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The Lady's Not For Turning Straps

The_two_of_us_2 How cute it would be, I thought, if Peri could sit outside in the Sun, with a little sign that said 'Thank You' and I could take a photograph and everyone would go 'Awww'. Right, like that was ever going to happen. Peri is feeling almost back to normal: she is playing rowdy games with Harki (who loves her and is very tolerant!!), she is stealing the newspaper and trying to escapMy_paper_my_toy_2e out the back gate at every opportunity. She is back to being Peri Naughty. The only reminder apart from her stitches, and I have restrained myself from posting a picture of her belly, is that she tends to sit down a little gingerly. That's it. Everyone's kind wishes, thoughts and virtual pats and kisses passed on with enthusiasm have obviously done the trick!!! We are very lucky.Im_well_let_me_run_free_2

The enforced sabbatical at home (and here I wonder can you actually have a sabbatical at home if you are always at home anyway??) has led to some more sewing and knitting. I made another Lotta Apron, this time for MrsDrWho, from some vintage (and this sounds so much better than old, I think) fabric given to me by Cathy. I added a pocket and I think I have mastered the strap length. This apron is hot, and I don't mean hot in the 'oh it's the man from Burn Notice, he's really hot' kind of way. No, I mean the added two layers of fabric in the apron make it almost too hot to wear!! It's definitely a Winter Apron. The fact that I am not for turning straps led me to make a Pointy Strap Tutorial. You Mrsdrwhos_lotta_apron_2can find it in the side bar under My Patterns. It is but a small and whimsical thing, yet I like it!! It is my first photo tutorial foray!!!

The next sewing projects will be fixing the zip in MrsDrWho's handbag and sewing myself a Lotta backpack from the lovely Dog fabric LoopyLouey sent in my Bag Swap parcel. It is drying outside now and as soon as I have posted I will make the pattern pieces.

I started the first Ing Time birthday sock for Mr Madcage and you can probably guess his first name!!! It is a quick knit from 8ply Buttons on 4mm needles and 44 stitches. It grew very fast as I knitted away in waiting rooms this pastFirst_ing_time_sock_3 week. No other socks for me as yet, and no Bendy wool has appeared so I'm wondering if I did order some, or I'm just delusional!!!   

I do have a new cooking magazine: the AWW published a Christmas edition last year and that was quite good. This Winter one has a delicious Moroccan soup with chick peas and lamb that I will cook tomorrow. Also Chile Con Carne with Corn Dumplings and Pea and Prosciutto pasta. Y.U.M. And there is a whole chocolate section.

I_cant_resist_2 Right now I am reading the final book in Jennifer Fallon's Tide Lord series: The Palace of Impossible Dreams. It has many story lines happening simultaneously, and they get a chapter each, concurrently. It hate it, she leaves you with a cliffhanger ending and then it's off to another character. I am rationing myself to make the pleasure last as long as possible!!!


amanda j

Thank goodness Peri is very much better. That is fantastic news. I really think I should make an apron. It might domesticate me somewhat! I actually can cook quite well when I set my mind to it . . . I just don't set my mind to it very often.

Nice sock, but I can't guess the name!


I just saw that cookbook yesterday & was tempted to buy it. Maybe I have to go back & get it. Love the color of your sock & it's fast knitting - have to try 8ply too.


Just a thought...man from Burn Notice naked except for the apron.....sssssssssssss...can you hear the sizzling heat????
Do I need another divorce? Not quite yet.


Thank goodness Peri is OK! You have had a bit of a scary week! 100 years went really well. Assembly was very emotional and the fair was Super! Terrific weather and lots of people!! Cathyxx


Oh what a good, quick recovery for Peri! I am glad to see both of them enjoying the sun and playing! The apron is lovely and I do like the ties you make and the tutorial is so nice and clear..thanks for making it for us! I could most definitely eat what's on the cover of the cooking mag!!!


Seasonal aprons! Whoever heard of such a concept! I am amazed!

Rose Red

Now that I've seen the cover of that WW magazine, I think I'll be making chocolate self-saucing pudding for dinner tonight!


Oh dear - now I have to get the Winter AWW - you naughty enabler!

Hope you're feeling better and have a lot less time for sock knitting inwaiting rooms over the next few months!


I agree with Tink - I will not answer for my willpower when I walk past that cookbook!!
I've read the first of the Tide Lord series, but haven't gotten around to hunting out #2 yet. However, I have just finished 'Hexwood' by Dianne Wynne Jones, and am nearly finished 'Raven' by Barbara Hambly. Oh, the joys of fantasy fiction!
Good to know that Peri is all better :)

Jan Bishop

If that soup is the same as the one in the AWW Soup recipe book, it's absolutely delicious. The recipe says to serve with lemon wedges and I almost omitted them, but it tasted great with them. The aromas as the spices cooked and the lamb made people come down to the kitchen to see what I was doing. If you are a soup person, the AWW Soup book is good value.

Glad Peri is recovering well. So worrying about pets when they are not right.

Your strap tutorial has lovely clear piccies. I've always done straps like that, as I also hate turning them out.


Good to hear Peri is back to her rowdy games.

Ah, Jenny Fallon is good, isn't she? Hmm, must find out if she's finished the next one yet.


Good to hear that Peri's back to being naughty!

Great tutorial on the strap. Like you, I detest turning tiny little straps and usually find some cheating way to get around it! The pointy strap looks like a more elegant method than the one I use.


I'm so glad Peri is okay. I'm sure Harki was extra happy to see her. How old are they? I have a choc lab who will be 5 in October.


Go Peri!!! :) I'm so happy that she's well again. I've kept you all in my thoughts. x


I'm very glad that Peri-naughty is doing so well!


It's so funny to think that it's already tomorrow afternoon for you and I'm going to be going to bed soon.

And that your toilets flush counterclockwise.

Have you ever been to the U.S.?


Great news about Perri!!
And look at that apron, wow!
I've just been looking through a vintage magazine thats loaded with apron patterns, there's even one in velvet!
And now you've made me want to bake puddings!


Glad the puppies are happily playing together again.

I always wear aprons at Christmas time. You have inspired me to make some others.
Yum those recipes sound delish!


I am so happy to hear Peri is back to her old self for most part. It made me grin to think of you actually getting that picture you had wanted to try! LOL, I can just imagine the scene it would have been to make the Thank You photo you mentioned. Visions of tails wagging and knocking it over, Harki getting in the shot, etc. That was fun to imagine, thank you for the chuckle, even if it was only in my minds eye!


Mackie sends her apologies for being so late with her well wishes. She is very, very happy Peri is back to being naughty :-)


So glad to hear Peri is doing fine. My heart fairly stopped when I read you last post!

I saw the AWW cookbook in the supermarket on the weekend. I resisted then, but we all know the in the end, resistance is futile!!


I just read your previous post and was worried, so it was nice to find this one right after saying that Peri is OK and recovering nicely. Such good news!! Please give her extra pats on the head for me.

Your apron is very pretty! I envy your knowing how to sew and knit both.


I love the apron Cindy!! It is SOOOO professional looking and the tutorial is very impressive thanks for sharing!!


Your dogs are so cute, and they look so nice (is that possible to tell from a photo? I don't know but they do).

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment on 6 degrees of separation. I agree, I think Princess M, is not so uncommon down here, but the POPE. That is pretty cool.


Gorgeous apron! I love that fabric ~ so pretty! The recipes sound yummy too. I made your corn fritters last week, by the way, and they were really delicious. Thanks.
I'm glad to hear that Peri's back to having fun. Please give her another pat from me. =]

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