, it must have been scary for you. The tardigan is looking good, will be good to see it all done and how it worked out.


I'm afraid I'm not a very good authority, after all. I was chatting to Jenny yesterday and she told me there will only be four books. She'd originally planned to write five. I'm sure she's doing this just to confuse us.

I was going to email you today, but my pc started making the pc equivalent of the death rattle and I spent the frantically backing up, then the afternoon frantically catching up with work.

Good to hear Peri was such a good dog with the stitches - especially as she left the removal to the humans. I love the names you give your knitting projects. Pop Tartigan. Cracks me up!

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