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When You Wish Apron A Star!!!

I borrowed Lotta Jansdotter's book from The Library, and I have made an apron. I am wearing it now. Lotta_apron_2 I have barely had it off since yesterday: everyone can thank their lucky stars I didn't wear it to bed as well. It's that good!!! I was originally going to make one for MrsDrWho, but wouldn't you know it, all my fabric is green!!! If you already sew, you can whip this up in just over an hour. It was very quick and easy. I had to make the waist ties longer otherwise I would have expired from constriction!!! I may still add a pocket. Maybe. I hate making ties, with the whole turning them right side out thing, so I always do it my way: I'll take some pictures to show next time.

Last night MrsDrWho and I watched The Ark of Truth, the first Stargate Movie. Wow!! I had assiduously Wee_small_sock_swap_2avoided all spoilers and information, and I was thoroughly surprised, amused, frightened, sad and happy. I really enjoyed it. I squealed and hid my eyes and laughed out loud, at various different times I hasten to add, not all at once like a crazed person. It was one of the best sequel movies I have ever seen and now I am impatiently awaiting the next one: Stargate: Continuum.

I joined The Ravelry Wee Small Sock Swap and I received my sock from the lovely Kim yesterday!!! She specially found some green wool and a tiny sheep stitch marker. It is very remiss of me not to have shown my lovely Ravelry Bag Swap either, from the excellent blogless LoopyLouey!! It is green, beaded, lined wHarki_and_the_beautiful_bagith green and has a detachable brooch!! Too many extra good things to mention individually, but click to embiggen and play I Spy with the pictures!!! First things to spy? Harki and Peri!!

There are also a lot of books to spy. I snapped up a bargain Nicky Epstein at the Crazy Day sale last Saturday. I don't know what I will ever use it for, but how could I pass it up??? The GardyGardeners gave me some old cook books, which I am reading in bed!! Then last nighPeri_and_extra_treatst MrsDrWho lent me some very old Too_much_of_a_bargainbooks, some older than me, to read.. there's a Biggles, The Secret Garden and a ballet book!!

There has been no knitting, I had a woozy head and a day in bed on Wednesday, but was up and about yesterday and we have been for a brisk walk in the bush today. The weather is dulling up (I know dulling iOld_recipe_bookss not correct word usage, but it is exactly what is happening) and rain is forecast soon. Hooray. I am still managing not to kill my lemon tree and I think this is due mainly to the rain we have been having. I will have to have a closer investigation next time I go through The Forbidden Zone to see if it is actually growing. I'm off to wash some more fabric, I'm thinking of making a new bag, and after 3pm I'm having afternoon tea at the trendy cafe on the coWiggly_tails_of_loverner with The MadCages. Oh, and here's a picture of Peri on the left and Harki on the right, wOld_books_to_enjoyagging their tails furiously as I am taking photos outside. They were hoping for a treat as it was time for Elevenses. Sadly, no luck there!!!!


Rose Red

Oh the little sock is so cute! I love old children's books too - must re-read the Noel Streatfield ballet ones, I loved those!


Lovely lovely apron (and what, precisely is wrong with green?) - haven't seen the starget movies - my stargate viewing is spasmodic (because it was on commercial television channels who move it around, bump it off for sport and change times and days without notice - and have commericals which I loathe!) but i liked what I saw, perhaps I need Yet another interest!


Is that Harki in the photo with the bag? Soooo cute...


Elizabeth David's cookbook Christmas has been on my bedside table ~ it's very entertaining. I think that you've sewn a gorgeous apron and I love the bag too ~ all those pretty beads! Harki and Peri, of course, are looking adorable.
Happy weekend!


Feed those poor doggies...look at their poor pleading starving little faces...he he he he he.
Your bag from LoupyLouey is FAB.The beading is especially impressive.


See, now, after struggling with laminaria (the first easy bit) I would certainly call the Swallowtail shawl (and indeed any shawl) difficult knitting! Your's is beautiful, such a lovely colour. Congrats on making it through with all your wits about you!



Oh! So many wonderful things! I love the apron and your ties that you don't have to turn right side out. The mini sock is so cute and perfect and the green bag is so stylish with a lot of work in it with all those beads! Do give those starving dogs some treats! ;-)


Ahh, Stargate ... I remember that! It's not available to me on any channel I can receive :(
Super apron, and what a shame Mrs Dr Who wont get one!
Sorry about the woozy head but it sounds like it disappeared fairly sharp-ish!

amanda j

That is a lovely apron. I think if I had one I might be better at housework. It would almost be compulsory to be carrying a feather duster or a muffin pan.

What lovely goodies you received. Well deserved too, what?

Although we are kindred spirits, I am not a fan of the science fiction. Forgive me?


oh i remember the Secret Garden, didn't want to see the movie though. movies are never the same as books. lovely apron, cute sock!


What you've been having (aside from momentary woozy day)!! Excellent apron - I do like them to come up high enough that you don't get splattered over the top. The bag and goodies are great, and I'm envious of your Epstein find! In fact, I'm green :> about all your lovely books!! Pats to the dogs :)


Cool apron, love the color (of course). Love those sweet little lab faces.


With an apron like that, you just have to go and cook something. Did you find anything in your new, old cook books? Aren't the doggies ever hoping for some treats?

lynne s of oz

Gosh you are keeping busy! Lots of interesting bits and bobs there. Scrolling down a few posts, I see Tassie didn't miss out on the tail end of the cyclone either - it blew down our fence back 'ome!


what a beautiful apron, very impressive indeed. What a treasure getting the old books and your bargain looks gorgeous!!! I do love your little sock and the bag pressie too. Hope you are enjoying this cool weather I am, it's lovely :)I LOVED your description of you and the Stargate movie, made me laugh :o


I just love your post title & you are so clever in coming up with such unusual ones. Lovely apron - isn't it great that you can sew!


My older brother had some of the Biggles books, but I was more into Enid Blyton & the Secret Seven from memory.
I remember trying to read The Secret Garden a couple of times & finding it hard going, I perservered & managed to finish it eventually. It's a good story once you get past the first couple of chapters...


What a great apron!! The ties do seem intimidating but I look forward to your photos.

Old books are the best, especially when you're not feeling well. I hope you and Harki and Peri are enjoying the cooler weather (and send some of your formerly hot weather this way!)


Gorgeous apron!

Lovely swap presents too!

I love old books. It's especially great to read some favourites from our younger days. :-)


Bit of a Sexy looking apron! Careful you might get arrested!!


Are you 100ing this week??

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